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No Oil Left Behind: 7 Effective Ways to Empty Your Vape Cartridge

7 ways to empty your vape cart

You probably remember this meme we posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages a few months ago: 


We all know it can be frustrating to see a small amount of oil remaining unused.

Don't let that precious oil go to waste! In this article, we'll explore five efficient methods to help you extract the last drop of oil from your vape cartridge, ensuring you enjoy every bit of your favorite concentrate.

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1. Heat and Gentle Tap

One of the easiest methods to retrieve the last drop of oil is by using heat and gravity to your advantage. Unscrew the vape cartridge from the battery and hold it upright for a moment. This will allow the oil to settle at the bottom. Then, gently apply heat to the bottom of the cartridge using a hairdryer, heat gun, or by running hot water over it for a few seconds. After warming the oil, use the vape pen as if you're going to take a hit, but instead, tap the cartridge's bottom against your palm. This gentle tapping should help dislodge the remaining oil and move it towards the mouthpiece, making it easier to access.

2. Use a Syringe

A syringe can be an effective tool to extract the last drop of oil from your vape pen. Remove the cartridge from the battery and unscrew the mouthpiece. Use a clean, empty syringe (preferably with a needle removed) and insert it into the open cartridge, aiming for the bottom. Gently pull the plunger to create a vacuum, which will draw the oil towards the syringe. Be cautious not to exert too much force, as it may cause the cartridge to break. Once you've collected the oil, transfer it to a new cartridge or a storage container for future use.

3. Preheat and Swirl

To access the hard-to-reach oil in your vape pen, utilize the preheat function if your device has one. If it doesn't, hold down the power button for a few seconds without inhaling. The preheat feature will warm the oil, making it more viscous and easier to move. Once the oil is warmed up, carefully swirl the cartridge around, allowing the oil to coat the inside walls. The swirling motion helps dislodge the oil from the cartridge's nooks and crannies, bringing it closer to the mouthpiece for consumption.

4. Freezer Method

Place your vape cartridge, mouthpiece down, in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes. The cold temperature will cause the remaining oil to contract and gather near the mouthpiece. Once it's chilled, quickly take it out and use the tapping method to access the last drops.

5. Hot Water Bath

Submerge the vape cartridge in a cup of hot (not boiling) water for a few minutes. The warmth will make the oil more fluid, allowing it to flow easily to the mouthpiece. Afterward, remove the cartridge and gently tap it to encourage the oil to move towards the top.

6. Gravity Trick

Unscrew the mouthpiece and hold the cartridge at a slight downward angle. Apply gentle pressure on the mouthpiece's opening, and the oil should start to flow down. Tilt and rotate the cartridge carefully to direct the oil to one side, making it easier to consume.

7. Manual Extraction

If you're comfortable with a DIY approach, you can dismantle the vape cartridge entirely for manual extraction. Take the cartridge apart, remove the cotton or wick material, and use a small tool (such as a paperclip) to scrape out the remaining oil. Be cautious not to damage the cartridge or accidentally spill the oil. Once you've collected the oil, you can transfer it to a new cartridge or utilize it with other consumption methods like dabbing.


As you can see, there are many ways to get the last drop out of your vape catridge. Try the different methods to see which one works best fo you. Before you do so, please remember to always handle vape cartridges with care and avoid applying excessive force that may cause them to break or leak. Additionally, ensure that the methods you use are safe for your specific vape pen model and the materials used in the cartridge. By employing these additional techniques, you can maximize your oil usage and savor every last drop from your vape pen.

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Have you tried any of the methods listed in our article to remove the last bit of oil from your cartridges? If yes, let us know your favorite way in the comments.

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