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Hand Pipes

Empire Glassworks Large Dragon Sphere Pipe
Empire Glassworks Beehive Spoon Pipe
Empire Glassworks Mushroom Glass Pipe
$100.00 $110.00 🚚 FREE DISCREET SHIPPING
Empire Glassworks Sunflower Sherlock
Empire Glassworks Scary Terry Glass Pipe
18'' Baseball Bat Spoon Hand Pipe
SPOTS Spoon Pipe
$20.99 $24.99
Steamroller w/ Wood Mouthpiece
Empire Glassworks Sprinkle Donut Hand Pipe

Smoking Hand Pipes For Sale 

When it comes to enjoying your cannabis, nothing beats the satisfaction of using a quality hand pipe. We offer a vast selection of hand pipes, designed for the seasoned connoisseur and the newbie smoker alike. We're not just any online smoke shop; we're a trusted provider with a vast selection of products for every preference, backed by years of experience in the 420 community.

Affordable Quality: Glass Pipes from Renowned Brands

We understand the importance of affordability without compromising quality, which is why we offer a diverse collection of hand pipes from well-known brands in the cannabis world. Our range ensures that you can find the perfect pipe that fits your budget. Our mission? To make smoking cannabis as enjoyable and efficient as possible for everyone.

Types of Weed Pipes For Sale

Welcome to! You're here because you're seeking a unique, quality smoking experience and we're here to guide you through our wide range of marijuana smoking pipes. We proudly offer an eclectic variety of pipes to fit every enthusiast's taste and style. Here are some of the remarkable pipes we have for sale.

Hand Pipes: Sleek and compact, our hand pipes are perfect for those who want portability and convenience. Carry weed pipes in your pocket or purse, and you're ready to enjoy your favorite blend whenever you wish.

Silicone Pipes: Say goodbye to the fear of breakage! Our silicone pipes are durable, easy to clean, and come in vibrant colors and designs. Whether it's the Silicone Hammer Style Bubblers, Silicone Football Pipe, or Silicone Animated Spoon Pipe, there's a silicone pipe to match your personality.

Glass Spoon Pipes & Steamrollers: Experience the pure, unadulterated flavor with our Glass Spoon Pipes and Steamrollers. Crafted with precision, these pipes provide a smooth smoking experience, perfect for both novices and veterans.

  • Sherlock Pipes & Bubblers: With a nod to the iconic detective, our Sherlock Pipes offer a unique aesthetic and smoking experience. Combine this with the filtration power of our  Bubblers, like the Gold Fumed Bubblers or the Martian Blunt Bubblers, and you have a smoke that is as smooth as it is stylish.
  • Novelty Pipes: For those who like to mix fun and function, we have a wide range of novelty pipes. From the Santa and Snowman Mug Pipes, perfect for holiday cheer, to our quirky Cereal Bowl Pipes, WICKED APPLE Pipe, and Bowling Pin Pipes, there's something to bring a smile to everyone's face.
  • Ceramic Pipe Mugs & Necklace Pipes: Enjoy your favorite blend with our dual-function  Ceramic Pipe Mugs or keep it close with our fashionable Necklace Pipes. Function meets style in these unique offerings.
  • Chillum Pipes, Beaker Spoons, Dugouts, & Tasters: These pipes are for those who enjoy the subtleties of smoking. Compact, easy to use, and delivering a strong hit, these are must-haves for the discerning smoker.
  • The Dubbler Original Double Bubbler: Enjoy twice the filtration with our signature Dubbler. This innovative piece ensures a smoother, cleaner hit every time.
  • Spinning Eye Spoon Pipes & Gold Fumed Bubblers: For those seeking a unique aesthetic, these visually stunning pieces offer both functionality and an unforgettable smoking experience.

So, whether you're looking for durability, a unique design, or simply a smoother smoking experience, has you covered. Browse our impressive selection of marijuana smoking pipes and discover your next favorite piece today. Whatever your smoking style, we have a pipe that's a perfect match for you. Welcome to your world of bongs. Enjoy the journey!

Variety is the Spice of Life: Pipes for Every Preference

At, we recognize that every cannabis lover has a unique preference. That's why we carry a variety of weed pipes, from the classic glass hand pipes to more unique variants. Ever tried a silicone weed pipe? Its flexibility and durability make it a great choice for those on-the-go. Or perhaps you prefer the timeless allure of metal and wood pipes, bringing a sense of tradition to your smoking experience. No matter your preference, we've got something for you.

The Best Online Head Shop for Weed Pipes

Dive into the world of cannabis with a trusted partner. Discover the range and quality we offer at today. With our affordable prices, wide selection, and commitment to your satisfaction, you're sure to find the perfect hand pipe that will make each smoking session a unique experience.

Don't miss out on our massive selection of hand pipes. 


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