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How Much Water Do You Put in a Bong?

How Much Water to put in a Bong?

One of the most commonly asked questions among new bong users is, "how much water should I put in my bong?" Bongs come in tons of various shapes and sizes, so the water required for each will be different.
Also known as water pipes, they will require different amounts of water depending on whether they are straight pipes, beaker styles, or percolators. A general rule of thumb for any piece is to submerge the down stem about ½ inch into the water. We created some useful images showing how much water to put in different bongs.

Many downstem options have slits in them to keep airflow circulating. For the coolest and smoothest cannabis smoke, you need to cover the holes of your downstem with water. If you don't cover the holes, it can lead to harsher and more dry smokes. 

How much water goes in my percolator bong?


Adding just the right amount of water to a percolator bong will give an optimal cannabis smoking experience. These are sometimes harder to fill as perc bongs may have multiple chambers and percolators that you need to fill with water. Percolators function much better and create a smoother cannabis smoking experience when they can cycle the water all the way through.  

Too much water in a bong is bad

Of course, it is also important to not overfill your glass bongs as sometimes too much water can cause splashback. Getting the down stem and percolators so that they are submerged about ½ an inch is usually the perfect recommendation.

How to fill water into your bong 

Add water through the mouthpiece until the water is submerged. You can also pour water through the hole where put the downstem.

This is sometimes harder to judge the right amount of water going into the chamber. You want to insert the down stem to measure how much water is in your chamber as that will be important that it's submerged, so the water can cycle and create the smoothest hits. 

One of the most classic bongs is the beaker bong or straight neck bong. These are pretty standard water pipes and provide a large water chamber with a skinny necked mouthpiece. These get their name from their "beaker" glass shapes like the glass beakers we would use in high school chemistry class.  

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to fill your bong with water:

  • Pour water into the mouthpiece of the bong. 

  • Fill your bong until the down stem or percolators are covered about ½ inch with water. 

  • If your down stem has slits for air circulation, cover them. 

What is a bong? 

One of the most popular ways of consuming weed is using a water bong. Bongs are great for tasty and smooth hits. You have probably seen these before in classic stoner movies.

A bong or water pipe is a device filled with a water chamber with a bowl where you pack your dry herb to smoke out of. 

Are you new to smoking and need a detailed guide about how to smoke a bong? Check our article here.

The water chamber provides a cool & smoother way to get stoned fast! Many bongs also come with percolators and ice catchers, which are becoming increasingly popular as they take your smoke experience to the next level.

Ice catchers are glass formations in the piece's body that hold the ice above the water chamber. These were brought to us by a creative genius who knew the ice was great to incorporate into smoking. 

Why does the level of bong water matter? 

Having the perfect amount of water for your bong is super essential if you want smooth hits. The number one benefit is that water provides more filtration from tar, ash, resin, and other toxins. This also makes the smoke smoother, as the water helps absorb heat from the combustion of the cannabis. 

People like water pipes because of how easier it is to take a bigger hit with weed, and the smoke is much cooler to inhale. People looking for the coolest way to smoke cannabis are recommended percolator bongs and an ice catcher. The more filtration for your cannabis smoke to travel through will cool down its temperature. 

Take a Test Hit Before a Real Hit

One way to figure out the perfect amount of water is to give your bong a test hit before sparking up. If the piece bubbles don't splash, you're good to go. 

Do I put the same amount of water in my ice-bong? 

Using ice in a bong can be super beneficial and provide even smoother hits.

People looking to decrease the heat of their cannabis smoke and harshness on their lungs.It's all about personal preference though. We also heard from stoners that prefer hot bong water. If you want to read more on the subject, read our article about it.

One more thing to consider if you add ice to your bong: Once the ice melts, the water level at the bottom of your bong will increase, make sure to keep that in mind.

Do you put water in a dab rig?

What applies to bongs also applies to dab rigs.

You're going to want just enough water. Dab rigs are another common way to smoke cannabis, particularly THC oil and concentrates. Most are built with a chamber to put water into, as this helps cool the smoke and give the absolute tastiest of hits, which terpene lovers will go crazy over.

Filling a dab rig is similar to filling your bong in which you should pour water through the mouthpiece. Make sure your percolator is submerged with just enough water, do a practice hit to make sure there isn't any splashback. 

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