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Hand Pipes under $40

SPOTS Spoon Pipe
$20.99 $24.99
Pistol Bubbler
$39.00 $59.00
Santa Mug Pipe
$25.00 $29.00

Hand Pipes for Smoking Weed Under $40 For Sale

At World of Bongs, the biggest online smoke shop, we offer an extensive selection of affordable hand pipes for smoking weed, all priced under $40. You may discover the ideal pipe in our collection to fit your preferences thanks to the wide variety of types, sizes, and patterns we offer, including little pipes, artistic pieces, popular sherlock pipes, blunt and joint bubbler pipes, and even mug pipes.

Small, Compact Pipes: Perfect for On-the-Go Smoking

Our online head shop boasts a variety of small, compact hand pipes that are ideal for on-the-go cannabis smoking. These portable pipes are perfect for discreet and convenient use, without compromising functionality or style.

Artistic Hand Pipes: Express Your Unique Style

Discover our range of artistic hand pipes, expertly crafted to showcase intricate designs and vibrant colors. These eye-catching pieces provide a great smoking experience and serve as unique conversation starters, reflecting your distinct taste and style.

Popular Sherlock Pipes: Classic Design Meets Modern Functionality

Experience the timeless appeal of the classic sherlock pipe, available in various materials and colors. These popular hand pipes combine traditional design with modern functionality, providing a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Blunt and Joint Bubbler Pipes: Enhance Your Smoking Sessions

Elevate your smoking sessions with our collection of blunt and joint bubbler pipes. These innovative pipes are designed to cool and filter the smoke, offering a smoother, more enjoyable experience with every hit.

Unique Mug Pipes: Combine Functionality and Creativity

Our mug pipes are the perfect choice for those seeking a truly one-of-a-kind smoking accessory. These inventive creations combine a hand pipe's functionality with a mug's creativity, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverage and smoke simultaneously.

Find the Best Prices on Hand Pipes at World of Bongs, the Biggest Online Smoke Shop

Upgrade your smoking experience with our diverse and affordable collection of hand pipes under $40. With the best prices and largest selection, World of Bongs is your go-to online smoke shop for all your weed smoking accessory needs. Browse our inventory today and discover the perfect hand pipe for you.


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