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Percolator Bongs

19” Huge Green Triple Perc Bong
13" Tree Perc Bong Rig
19" Triple Fused Tree Perc Beaker Bong

Glass Percolator Bongs For Sale 

World of Bongs offers a selection of expertly crafted percolator bongs and filtrated water pipes for every smoking pleasure. Known for a superior inventory of pipes, bongs, rigs, and smoking accessories, WoB continues the hype with premium percolator bongs.

Tree Percs

There are selections for tree percs for extra diffusion through the branches. Tree percs offer a unique level of percolation by extending the filtration through several tubes. Smoke is further filtered, removing the most possible impurities and cooling it down for a hit that’s easy on the lungs.

Fab Eggs, Diffused Downstems, and Showerhead Percs

Each type of percolator provides a set of unique benefits, but all of WoB’s options are high-quality. The fab egg, recycler, and showerhead designs keep things filtrating smoothly with gorgeous styles and chambers. Diffused downstems create a touch of percolation with delicately crafted additions.

Percolator Bong Rigs

For smokers that love to dab and toke, WoB has options for that. With the variety of percolator bong rigs, weed enthusiasts can treat themselves to dry flower and concentrate. The choices are versatile, offering bangers and bowls with one device. Whether they’re used for smoking or dabbing, these percolator bong rigs provide a cool, filtrated smoke every time.

Classic and New Designs

From classic looks like beaker bongs to new designs like triple fused levels, World of Bongs has all the options. The curated selection of percolator water pipes is constantly updated to find the newest trends and innovative choices.

Percolators offer cooling filtration, so smoke that goes through a perc bong will come out chilled and diffused. With fewer impurities, hits just taste better through a percolator bong. Smokers can enjoy the natural flavor of their flower or concentrate. It’s easier to hit, so users can get the most out of their top-tier cannabis with WoB’s percolator choices.