Dab Rig Accessories

Spinner Carb Cap
$17.90 $25.00
Dab Rite Digital IR Dab Thermometer

World of Bongs offers all your dab accessories in one place. The best-quality rigs, kits, and pokers, at incredible prices. All made with durable materials in beautiful styles for a flawless experience. These accessories will give your kit the perfect touch. 

Banger nails cut from beautiful, thick glass, to hold your best wax. Titanium nails and dual-headed nails for double the fun! Silicone and glass nectar collectors to treat your wax like gold. And uniquely designed drop mats with your favorite movies and shows, or a chocolate chip cookie!

Always quality, always unique. World of Bongs promises top-quality products for all your dab rig kit needs. Finish your kit or add to your collection with iconic accessories that will turn heads. Or, buy your 420 friends a special gift! Enjoy the perfect high, every time with World of Bongs dab rig accessories. Your rig will thank you.