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Best Bong Accessories For Sale

Bong Accessories Guide: Enhancing Your Experience

Bongs have been an integral part of the smoking culture for centuries. They are not just instruments but pieces of art, with many enthusiasts spending significant time and money finding the perfect piece. Yet, the bong itself is just the beginning. To elevate your smoking sessions and ensure optimal functionality of your bong, various accessories have been crafted over the years. Let's dive into some of the most essential ones:

  1. Bowls

    • Function: The bowl is where the magic begins. It's the vessel where your herb or tobacco sits, ready to be ignited.
    • Varieties: They come in various designs, sizes, and materials, ensuring you can find one that matches your bong's aesthetic and your personal taste.
  2. Ash Catchers:

    • Function: Think of ash catchers as the first line of defense against unwanted ash and debris. They are attachable devices that prevent ash from entering the main chamber of your bong, ensuring a cleaner hit.
    • Benefit: Apart from keeping your bong cleaner for longer intervals, they can often add an additional level of water filtration, further smoothing out your hits.
  3. Dab Nails:

    • Function: Transitioning from traditional herbs to concentrates? Dab nails are essential. They're designed to withstand the high temperatures required for vaporizing concentrates.
    • Types: They come in various materials, such as titanium, quartz, and ceramic. Each offers a different heating rate and flavor profile.
  4. Bong Mats:

    • Function: Protect your prized bong and your surfaces. Bong mats provide a cushioned and non-slip base for your bong to rest upon.
    • Benefit: It minimizes the risk of accidental toppling and prevents scratches on both the bong's base and the surface it's placed on.
  5. Ice Catchers:

    • Function: Integrated into the design of many modern bongs, ice catchers are pinches in the neck of the bong, allowing you to place ice cubes inside.
    • Benefit: By cooling the smoke as it passes over the ice, it provides a chilled, smooth, and less harsh hit, ideal for those who enjoy a cooler smoking experience. 

Bongs have even become a staple for any weed smoker’s collection. They are made from a variety of materials like glass, acrylic, silicone, wood, metal, ceramic, and even homemade styles from plastics. Some are intricately designed and absolute artworks while others can be very simple. In fact, there are beautiful, fun, and stylish bongs from glass that will be sure to start a conversation with just about anyone!

Amazing and Unique Bongs

For starters, there needs to be a great bong to work with the accessories. There are so many varyingly designed bongs that it is hard to even list them without feeling like each one is just as cool as the last. Blow everyone flat-earthers mind with the World Globe Bong. An utter showstopper, this bong opens the world up, glows in the dark, and comes in color options like clear, teal, smoke, and green. 

Ripping away to the heavens is an understatement for the journey that the Rainbow Cloud Water Pipe will bring. This is a desirable heaven-sent gift when smoking the herb as it settles the brain on soft fluffy clouds. Relax with this classically colorful high crafted from quality boro glass with a fixed downstem, and a beaker base. 

Bongs are a perfect piece to bring home, offering endless joy. There are so many differently designed bongs that are gorgeous it is hard to even list a few. It is too hard to even just pick one bong when there are so many that meet different moods. Finding high-quality bongs of the perfect style is easy when shopping at World of Bongs. One might find themselves wondering what is next after purchasing a bong, this list can help anyone find out what other products and accessories they might need to go with their bong!

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The Best Cleaning Products for Bongs

Cleaning a bong should be an easy process, not an ordeal or something to dread. There is really nothing like getting a pretty glass bong back to its clear and clean complexion. The reasons for keeping a clean bong are many but overall it gives cleaner, fresher hits with a better taste. With cleaning items from the Alcohol and Salt Combo like the G5 Premier Cleaner 99.9% isopropyl alcohol, the Higher Standards Salt Rox, and Pipe Dreamz cleaning brushes, it has never been easier! 

Formula 420 is always a quick and easy go-to option for bong and pipe cleaning. This brand touts a no-hassle cleaning route that involves no scrubbing or soaking. With two different versions, the Formula 420 Original Cleaner and the Formula 420 All Natural Cleaner, either choice is a great addition for easy bong clean-ups. Both hold up to cleaning items of glass, metal, pyrex, and ceramic surfaces only and can do so in 1 quick minute! 

For those with a love for glass, Grunge Off may be the advanced cleaning technology to use. It is alcohol-free, with no harmful abrasives, and is designed specifically for cleaning glass smoking items. This product will give a sparkling clean after a long and thorough soak. Also purchasing the 14-inch cleaning brushes can be a great idea for getting those hard-to-reach places in bigger bongs. These rasta-colored brushes are sure to bring joy as their fun colors whisk away a build-up of resin, oils, ash, and grime. 

Perfect Additions of Bowls, Bongs, Adapters, and Downstems

These products are must-haves! Getting a cute or wild bowl attachment is positively refreshing. Making the mood all-new for an old bong, the possibilities are endless. The “Jawsome'' Shark Bowl and Space Cruiser Bowl are two pieces of playful glass art that everyone should add to their collection. These unique and individually crafted pieces are created by Empire Glassworks.  

A delightfully tempered bong is the glow-in-the-dark-bong beaker-shaped Honey Bee Bong. It is truly a painted little artistic piece! The soothing yellow and black bees and honeycombs are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, helping to get the buzz going. If a more simple tone of purple and blue hues is the preferred vibe then the Rainbow Bong is sure to be a big hit. Measuring 8 inches tall with a female 14mm joint, ice catcher, and removable downstem.  

Downstems are ultra-important for the utilization of smooth hits. Sometimes the downstem can get stuck or break in a bong and it may need replacing! Having access to the stems is sometimes hard in local smoke shops, so being able to purchase them offline makes life a breeze. The 14mm Eyce Downstem is always a good choice for compatible bongs. It is made with borosilicate glass, easy to clean, and easy to use. 

Light Up Your Bong

Hemp wicks have become all the rage in this world that wants to head back to a more natural way of living and existing. Raw Hemp Wick is the best natural alternative to matches and butane lighters. The hemp used to make this light-able twine is grown without pesticides and herbicides in Poland. It is coated in beeswax to offer a slow simple burn and is argued to be the purest way to smoke! 

However, with that in mind, it is also perfectly normal and natural to use lighters. Everyone has been the victim of a lighter-napping and these Clipper lighters are here to help prevent that. Coming in a 4 pack with ample space to write any name to keep track of those little flames that everyone needs. Hello My Name Is and Property Of is a fun and cheeky way to make sure these lighters come back home. 

Stash Boxes Boxes For Your Stash

Stash containers are also a well-needed accessory to go with any bong, bowl, or rolling paper purchase. These decorated little storage bins can be the extra little happiness brought out as a smoke session begins. There are tons of accessories for bongs, so much so it can make any shopper excited. Buying a bong does not have to stop at just the bong, be sure to get everything needed to provide a long bong life and many happy smoke sessions.

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