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Are Blinkers Bad For Your Health?

Are Blinkers Bad For Your Health?

So What is actually a Blinker? A blinker means taking a long, slow drag or puff from the device.

The blinker technique is often used to produce larger, denser vapor clouds. By releasing the fire button quickly, the coil inside the vape is prevented from overheating and the e-liquid from vaporizing too rapidly, allowing for a smoother and more controlled vapor release.

If you hit it for the longest time, it will allow and quickly release the fire/power button to cut off the heat and airflow. This action creates a "blink" effect where the vapor disappears and reappears rapidly, giving the appearance of "blinking" on and off.

The blinking means the device goes into safety mode to prevent it from damaging itself.

It is Dangerous for me? The answer is simple. We all know you don't want to waste your weed. Blinkers are not only unsafe, but they're less efficient for your oil. You're burning through the oil way too fast. It could also lead to breaking down the metals in your vape pen because the atomizer in your cart can break down if you apply too much heat.

If the metal breaks down because of the heat it leaches into your oil. We don't have to tell you that vaping metals is bad for your brain.

You should vape your oil at a lower temperature for a longer period to evaporate it properly. With a vape pen, your oil gets hot almost instantly. Even when dabbing with a torch or an e-rig, you still need to exercise patience and wait at least 10-20 seconds before inhaling.

It's also crucial that you use high-quality materials for your concentrates. We sell a wide variety of vape pens and batteries. Take a look at your online headshop to explore all models. Our pipe vape pen battery is one of the most sold batteries ever.

To conclude, by avoiding blinkers, you can preserve your oil, extend the life of your vaping device's atomizer, and maintain a more controlled and enjoyable vaping experience. It's essential to be mindful of your vaping habits to maximize the benefits while ensuring safety and efficiency.

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