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Mug Pipes

Unicorn Pipe Mug
$24.99 $29.99
Cow Pipe Mug
$22.00 $25.99
Santa Mug Pipe
$25.00 $29.00
Snowman Mug Pipe
$25.00 $29.00

Novelty Mug Pipes: Combining Creativity and Functionality

Welcome to WOB Mug Pipes category, where creativity meets functionality. We bring you a unique collection of novelty mug pipes that not only serve as functional smoking accessories but also as conversation starters. Our Roast & Toast collection offers an array of whimsical designs that allow you to enjoy your favorite brew and smoke simultaneously. Let's explore these innovative pieces further.

Mug Pipes: A Unique Fusion of Morning Brews and Smooth Draws

Picture this: a morning ritual where your aromatic coffee and a smooth smoke converge. Welcome to the world of Mug Pipes - a blend of practicality and pleasure.

Mug Pipes have revolutionized the way enthusiasts view their morning or evening rituals. They're not just any typical mugs - they're a testament to ingenious design. Integrated with a smoking pipe, this hybrid accessory provides the duality of sipping your favorite beverage while enjoying a smoke.

Innovation Meets Tradition

At the heart of the Mug Pipe is an innovative idea that pays homage to traditional smoking customs. The fusion of a mug and pipe is more than just novelty—it's about celebrating the rituals that bring us comfort and joy.

Uncompromised Quality

While the concept might sound playful, there's no compromise on the functionality of both the mug and the pipe. The mug section is crafted to hold your beverage safely, retaining its temperature for an extended period. On the other hand, the integrated pipe boasts a design optimized for a comfortable grip, easy cleaning, and a smooth draw.

A Perfect Gift

Looking for a unique present for a smoking enthusiast? The Mug Pipe is not just a functional item, but a conversation starter. It's the ideal gift for those who appreciate the finer aspects of life and are always on the lookout for one-of-a-kind items.

Mug Pipes FAQs:

  1. How do I clean my Mug Pipe? Like any other smoking accessory, regular cleaning ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your Mug Pipe. While the mug part can be washed as any regular coffee mug, the pipe can be cleaned with pipe cleaners and a suitable cleaning solution.

  2. Can I microwave my Mug Pipe? It's essential to refer to the product's guidelines. Some Mug Pipes might be microwave-safe, while others, especially those with metal parts, should not be microwaved.

  3. Is the Mug Pipe's smoke flavor affected by the beverage? The Mug Pipe is designed to keep the two experiences distinct. While you can sip your drink, the smoke's flavor remains unaffected by the beverage inside.

  4. Are there different designs available? Absolutely! The beauty of Mug Pipes is in their diverse designs, from classic to modern aesthetics. There's a Mug Pipe for every preference. Check Them out!

  5. Can the Mug Pipe handle hot beverages? Yes, the Mug Pipe is designed to hold both hot and cold beverages without affecting the smoking experience.

Unicorn Pipe Mug Roast & Toast (Sale: $24.99, Original: $29.99)

Embrace the magic with our Unicorn Pipe Mug. This one-of-a-kind piece offers a fun, playful design while still providing a top-quality smoking experience. Made from durable ceramic, it's perfect for enjoying your favorite drink and smoke at the same time. With its captivating design and functionality, this piece is sure to make your mornings brighter.


Stoner Dad and "Stoner Mom" Pipe Mugs ($22.99 - $24.99)

Celebrate the cannabis-loving parents with our Stoner Dad and "Stoner Mom" Pipe Mugs. These mugs serve as both a functional pipe and a vessel for your favorite hot beverage, making them the perfect gift for any occasion. Their humorous and relatable designs are sure to bring a smile to any stoner parent's face.

Skull and Panda Pipe Mugs (Sale: $24.99 - $25.99, Original: $29.99)

Looking for a mug pipe that stands out? Our Skull Pipe Mug and Panda Pipe Mug offer unique, eye-catching designs that are sure to spark conversation.

Cereal Bowl Pipe - Roast & Toast ($28.99)

Make your breakfast more interesting with our Cereal Bowl Pipe. This fun and functional piece lets you enjoy your morning cereal and a smoke all at once. Its durable ceramic construction ensures it can withstand daily use.

Doughnuts and Cow Pipe Mugs (Sale: $25.99 - $29.99, Original: $34.99)

Indulge in a little whimsy with our Doughnuts Pipe Mug and Cow Pipe Mug. Their unique designs will add a playful touch to your morning routine, while their built-in pipes offer a convenient and enjoyable smoking experience.

Our mug pipes collection at is made add fun to your smoking sessions. Made from high-quality materials, these mug pipes are as durable as they are delightful. Browse our weed mug pipes today and add a touch of whimsy to your smoking accessories. We offer discreet shipping and guarantee satisfaction with every purchase. Enjoy shopping with us today!



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