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The Best Weed Accessories For Sale Online

The Best Weed Accessories for Sale Online 

We take a look at the best accessories for smoking weed, and available for sale on our online head shop. There is a ton of innovation when it comes to new weed accessories available today compared to a decade ago. Also, local head shops are no longer the only place to find the latest gadgets for smoking or vaping cannabis. World of Bongs is just one of many online head shops, but what makes us different is the quality of products and prices. 

Buy Marijuana Accessories With Huge Savings And Premium Quality

There has been a surge of companies globally producing various kinds of marijuana smoking accessories. There are brands that have built a reputation for innovating new types of cannabis accessory products. Not every brand out there selling marijuana accessories has the best interest of their customers. But we do, as an online head shop, we only add brands to our inventory with a proven reputation for quality. 

Top 10 Best Cannabis Smoking Accessories 

Get ready to learn about all the latest and popular accessories available for smoking cannabis. This guide is great for inexperienced and experienced cannabis smokers alike. We will list some types of products as well as some of our picks of the best on World of Bongs. Keep reading to get the best recommendations of products on the best online smoke shop. 

Weed Jars

Weed Jars

Our Top Weed Jars For Sale > We start with the best way to extend your cannabis nugs freshness, and that's with a reliable weed jar. As known as a stash container, they typically come made out of glass. However, there has been a ton of innovation around the weed jar as of late. Find the best stash containers for sale at our online head shop. 

Although usually glass, there are all sorts of stash containers available. One example is glass. Glass stash containers are what you will typically find at most smoke shops and head shops. 

World of Bongs has all sorts of stash containers available. We have everything from glass, to vaults, wood, silicone, wooden, and more. 

We have the best of the best brands as well. They carry many stash containers from the company V-Syndicate. V-Syndicate creates luxury quality stash containers that keep your materials fresh. V-Syndicate stash containers have a humidity compartment and a grinder plate built in. Most of their containers fit around ½ ounce of herbs. The V-Syndicate containers are humidity-controlled and do everything possible to keep flowers fresh for your enjoyment. They look quite a bit like a candle and can be easily passed off as such. The stash containers made by V-Syndicate are discreet and four inches tall, making them a good travel size. Their designs are sleek and professional, some even have a cute owl on the containers. 

World of Bongs sells the V-Syndicate brand at the best price you will find anywhere online or in stores. 

Another brand of weed stash containers retailed by World of Bongs is the brand Vice Rays. Vice Rays is one of the most innovative and creative brands on the cannabis market today. Their products are two-in-one, and frankly genius. 

Vice Rays makes sunglasses that double as a secret place to hold smokes. Hiding them is easy, as you can just slip on the sunglasses. Unpacking them is simple too, just take the glasses apart. 

These glasses don’t just work as a stash container, though. Not at all. These products also double as high-quality sunglasses. They have UV protection so you won’t have to worry about hurting your eyes on a sunny day. These glasses are also made of a material only the most luxury glasses use. They are flexible, durable, and fashionable. You can store one smoke in each band of the glasses, meaning you can store one or two smokes. Carry your precious paraphernalia around with you everywhere you go when you buy these stylish stash containers from Vice Rays on World of Bongs. 

Bong Mouthpiece

Bong Mouthpeace

MouthPeace Bong Filtration > If you’re a vetran cannabis user you will be no stranger to the right and wrong way to smoke cannabis. While your preferences may vary, most users will agree they prefer clean vapor as opposed to harmful vapor. A bong mouthpiece eliminates the risk of toxins, resins, tar, and other harmful substances that may be lingering in your weed. 

World of Bongs has the best bong mouthpiece on the market for only 10 dollars. We carry a MouthPeace starter kit made by Moose Labs. Moose Labs has managed to create a cheap and colorful bong mouthpiece that removes detrimental substances using zero-touch technology. This mouthpiece is made from platinum-cured silicone and serves multiple purchases. Not only does this product make your smoke pure and free of toxins, but it also enhances potency and flavor. You can’t go wrong with this product, and you can find it at our online smoke shop. Pick it up at World of Bongs today. 

Joint Power Hitter

Power Hitter

The next product is from Power Hitter Co. The product is called the Joint Power Hitter and it is truly one of a kind. The Joint Power Hitter has a perfect five-star average and many satisfied customers. A long lasting material and design, it really is high quality in all respects. 

All you have to do is put your joint into the lid of the Power Hitter, cover the hole on the side with your finger, and squeeze out the smoke. You can smoke a whole joint without ever having to put your mouth on anything. You won’t spread any germs and will be safe and sound. At the end of your smoking section there is no risk of burning yourself on the last few tasty hits. For only 30 dollars, you’ll be enjoying your whole joint with friends and less risk. 

Bong Cleaners

Bong Cleaners

Our Top Bong Cleaners > It's important to keep your bong clean, or it's not going to work as well with a bunch of resin gunking it up. We here at World of Bongs suggest using a bong cleaner to make the job easy. Our online head shop has a ton of different bong cleaners for sale. Formula 420 is an all natural cleaner, perfect for any bong from glass to metal. It will remove all resin and other debris. 

Alcohol and salt is also a good alternative for cleaning your bongs. Cotton swabs and wipe are a must have to get all those hard to reach places and not miss a spot. The BoroBuddy Cleaner Kit is a set of cleaning scrubs that are changeable for whatever you need to clean in your bong or rig. 

