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How Much Tar Are You Toking? — The Dark Truth About Cannabis Tar

Tar may be great for paving roads, but it’s not something you want to be putting in your body.

Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of smoking cannabis, then there’s a high chance you’ve been exposed to this sinister sticky compound. 

While tar isn’t present in raw cannabis flowers, it’s a natural byproduct of combustion. So, if you light your herb in a bong or paper joint, those burning buds will produce tar and its associated carcinogens. 

Yes, tar can be hazardous for your health, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up smoking weed. Instead, you have to learn how to smoke smarter.

With the right tools and techniques, you could enjoy the cannabis plant’s unique cannabinoids and flavorful terpenes without exposing yourself to toxic compounds.

What Is Tar And What Makes It So Terrifying? 

Formally, tar is a black liquid composed of many toxic compounds. However, you won’t see tar in this liquid state as you’re enjoying a joint. It’s only after tar accumulates in your body that it takes on its thick, slimy texture. 

To get a better idea of what tar looks like, it’s best to review images of construction workers pouring hot asphalt on the road. Or, if you’ve got a stronger stomach, look up images of the unfortunate folks who got “tarred and feathered!” 

There are a few reasons this black liquid is so dangerous, but the key has to do with its sticky texture. Once tar molecules enter your body, it’s easy for them to attach to any organ. On top of its stubborn stickiness, tar contains many compounds known to be carcinogenic (i.e., they increase the likelihood of cancer).

Since smoke travels down your throat and into your lungs, tar tends to have its most pronounced effect in these areas. People who ingest a lot of tar are more susceptible to respiratory issues like COPD, lung cancer, and emphysema. Just a few other potential risks of inhaling tar include throat cancer, heart disease, and tooth decay. 

How Much Tar Is In Marijuana Flowers? 

Please remember that there’s no tar in raw cannabis flowers. Tar only formsafteryou light your herb with a match. Just how much tar your cannabis will produce is difficult to determine, as every bud will burn at a different rate. 

However, recent data out of the CDC suggested the average amount of tar per cigarette is between 6.8 - 21.6 mg. While cannabis joints aren’t the same as tobacco cigarettes, these figures are worth keeping in mind. 

Also, most studies suggest tar concentrations increase the longer a person smokes. So, if you’re breathing in from a tiny roach, you could be inhaling two times more tar than your first hit. 

How Long Does Tar Stay In Your System? 

Because tar is notoriously sticky, it takes a long time to clear out of your body. Most researchers evaluate tar’s half-life by examining the tiny cilia along the throat. These hair-like structures help keep toxic chemicals from entering the lungs, but they will get damaged after repeated tar exposure. 

Generally speaking, it takes one year for tar to leave your body if you’ve regularly smoked for six years. Of course, this estimate could fluctuate depending on how often you smoked and your overall health profile. While your body could recover after you stop smoking, please remember it will take time to heal fully. 

What’s The Best Way To Decrease Tar In Cannabis Smoke? 

Thankfully, there’s an easy way you could enjoy the effects of smoking cannabis without increasing your tar exposure: Invest in ahigh-quality filter! We carry filters for bongs and for joints and blunts, you can check out the full selection here.

We know what you’re thinking; there are a lot of phony cannabis filters on today’s market. That’s why you must double-check the filter you’re interested in has the materials that can get the job done. 

This commitment to quality is a significant reason whyMooseLabs’ MouthPeace has steadily ranked as the best filter for cannabis smokers. After over 15 years of research, MooseLabs unveiled their trademark triple-layer filters to the acclaim of tokers around the world. 

The secret behind the MouthPeace’s success is the activated carbon filtration system. All of the tar from your cannabis smoke instantly clings to the MouthPeace filter’s activated carbon, which means it won’t go in your lungs. Not only will your smoke be safer, but your cannabis should also feel a whole lot smoother. 

High-quality filters likeMouthPeace are essential for anyone planning to smoke weed over the long haul. 

Take On Cannabis Tar With A Reliable Filter 

Smoking cannabis should always be an uplifting experience. Unfortunately, due to the higher risk for tar exposure, some new customers shy away from taking advantage of the instant relief cannabis flowers offer. 

Yes, smokable cannabis indeed contains traces of tar, but there are simple ways to mitigate this issue. As explained above, if you use a trusted filter like MooseLabs’ MouthPeace series, you can eliminate the tar that goes inside your body. Whether you’re new to cannabis or you’re a diehard toker, investing in MouthPeace filters could significantly bolster your long-term health.


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