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Best Nectar Collectors For Sale in 2024

Best Nectar Collectors For Sale in 2024

Necator collectors  gained a lot of popularity because of their simplicity and convenience. They are a more compact version of a dabbing rig.

People love to use them because nectar collectors make dabbing concentrates effortless and effective.

Commonly, dispensaries sell cannabis concentrates in little glass containers, and a nectar collector lets you dab directly from these containers.

All the points mentioned above are why we have various nectar collectors for sale at our online smoke shop. Before browsing through the many cool nectar collector options, learn more about its features below! 

Nectar collectors come in vivid colors, patterns, and insanely funny and creative toppers and are even being customized for users.

Another reason behind their surge in popularity is the price. They are typically cheaper than dab rigs. Although, some fantastic options can range for the same price as a cheap dab rig and get dabbing done efficiently.  

How to use a Nectar Collector?

Don't worry if you have never used a Nectar Collector before because they are simple to use. They come with a detachable nail and sometimes with a supporting plastic clip to hold it in place.

You light up the tip of the dab nail attached and wait for it to cool down before placing it directly onto the cannabis concentrate. The next step is the best because it involves you dabbing. Inhale while you touch the concentrate with the dab straw.

Expect a hit much faster and direct to the lungs. The flavor will be much more intense since there won't be any water filtration, but it will be very flavorful with low temp dabs. We suggest torching the dab nail for 30 seconds and letting it cool down for 20 seconds if it's titanium.

If it's a ceramic nail, it will cool down much faster. We suggest 30 seconds of lighting up for ceramic and only a 15-second cooldown. The size of the dab nail will play a factor in the cool down, but be careful not to take a hot dab!  

Here is a Step by Step Guide  to How To Use a Nectar Collector.

Dabbing Straws

Dab straws, nectar collectors, and dabbing rigs do the same thing. But a dab straw is much more compact and resembles the shape of straw, as its name suggests. You use a piece of quartz glass or ceramic as straw and heat it; when it heats your oils, it vaporizes them for the perfect inhale. Four hundred twenty-eight degrees is the ideal temperature as it removes all cannabinoids from the concentrate. There are many benefits to using a nectar collector, but the biggest is its convenience. They are straightforward to store, use, clean, and transport, so users can use them virtually anywhere and then put them away for safekeeping. They also offer accurate dosing and can be a good entry tool for beginners.

benefits of nectar collectors:

  • Inexpensive price points

  • Easy to clean and store

  • Excellent vapor production

  • Convenient and able to be used anywhere

  • They hit hard and offer excellent, clean drags every time

    Silicone Nectar Collectors For Sale 


    A silicone nectar collector is ideal for portability, ease of use, quick cleaning, and indestructibility. BPA and Phthalate-free silicone may not be the catchy words. Still, these features of silicone nectar collectors make them easier to clear than acrylic and glass and eliminate microbiological growth. We highlight some of the fantastic silicone nectar collectors on the market and their varied price points.

    Silicone RPG Nectar Collector


    This is exclusive to World of Bongs and will quickly become a go-to for all of your vaping needs. The RPG nectar collector comes in three rad color combinations, rasta, green, blue, and pink. Its distinctive shape makes it stand out as a piece of art and provides a comfortable grip and stable base. The high-grade silicone is durable, flexible, and offers the user a sustainable length dome for the perfect draw. 

    Dabtainer Silicone Nectar Straw with Quartz Tip


    The Dabtainer nectar straw is compact but packs a ton of style and flare. The pyrex glass tip is pulled from the storage container and extends to a perfect straw for use with your favorite concentrate. This is extremely easy to use and equally as easy to clean. This is the flawless nectar straw for potheads of all levels. This is a favorite amongst veteran smokers, as it allows them to keep their favorite dab with them and have it stored directly in the nectar straw. This rad straw comes in various color combinations like grey and black, red, yellow and green, red and white, and black, green and yellow.  

    EYCE Silicone Nectar Collector


    With this silicone Nectar Collector by EYCE you'll never have to worry about breaking your nectar collector.

    The EYCE brand provides high quality silicone material and designs for their nectar collectors. There is even a small storage department perfect for placing your concentrates inside, and it will securely protect it too.

    Quartz Glass Honey Dab Straws For Sale

    White Rhino 5" Quartz Glass Honey Straw


    Currently on sale for only $9,99, this glass honey straw is portable and easy to use, making it the ideal travel companion for smokers who wish to do so incognito. The resilient quartz can sustain high heat, so it will not crack, so even newbies can use this and not worry about breakage. The honey straw comes complete with a silicone cap, making for easy clean-up at only 5 inches in length. This is the ideal straw for on-the-go use, and you can store it in a pocket or purse. 

    "Avocadope" Honey Nectar Straw - 7-inch Glass Nectar Collector


    This avocado straw is a must-have for any avocado lover and is sure to evoke a lot of comments. This $25 honey nectar straw has a rad aesthetic and is super easy to use and clean. This may require extra care, but avid smokers will have no problems using their favorite THC concentrates with this straw. 

    3" Swirl Cactus Nectar Pipe - with 10mm Tip


    This sick desert cactus nectar collector is priced at only $17 and is an excellent addition to any collection. This nectar pipe comes with a  titanium tip, allowing for increased heat retention, which means you can get multiple draws of a single heating. One of the rarest features of this product is that it comes with a titanium and quartz tip, so users can dab with both and decide which they prefer. The titanium tip is also highly durable and lightweight, making it easy to clean and store, which has better heat retention, allowing for multiple draws. Titanium is also lightweight and durable.

    Conversely, the quartz tip offers a more natural draw that many smokers prefer. However, a tale of caution, quartz tips are not as strong as their titanium counterpart, so they require a bit more caution when using. Whatever style of tip you prefer, one thing is for sure. This 3-inch multi-colored cactus-designed pipe provides a piece that will make a powerful impression and is easy to use, clean, and store. 


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