Using Piece Water allows you to have to clean your bong less because it makes staining and scum build up harder, take longer, and easier to clean. Using this product not only cleans, but has a filtering effect. This means that the Piece Water will not only clean the bong, but provide smooth and cool hits. If you’re looking for something all natural, this cleaner is made purely of all natural and good ingredients such as fruit and vegetable extracts. 

To get rid of not-so-pleasant smells, there are also sprays available such as 420 Odor Eliminator Spray. The small but mighty 420 Odor Eliminator Spray has a five-star average rating and gives you fantastic results for just six dollars. This spray works on even the most delicate of fabric and smells like fresh linen. You can have your clothes smelling like you just did laundry in a matter of seconds. This spray is very safe around pets and can be used in places like the car and vents. 

Rolling Papers

Rowlls All In One Kit

Our Top Rolling Papers > If you’re someone who likes to roll up your weed rather than smoking it from a bong then you’ll need rolling paper's. World of Bongs also has multiple options for your rolling paper needs. Rowll and Raw both provide options for all natural hemp rolling paper. Raw has the comes in their traditional, normal color and they also have the choice of black. Raw’s papers are thin and slow burning letting you enjoy your smoking section. 

There are not many things more devastating than spilling weed while trying to roll or fill a joint. Rowll’s organic all in one hemp roll that comes with a filter and magnetic closure that will make sure you don’t lose any of your weed. 

Glass Rolling Paper is a naturally clear rolling paper that allows you to see the weed that you rolled and appreciate it while you smoke. If you’re a user who feels at one with your herb, you’ll love the Glass Rolling Paper. 

There are plenty of other types of rolling paper that you can choose from for whatever you like. Ranging from classic 1 1/4ths to pink rolling kits with paper included, to unique and alluring rolling paper, World of Bongs has it all. We pride ourselves on having the best rolling paper options on the web at the most reasonable prices. 

Weed Grinders

Dark Side Guy Grinder

Our Top Weed Grinders > If you are an old-school smoker or just an all around do-it-yourself-er, you will know all the steps on how to roll the perfect joint. A very important step in this process is grinding your flower. Grinding enables your herb to get to a very fine consistency, perfect for rolling or putting into pre-rolled joints. The possibilities are endless when it comes to grinder. World of Bongs has all sorts of brands, shapes, color, sizes, and more. Here is one of our favourites.

If you want something a little fun to spice up your smoke session, give this Jam Filled Cookie Grinder a whirl. This is a luxury quality grinder at a price you won’t believe. For just nine dollars (currently seven on sale), you can get this darling cookie grinder. The first thing you will probably notice about this grinder is the looks. The grinder is designed to look like a vintage jam-filled cookie, giving it a chill vibe other grinders cannot achieve. This cute little piece screams 'Grandma's House’ and will leave you craving sweets. 

It doesn’t just bring the looks to the table, though. The teeth are made of metal and have a diamond shape, ideal for grinding flowers into the finest powder. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, there’s more. This cookie grinder also acts as a storage vessel, having a perfect size and shape for storing herbs after grinding. 

Rolling Trays

Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are where you can really get creative. They are made for rolling and provide a perfectly even and flat service to aid in rolling. We will list one of the most fun and unique designs for rolling trays available on World of Bongs. 

You should have pride all year-round, and this metal tray helps with that. This is a simple but powerful rolling tray, both figuratively and literally. This tray from Pulsar will remind us that love conquers all. It has a meaningful but simplistic design. It shows the pride flag with a watercolor-like paint design of the classic rainbow. 

This tray has high edges, so grinded herb is less likely to fall off. This tray was also especially designed to move from one room to the next, making packing up shop and moving to the living room a breeze. 

Hand Pipes

Hand Pipes

World of Bongs has almost 100 different types of hand pipes of all different types, shapes, sizes, portability, and designs. No matter what type of hand pipe you want, World of Bongs has it. If you are a casual smoker who wants a highly functional pipe with a simple non flashy design, then the 3” Spiral Glass pipe is perfect. There are also many different types of tiny food themed keychain pipes that you can take anywhere you go. Any collector who wants beautiful, handcrafted, and wonderful pipes then our wide collection of Empire Glassworks is what you’re looking for. Wake and bake is made easy with our range of bowl and mug pipes. No matter what you will not be disappointed and will find something charming, useful, funny, or all of the above. You can’t go wrong with giving our hand pipes a choice for your next smoking section. 

Water Pipes

Bong and Water Pipes

Water pipes are one of the most popular ways to smoke weed. The water makes for a stronger hit and has better filtration than other ways of smoking. Bongs and waterpipes come in a wide variety of looks and functions. Below we will list one of our favorites. 

This gorgeous water pipe looks like a traditional Japanese vase set. This water bong is from the brand My Bud Vase. For a sophisticated smoke session, look no further than this bong. For just 125 dollars you can get this bong, a bubble bowl, and a poker shaped like a stem. 

Foldable Bong

Foldable Silicone Bong

Finally, we have the foldable travel bong. This bong is portable and ideal for anyone on the road or who likes to travel. It comes with a funnel slider and a strap for carrying. 

Do not hesitate to pick any of these products up at World of Bongs today. We will be elated to fulfill your order. 

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