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Freeze Pipe

Freeze Hand Pipe
from $75.00 $79.00 🚚 FREE DISCREET SHIPPING
11” Freeze Pipe Beaker Bong
$135.00 $149.00 🚚 FREE DISCREET SHIPPING
The “Freeze Pipe” Bubbler
$110.00 $119.00 🚚 FREE DISCREET SHIPPING
Freeze Pipe E-Nail
Freeze Pipe Bubbler Kit
$130.00 $139.00 🚚 FREE DISCREET SHIPPING
23” Glycerin “Freeze Pipe” Bong Dual
$260.00 $299.00 🚚 FREE DISCREET SHIPPING
16” Freeze Pipe Bong XL
$209.00 $219.00 🚚 FREE DISCREET SHIPPING
Freeze Pipe Ash Catcher
16” Glycerin “Freeze Pipe” Bong
$180.00 $199.00 🚚 FREE DISCREET SHIPPING
Freeze Pipe Mini Bong
15" Tornado Bong - The Freeze Pipe
18” Freeze Pipe Recycler
$210.00 $225.00 🚚 FREE DISCREET SHIPPING
Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector
Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler
$325.00 $349.00 🚚 FREE DISCREET SHIPPING

The Freeze Pipe Collection: Freeze Bongs For Sale

Icy Innovations

Delve into the world of the coolest smoking accessories, quite literally. The Freeze Pipe Collection promises an exhilarating experience for enthusiasts who appreciate the colder, smoother, and more flavorful side of smoking. Here, engineering meets craftsmanship to give you the unparalleled experience of chilled hits.

Breathtakingly Cold Bongs

Our Freeze Bongs aren't just your regular water pipes. Designed with built-in glycerin coils, these bongs offer hits so smooth, they'll send a chill down your spine. Freeze your bong, not your lungs! With the glycerin coil's unique ability to stay colder for longer, every drag is crisp and cool.

Dazzlingly Cool Dab Rigs

For the dab aficionados, our Dab Rigs redefine the dabbing experience. The chill of the glycerin coil ensures that your concentrates' flavor profiles stand out in stark relief, delivering a potency and clarity that's truly a cut above.

Pristine Pipes with a Punch

Our Freeze Pipes, compact yet mighty, serve up the sheer thrill of chilled smoke in every draw. Perfect for those on-the-move moments or quiet reflections, these pipes ensure that your smoking game remains top-notch, icy, and impressively smooth.

Glycerin Coil: The Heart of the Cold

What's the secret? It's all in the Glycerin Coil. Glycerin, a non-toxic liquid, freezes faster and stays frozen longer than ice. When you take a hit, the smoke travels around this icy coil, dramatically cooling it before it reaches your lungs. Say goodbye to the harshness of warm smoke and revel in the smoothness!

Find Your Perfect Freeze Pipe Set at Our Online Smoke Shop

Browse our selection of Freeze Pipe sets to find the perfect match for your smoking preferences. Our range includes beaker bongs, dab rig bubblers, hand pipes, and more, designed to accommodate freezable glycerin coils for unparalleled smoothness.

Why Choose The Freeze Pipe Collection?

  • Superior Cooling: Experience the future of smoking with hits that are 300% cooler.
  • Flavor Amplification: Cold smoke doesn't just feel better; it tastes better, preserving the full spectrum of your herb's flavor.
  • Ergonomic Design: Built not just for performance but also for comfort, ensuring a seamless experience.

When it comes to the Freeze Pipe Collection, the cold is where the heart is. Elevate your smoking sessions to unparalleled heights of luxury, coolness, and flavor. Dive deep into the freeze today!

How to Use the Freeze Pipe Products :

1. Freeze the Glycerin Chamber: The key to that refreshing hit lies in the glycerin chamber. Just pop the glycerin module in your freezer for a minimum of 1 hour before your session.

2. Assembly: Once frozen, attach the glycerin module to your Freeze Pipe, Freeze Bong, or Freeze Dab Rig.

3. Light Up or Dab: Fill your bong with water as you would typically do, or get your concentrates ready for the dab rig. Light up and enjoy the incredibly smooth, cold hit!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long should I keep the glycerin coil in the freezer?
A: For the best experience, we recommend placing the glycerin coil in the freezer for about 2-3 hours. But don't worry, it won't freeze solid due to glycerin's unique properties.

Q: Is the glycerin safe?
A: Absolutely! Glycerin is non-toxic and perfectly safe. It's commonly used in food production as well as in the creation of many everyday products.

Q: Can I use the Freeze Dab Rig for dry herbs too?
A: While the Freeze Dab Rig is primarily designed for concentrates, some users employ adaptors or additional attachments to make them compatible with dry herbs. Always ensure you're using the correct accessory for the best experience.

Q: How often do I need to clean my Freeze device?
A: For the best performance and flavor, it's a good idea to clean your Freeze Pipe, Bong, or Dab Rig regularly, depending on usage. Regular maintenance ensures longevity and a consistent premium experience.

Q: Will the Freeze Collection products break in the freezer?
A: No, these products are crafted with quality materials designed to withstand freezing temperatures. Just handle them with care when you take them out, as you would with any glass product.

Q: How does the glycerin coil compare to ice?
A: While ice can water down your smoke, the glycerin coil provides consistent cooling without diluting your experience. Plus, there's no mess of melting ice to deal with!

Explore the innovation and chill of the Freeze Collection today, and elevate your smoking sessions to unparalleled icy heights!


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