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Bong Parts For Beginner Guide

Bongs Parts - Beginner Guide

As you know, a bong or dab rig has multiple parts, each serving a different purpose. 

In this article, we explain the functions of the bong parts and the types available for sale at our online head shop.

Typically, the most popular ones are glass bongs, glass downstems, and glass bowls. However, silicone bongs and pipes became more popular because of their durability and functionality. They are perfect for the clumsy stoners who like to drop their gadgets. 

As seasoned cannabis consumers, we don't have to tell you the importance of bong parts. We encourage you to skip over to our different categories for bong accessories for sale.

As one of the most popular online head shops, we also strive to have the most bong parts for sale. We are confident that you will find new and cool downstems or bowls, cleaning materials, or all the other accessories needed to sesh in style.

Anyway, let's take a look at all the different bong parts.

Bong Downstems

Glass downstems

Typically, the best are glass downstems for bongs because they are easy to clean and work wonderfully.

A bong downstem is to guide the cannabis smoke into the water part and creates bubbles for the smoke to be drenched, which helps cool it down substantially.

The glass downstems that typically come with most bongs will be sufficient, but even better options are available. We have these more sophisticated bong downstems for sale, which will create excellent water filtration with your cannabis smoke.

Bong Bowls

Bowls for Bongs

A good glass bowl will hold your weed nicely and is easy to clean.

There are also all types and sizes available that can, on average, hold about a quarter of a gram of weed. The need to upgrade can include wanting to hold more so the bong can go around more with friends. Another reason might be the need for an artistic design, which we have many bows for smoking weed available for sale too.

Take some time to browse our website, and you'll see some exciting weed bowls. 

The One Hitter Dugout - Picker Tool

One hitter dugouts


The Dugout is crucial. It will help save a lot of time when your bong for smoking weed becomes clogged with resin. This will happen when cannabis smokers do not clean their weed bowls often enough.

The picker tool will help stab through the resin and remove the clog. You want to keep your weed bowl clean so that it can provide a big hit.

Once it becomes clogged, the hit will become challenging to take and it can also ruin the taste of your cannabis.

You will also lose much of your cannabis smoke to the resin as it captures it from your lungs. We want to encourage any picker tool on our online smoke shop as an essential 420 accessory. It's important to understand that a glass weed bowl will become more fragile over time and not apply too much pressure using a picker tool, or it can break the bowl.

Percolator Bongs

Percolator for bongs

The next filtration for your cannabis smoke comes from the percolators inside your bong.

These bong parts are the most critical for a relaxed cannabis smoking session. These percolator bongs can become sophisticated, and the price tag can increase. However, we have teamed up with the best bong brands to connect you with the best prices and percolator bongs.

We have triple percolator bongs, which means you will get a lot of water filtration. The best thing is that we have some affordable options in stock for you. 

Percolator bongs are perfect for those, who want to take it easy on their lungs. 

Ice Catcher Glass Bongs 


One thing is for sure, glass bongs are the most popular ones. If you can find a glass bong with an ice catcher, it will allow for even cooler smoking hits. A nice percolator bong combined with ice will result in a cannabis smoking experience similar to taking a hit from a vape.

It's our opinion as cannabis smokers that ice catcher bongs are a must-have for the best smoking experience.

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs

The higher you get, the higher the chances are that you will break your bong or knock over your pipe.

If you don't want to worry about breaking your bong, a silicone piece might be perfect for you. They are also very easy to clean, some people told us that they will just add them to the dishwasher and rinse it at the end.

That's not all though. In general, silicone bongs are cheaper than glass bongs.

An additional feature is its form factor being able to fold and bend, making them super portable. 

Bong Accessories 


Okay, so we explored all the essential bong parts.

Now it's time to learn about the accessories (like the MouthPeace)

Smoking cannabis with a water bong will build up resin, making your piece dirty after a few hits.

We want to encourage using pure alcohol or a specialized organic bong cleaner. We have all of these bong cleaning supplies available too! We will explain some cool bong accessories that can help reduce your cleaning and provide even smoother hits! 

Shop Natural 420 Cleaner

Ash Catcher 


One of the best bong accessories you can buy is an ash catcher, which will help keep your bong clean. They come in all types of sizes and percolator designs too. Their pricing mainly depends on the glass quality and whether they include a percolator or not.

A cheap ash catcher will be good enough to prevent a lot of ash from the cannabis from going into your bong. It's also going to help catch some cannabis resin too. Most ash catchers are made from glass and easy to clean using alcohol or one of the many glass cleaners we have in stock.

We do have some warnings when it comes to buying this type of bong accessory. It's important not to get one that will be too heavy and tilt your bong for a drop, and it all shatters. This is a common mistake with beginner cannabis smokers buying one for the first time. Nonetheless, if you already have a heavy bong or plan on buying one, that will be enough foundation to hold a heavy Ash Catcher. 

Hemp Wick


A must-have for any bong setup is hemp wick.

Hemp wick will also significantly increase the life of your lighters too. They are typically made from organically grown hemp and dipped into beeswax. Lighting it up will cause it to burn slowly, and it's much easier to direct the flame using it to the cannabis on the bong bowl.

A hemp wick will be very handy when you lose your lighter, and the stove is the only available option. They do not smell and will make smoking weed from a bong a much easier experience plus you can rest assured not to inhale any butane.

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