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Best Gift For Stoners

Best Gifts for Stoners: Surprise Them with the Perfect 420 and 710 Boxes

Are you looking for that perfect gift for the stoner in your life? Look no further! At World of Bongs, we've curated the ultimate selection of  420 and 710 boxes that are sure to bring joy to any cannabis enthusiast.

The Mystery of Stoner Boxes

One of our top picks is the Mystery Box, a treasure chest of surprises waiting to be discovered. The best part? You receive up to double the value of what you pay for. It’s like having a birthday and Christmas rolled into one – without the caroling and the ugly sweaters.

Our Mystery Box is one of the most popular Stoner Boxes in the USA, boasting a diverse range of smoking accessories. From premium glass pieces to handy cleaning tools, the box is filled with goodies that will light up any stoner's day (and night).

420 Mystery Box

What's Inside a 420 Box?

You may be wondering: what makes a 420  box? Typically, it's packed with essentials and fun accessories to enhance the smoking experience. It can include a variety of items such as grinders, rolling papers, lighters, and even premium quality glass pieces. With our Mystery Box, though, you can expect the unexpected. You never know what unique and exciting product you'll uncover next!

Best Smoke Subscription Box


Leveling Up with a 710 Box

For those unfamiliar with the term, "710" is the number associated with cannabis oils and extracts due to its visual similarity to the word "OIL" when flipped. A 710 box often includes dabbing tools, nails, carb caps, dab rigs, and more. Once again, our Mystery Box can offer a surprising mix of these accessories, making each unboxing a thrilling experience.

710 Mystery Box


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Still not sure what to pick? Another excellent option is the World of Bongs Gift Card. This lets the recipient choose from our vast selection of premium products, ensuring they get exactly what they want. It's the perfect gift for stoners who appreciate having a say in their stoner stash!

In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for stoners has never been easier. With World of Bongs' Mystery Box and Gift Card, you're sure to impress even the pickiest cannabis connoisseur. So, why wait? Give the gift of a quality smoking experience that keeps on giving!

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August 24, 2023

Best place!! Double blown 🤭

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