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Rolling Papers

ROWLL® all in 1 Rolling Kit
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ROWLL® all in 1 Rolling Kit
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Juicy Jays Flavoured Rolling Papers (1 1/4 size)
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Glass Rolling Paper - 3 Pack
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RAW Classic Pre-Rolled Cones King Size
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Blazy Susan Pink Cute Rolling Papers
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Blazy Susan Pink Pre Rolled Cones
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ROWLL® Pink all in 1 Rolling Kit
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Organic Hemp Black Rolling Papers 1¼ - RAW
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RAW Black Natural Rolling Papers (2 Sizes)
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RAW Organic Hemp Black Rolling Papers King Size Slim (32 ct)
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RAW Six Shooter Cone Filler
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Classic Rolling Papers 1¼ - RAW
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King Palm Mini Size Natural Pre Roll Palm Leaf Tubes - 25 Pack
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The Best Rolling Papers For Sale Online

We offer an extensive collection of rolling papers to suit every preference and need. We'll explore the different types of rolling papers available in our selection, providing you with the essential information to make the best choice for your smoking experience.

Types of Rolling Papers

Classic and Unbleached Rolling Papers

For those who prefer a traditional smoking experience, we offer classic rolling papers made from wood pulp or rice. Additionally, our unbleached rolling papers provide a more natural and eco-friendly option, free from any chemicals or additives used in the bleaching process.

Flavored Rolling Papers

Add a burst of flavor to your smoking sessions with our flavored rolling papers. Available in a variety of flavors, these papers can enhance the taste of your smoke and offer a unique sensory experience.

Check out our Juicy Jays Papers.

Hemp Rolling Papers

Environmentally conscious smokers will appreciate our range of hemp rolling papers. Made from sustainable hemp fibers, these papers provide a smooth burn and a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional rolling papers.

Ultra-Thin Rolling Papers

Our ultra-thin rolling papers are perfect for those who seek a slow, even burn and minimal paper taste. These lightweight papers allow you to fully appreciate the flavors and aromas of your chosen herb.

Pre-Rolled Cones

For a convenient and hassle-free smoking experience, consider our selection of pre-rolled cones. These ready-to-fill cones save you time and effort, ensuring a perfect roll every time.

Rolling Papers Frequently Asked Questions:

How Rolling Papers are Made?

Rolling papers are typically made from plant fibers such as hemp, rice, or flax. The manufacturing process involves pulping these materials into a thin sheet and then cut into papers. In addition to hemp, rice, and flax, wood pulp is also a common material used in manufacturing rolling papers. Wood pulp Rolling papers are well known for their durability and even burn, making them popular among smokers. The wood pulp is processed into a thin paper and then cut into sheets suitable for rolling. This material balances thickness and transparency and is often preferred for its familiar texture and reliable burning properties. Some papers may undergo additional processing for flavoring or to control the burn rate. The choice of material and production process influences the paper's characteristics, such as thickness, taste, and burn time.

Can Rolling Papers go Bad?

Rolling papers can degrade over time, especially if exposed to unfavorable conditions like high humidity or extreme temperatures. They may become brittle, lose their stickiness, or absorb odors, affecting their quality and usability. Proper storage For Rolling Papers is in a cool, dry place can help preserve their condition.

What are Bleached Rolling Papers?

Bleached rolling papers are made from paper that has undergone a bleaching process, which is typically done to make the papers look whiter. This bleaching can be achieved using chemicals such as chlorine or calcium carbonate. The purpose of bleaching is primarily aesthetic, giving the papers a more traditional, clean look. However, some smokers prefer unbleached papers due to concerns about inhaling residual chemicals from the bleaching process, even though bleached papers are generally considered safe for use. The choice between bleached and unbleached papers often comes down to personal preference.

What Are The Best Rolling Papers to Buy?

The best rolling papers often come down to personal preference, but brands like Rowll and RAW are highly regarded in the smoking community. Rowll papers are known for their all-in-one patented solution, offering an eco-friendly and user-friendly experience. They prioritize convenience and quality, making them a popular choice. Rowll offers classic, unbleached and organic hemp options, catering to those who prefer an eco-friendly and health-conscious smoking experience. These papers are designed with the user's convenience in mind, maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability. RAW, on the other hand, is famous for its natural, unbleached rolling papers. They offer a pure and less processed smoking experience, which appeals to those who prefer a more natural product. Both brands have a strong reputation for quality, so choosing between them often depends on whether you prefer a more natural paper (RAW) or an innovative and convenient design with natural options (Rowll).

What Rolling Papers are without Heavy Metals?

Both Rowll and RAW are renowned for producing rolling papers that are lab-tested for heavy metals, ensuring a safer smoking experience. These brands prioritize not only the quality but also the health and safety of their customers. By choosing papers from Rowll or RAW, users can be confident they're using products that meet stringent safety standards, free from harmful heavy metal contaminants. This commitment to health and safety is part of what makes these brands respected and trusted in the smoking community.


The Most Innovative Rolling Paper For Sale - ROWLL® 

Rolling Kit for Sale  

All in 1 Rolling kit is a Patented Product Designed For Rolling On the Go.

  • Magnetic Case (can hold up to 2 gram)
  • 32 Extra Thin Premium Papers - Made in Europe 
  • 32 Perforated Filter Tips
  • Build in Grinder - Just Shred Your Bud!
  • Rolling Tray - The Kit Can Be Opened to a portable tray
  • Assembled and Packed by individuals with Disabilities