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The Best Types Of Dab Nails For Dabbing in 2021

Dabbing is a very popular form of vaping cannabis extracts very high in THC content, and requires adab nail to produce the vapor. But which type are thebest dab nails for sale in 2021? As cannabis is legalized in more places around the world, becoming commonplace in society, it’s inevitable that users will develop a tolerance to the average bud. As a result, some users find that they have to smoke a lot more to get high than casual smokers. This is not the case for every cannabis smoker, but it has been for enough people to make dabbing into a sizable community. The Reddit community for/dabs has close to 60,000 followers alone, and averages close to 500 active users online at once during peak hours in the day.

Dabbing has taken smoking to a new level, with a highly concentrated form of THC that hits hard and fast. The increase in weed culture becoming a widespread phenomenon has led to dabs become a more complex process, peaking with the introduction of a dab rig. A dag rig, often colloquially referred to as an “oil rig” general comes with 5 moving parts: 

  1. Mouthpiece
  2. Glass dome 
  3. Down stem 
  4. Chamber
  5. Dab nail

The Dab Nail is arguably one of the most essential parts of the dabbing process. Often made from different materials, the dab nail is a tool made of various different materials to retain heat. Once hit with a propane flame, dab nails will heat up to a temperature that will burn the dab, allowing the user to smoke it. 

However, different types of dab nails hold heat differently. The dabbing nail types come made with different materials and a user choice can vastly change the smoking experience. There is no “best” type of dab nail, only different types that have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s important to know the different types of dab nails 

What Type of Dab Nail Should II Buy? offers a variety of dab nails made from a wide variety of materials. It’s important to choose the right type of nail for the right kind of experience. 

Ceramic Nails 

Ceramic nails are a popular choice for beginner users. They offer a virtually untouched flavor due to their ability to maintain a low temperature for a long time. Nails made from ceramic have a notably longer healing time than others, but in turn, they stay hot longer. This can be good for users who feel intimidated by nails that require quick action and work well in group settings due to the ease in which users can get multiple dabs from one heating session. 

Constantly reheating a nail after every usage can be tedious in a group setting, and ceramic nails don’t require seasoning. On the other hand, a significant disadvantage many users report is a notable lack of durability. Ceramic nails often crack easily and require meticulously even heating to make sure that one side doesn’t get all the heat. This is generally offset by the affordable price, as the average ceramic nail comes out to $15-$20 dollars. 

Quartz Banger 

Quartz bangers are a very popular option for users who want their dab nails to heat up quickly. Quartz supplies clean and flavorful hits at a low temperature, and though they don’t hold heat as well as ceramic dab nails, they are more durable. Still, it’s important to heat a quartz banger evenly to prevent over stressing a specific part of the glass. The average Quartz Banger runs at about $20-$30.

Titanium Nails 

Titanium dab nails are easily the most dependable and durable of the three dab nails. They are virtually crack-proof due to being made of titanium, and as a result, they will survive falls that a quartz or ceramic dab nail would not. They cost more than most nails, usually coming in at $30 to $50, but in turn, they generally do not need replacing. 

Titanium nails are known for their long heating times, but they retain heat as efficiently as ceramic nails and do not need a special heating process. They heat evenly with no crack risk. However, they need to be taken care of more intensely than a ceramic or quartz nail, in a process akin to seasoning a cast-iron skillet. 


The best dab nails provide an optimal vaping experience with your cannabis extracts, and this includes flavor and temperature. Some users want heat retention, while others want it to quickly heat up. Flavor, durability, and ease of use all factor into whether a dab nail is right for you. 


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