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Unicorn Pipe Mug
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Frog Hand Pipe
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Fish Chillum
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For some people, a pipe truly is just a pipe. Many simply want something that will get the job done, delivering the smoke from their bowl to their lungs. That’s fine, and far be it for anyone to say that functionality does not matter - it does! But sometimes, it’s nice to have something more offbeat, unique, and thematically interesting to smoke out of. 

That’s why World of Bongs offers themed bongs, pipes, pokers, dab rigs, and bangers. These are utterly unique smoking tools designed to stun, entertain, and amuse your friends. Some of these products are simple and silly, like the Pickle Glass Pipe or the Mushroom Carb Cap. Others veer into ridiculous territory like the Carrot Bong Rig or the Unicorn Pipe Mug

But whether you’re smoking out of a dainty glass elephant or a lemon wedge dab rig, these products aim to be memorable. Add some variety to your day, some joy to your life, and some spontaneity to your smoking routine. There’s always going to be standard, generic, slick bongs for sale. These products push back against the grain. 

So peruse our themed products. We’ve got pieces that function as experimental art and pieces that are so beautiful, you’ll want to set them out on your coffee table. We have a wide variety of bongs shaped like food, animals, and even one that doubles as a cereal bowl. Take them to parties and have an automatic conversation starter. Bring them to group smoking sessions and delight your friends. These products do not sacrifice functionality for aesthetics. They are all premier smoking tools that will get you high with efficiency and ease. They just also happen to be more interesting and fun than most smoking tools you’d find in the average head shop.