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10 Accessories for Different Types of Bongs

If you want to shop for bong accessories and/or add-ons, it’s important to know what each one is and their functions. Here you go:

  • Ashcatchers. If you want to keep your bong clean and prevent the ash from dumping into the water, you can buy an ashcatcher. These pieces are added to the stem of the bong where the slide is, and the bowl is attached to the end of the ashcatcher. In addition to keeping the bong nice and clean, it also serves as an additional filtration method which results in a smoother hit. Sometimes, ashcatchers come with an attached percolator.
  • Percolators. While these can be confused with or grouped together with ashcatchers, the two are different. Percolators are usually a main part of the bong itself, while an ashcatcher is something added on.
  • Bangers. If you enjoy dabs, then you need this simple bong accessory that transforms any regular bong into a dab rig. These are made of quartz and able to withstand extremely high temperatures, making this the ideal add-on for any dabbing enthusiast.
  • Glass bowls. While these are a standard part of most bongs, they deserve special consideration because the one you choose will ultimately influence your smoking experience. You can upgrade to larger sizes for bigger bowls or you can choose the size of the hole to accommodate your airflow preference. You can also choose custom glass bowls that give your piece some added style.
  • Res caps. These are valuable pieces that prevent your bong water from spilling during transportation or movement. If you know what the smell of spilled bong water is like, then you understand how important this can be!
  • Diffused downstems. These bong attachments provide an additional step of filtration at the bottom of the stem. They are affordable to buy and add an incredible degree of smoothness to your experience.
  • Grinders. The best way to break up weed for a nice bong smoking experience is by using a grinder. These metal pieces serve as a quick and efficient way to break up bud and get it ready for bong tokes.
  • Nails. Convert any bong into a dab rig when you add a ceramic, titanium, or quartz nail attachment. This is often much more affordable than buying a dab rig outright.
  • Bowl screens. Prevent the clogging up of your bowl by using a screen. These babies collect all the resin and tar so you can change it out to get a fresh experience again.
  • Male-to-female adapters. It may come as no surprise that with the different genders of the bong joints, it is not uncommon for people to want to add some of the best bong accessories, but are unable to due to either joint gender or size incapability. Male-to-female adapters are designed as solutions to this common predicament. 


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