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Does Hot Bong Water Provide a Better Hit?

If you've never tried using hot or cold water in your bong instead of room temperature water, you may be pleasantly surprised about the results.

While no substantial evidence using hot or cold water in your bong is more beneficial to your health, each method produces favorable results.

So, your preferred method will ultimately be whichever provides you with the hit you are looking for.

Hot Bong Water

Hot Bong Water

The benefits of using hot water in your bong include:

  • The steam produced tends to soothe the throat and prevent uncomfortable irritation.
  • The hit from the bong is much smoother than with room temperature water.
  • The heat melts the thick resin, allowing more to pass into the lungs.

When using hot water in your bong, be sure it is approximately the same temperature as you prefer to drink your tea or coffee. Warmer water can produce too much steam and irritate the back of your throat or even burn it. Hot water in your bong is much cooler than the temperature of the burning plant material in your bowl. Therefore, filtering the smoke will provide a much cooler and smoother hit. This often allows the consumer to take much larger hits with less throat irritation, resulting in a much more potent high. The warmer water also prevents the resin from cooling down as quickly, leaving less stuck to the sides of the bong.

Cold Bong Water

Cold Bong Water

Using cold water in your bong will result in the following:

  • The cold water quickly cools the smoke before it enters the lungs.
  • The smoke is thick and milky, often preferential when taking massive hits.
  • More resin is collected in the bong, which results in less resin entering the lungs.
  • The smoking experience can be harsh.

Coldwater bongs are much more effective at condensing the smoke, although cold hits tend to be quite harsh. The experience is similar to inhaling a large breath of cold air, which may be more appealing to some, but may also cause some throat irritation.

If you prefer to have less of the resin from your cannabis enter into your lungs, this method may be more appealing to you. The cooler temperature of the bong and the water causes the resin to collect more inside the bong, minimizing the amount that can reach your lungs. The trade-off here is that the less resin enters the lungs, the less psychoactive effects are experienced. Using cold water provides a thick, milky smoke that fills your lungs and provides a very strong high.

Whether you use hot or cold water in your bong, the effects of each can enhance the smoking experience in very different ways. The best way to learn which will work best for you is to experiment with both methods.

What do you think about this? Have you ever tried hot bong water? If yes, how did you like the results?

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