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Cleaning Products

BoroBuddy Cleaning Kit
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BoroBuddy Cleaning Kit
$34.99 $40.00
Formula 420 Natural Cleaner - 16 OZ
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Orange Chronic Cleaner 12oz
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Grunge Off Super Soaker Cleaner
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Formula 710 Instant Cleaner - 12 OZ
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420 Odor Eliminator Spray
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Salt Rox - Higher Standards
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G5 Cleaner 99% ISO Alcohol - 16 OZ
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Silicone Cleaner - Eyce
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14” Cleaning Brush for Big Bongs
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Best Cleaning Products for Glass Bongs and Dab Rigs

There are so many dab rig and glass bong cleaners available for sale at local smoke shops, but not all of them will provide the best cleaning experience. World of Bongs offers everything a dabber or smoker needs for the cleaning and care of their water pipes. Find the best bong cleaners and cleaning solutions for dab rigs for sale in our online smoke shop store. We only carry the most reputable brands known for providing a quick and affordable clean for all types of water pipes. A clean bong allows for more smoke from your bud, removing the resin will avoid it from continuing to gunk up.

Bong Cleaners: Essential for Maintaining Your Bong

Maintaining the cleanliness of your bong is crucial for ensuring a pure and enjoyable smoking experience. Bong cleaners are specially formulated solutions designed to remove resin, tar, and other build-ups from your bong effectively. These cleaners often contain solvents and surfactants that break down stubborn residue, leaving your bong sparkling clean. Regular use of bong cleaners enhances the flavor and smoothness of your hits and extends the life of your bong. Available in various strengths and formulas, including eco-friendly options, there's a bong cleaner to suit every material and preference.

Smoking Pipes Cleaners: Keeping Your Pipes as New

For pipe enthusiasts, a clean pipe is essential for a pure smoking experience. Smoking pipe cleaners are tools and solutions designed to clean and maintain traditional and modern smoking pipes. These cleaners typically come in thin, flexible rods or brushes that can reach into the pipe's nooks and crannies, along with specialized cleaning solutions that dissolve residue without damaging the pipe's material. Regular cleaning with these tools not only ensures a better-tasting and smoother smoking experience but also preserves the appearance and functionality of your pipes.

Magnetic Bong Cleaner: The Innovative Borro Buddy

The Borro Buddy represents a breakthrough in bong cleaning technology. This magnetic bong cleaner utilizes powerful magnets and an abrasive cleaning surface to scrub away even the toughest residue inside your bong. The cleaner is placed inside the bong, and a corresponding magnet is used on the outside to guide the cleaner throughout the interior surface, ensuring a thorough clean in those hard-to-reach places. The Borro Buddy is especially effective for intricate bongs with complex designs that traditional brushes and cleaners can't adequately clean. Its innovative design makes bong cleaning not only more effective but also more enjoyable.

How Often Should I Clean A Bong Or Dab Rig?

Proper maintenance is necessary to extend the life of bongs and dab rigs. Cleaning it before there is too much build up will prevent breathing bad bacteria. It's always recommended to use clean water while smoking out of a bong. Keeping a cleaning solution for water pipes lets cannabis lovers enjoy their rigs and bongs for years. Rather than allowing smoke and resin to build up and age a piece faster, purifying can prevent deterioration.

Why Use a Dabbing Rig or Bong Cleaner?

  • Cleaning a dab or bong also provides a much fresher, better tasting smoke. By removing all the old concentrate, resin, and dust from a piece, the flavor of the weed can come through. 
  • A clean rig or bong just feels better. Hits taste less harsh, the flavor of cannabis shines through, and smokers can feel good about what they’re inhaling. 
  • Dab rig and bong cleaning doesn’t have to be hard. With the right materials, it’s easy for anyone to keep things clean and fresh. Formulas, brushes, and other cleaning accessories are easy items to incorporate in any cleaning routine.

Instead of scrubbing with basic isopropyl and salt, cannabis users can find healthy, quality cleaning water pipe solutions for sale at World of Bongs - The best and most affordable online smoke shop.

World of Bongs has everything from all-natural cleaners to delicate scrubbing brushes. Bongs and dab rigs can be made with a variety of materials, and there are cleaners to care for every kind. 

Better yet, World of Bongs offers all cleaning products at affordable prices. No one has to break the bank trying to keep their piece clean. Other retailers offer poor-quality products for high prices, but World of Bongs keeps prices low for the best options.