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SnowTree Inc

BoroBuddy Kit

The BoroBuddy Kit by SnowTree Inc!

Stop spending your money on fancy liquid solutions. Buy BoroBuddy once and take control of your glass.

No Stains. No Jokes. Made For Pros.

You know those stains on your glass that isopropyl alcohol alone just can't get out? Or those water mineral stains that seemingly will never go away?
You know, the stains you wish you could just rub off from the inside of your glass but of course your hand won't fit? Well, now you can rid those stains with BoroBuddy.
Boro Buddy makes you feel in control. You can buff out those nasty stains you thought you'd have forever. Try it for yourself and be amazed.


  • 1 x BoroBuddy Handle.
  • 1 x BoroBuddy Pad Holder (Bar).
  • 1 x BoroBuddy Pad Holder (Cylinder).
  • 15 x BoroBuddy Pads (Bar)
  • 15 x BoroBuddy Pads (Cylinder)
  • 1 x Forceps.

Made in America.
The Ultimate Bong Buddy.
See Boro Buddy in action:

*Boro Buddy Products are shipped directly from SnowTree's warehouses and may take longer than usual to arrive.