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The Best Gravity Bongs For Sale

Gone are the days when you had to make your DIY gravity bong. Today, many companies produce innovative designs to make some of the best Gravity bongs available.

The smoking accessories for cannabis continue to improve with these new types of smoking products. The weed smoke is much smoother from a gravity bong, and that’s because of the water drenching the smoke. 

Although you can find gravity bongs in many online and physical shops worldwide, no place compares to our online smoke shop. The reason is that we only stock the best-rated gravity bongs.

With over 4,000 5-star reviews and an overall rating of 4.8/5 you know we got you.

Let's go back to the topic of this article.

What are Gravity Bongs?

Gravity bongs work off of negative pressure by transferring water from separate compartments. In simpler terms, as water moves from one container into another, it pulls air into the emptying space. This pulls air through the burning flower in the bowl.

You push the air into your mouth by the water re-entering the smoke-filled compartment. These are the basic functions.

Gravity Bongs are known for providing concentrated smoke. This provides a quick and intense high. This is the main reason people like gravity bongs so much. 

Gravity bongs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and a lot of us made their own DIY Gravity bong with a bucket and a plastic bottle when we were younger.

Let's be serious though, nothing compares to a beautifully made piece of glassware. One type is the Stündenglass , the most famous gravity bong on the planet thanks to the likes of Seth Rogan, Wiz Khalifa, Dr. Greenthumb, and many others.

Initially, the Stündenglass gravity bong went viral thanks to Seth Rogen. His video using a prototype of the brand got millions and millions of views. You can watch the video on our Facebook page. 

Stündenglass - $599 


As said, the Stundenglas Gravity Bong is a very popular and well-known gravity bong. It is considered a flip gravity bong. It is consistently marked in the top five best gravity bongs. The Stundenglass gravity bong is available in our online smoke shop. Stundenglass is an industry revolutionizing company. They are known for their incredible glassware. is a great place to find affordable, top-of-the-line products. 

When your cannabis is lit, you flip the double compartment over 180 degrees. As the water flows into the bottom compartment, the air is sucked through the bowl where the weed burns. The smoke is concentrated and provides a smooth and quick high. 

Stundenglass has over 200,000 followers on Instagram. Their social media is a great place to learn how to use their products and you can stay up to date with their latest product launches.

They recently launched an infusion chamber. The glass chamber allows consumers to make 420 infused fruit and drinks. 

Gravitron - $79.99


The Gravitron gravity bong is the easiest to use.

It consists of the bowl, the bottle, and the base. You have to put your flower in the bowl, light it, and pull the bottle up towards you slowly. The bottle fills up with smoke due to the negative pressure pulling air through the bowl piece.

You take the bowl out, put your mouth on the top and push the bottle back into the base. This forces the air into your lungs and provides an easy, concentrated hit.  

Gravlabs was established in 2004. Since then, they have been a market leader in producing affordable quality glassware.

Since they produce in China, their glass is affordable for everyone.

Jinnipipe -  $149


The Jinnipipe gravity bong is a fun horizontal water pipe. You tilt it towards you to pour the water inside and put your bowl filled with flower into the joint. Tilt it away after the flower is lit to let the negative pressure fill the chamber with smoke as the water exits.  

This gravity bong is a unique piece in our shop that allows for germ-free smoke sessions. Your lips never have to touch the glass since the water pushes the smoke out for you. This allows for easy sharing with friends and family. This is a versatile glass piece that provides a double-cooled smoking experience. All that, still with all the great benefits of a gravity bong. 

Gypsy Labs created Jinnipipe. Gypsy Labs focuses its talents on visually exciting pieces with real science behind them.

They use fluid dynamics to create interesting pieces that impress every time. They are based out of New York City. The glassware they produce is always handblown and high quality. 

Siphonair Hanging - $199


The Siphonair Hanging Gravity bong debuted in 2021 and is a fan favorite. This gravity bong looks incredibly cool. It is visually attractive, and it is also the first of its kind. It is the first gravity water pipe that hangs. Although this piece looks incredibly complicated, it is straightforward to use. Once the gravity bong is filled halfway, plug one side, and tilt it.

We posted a video on how to use this gravity bong on our Facebook and Instagram pages if you want to have a closer look.

Infinity Waterfall - $219



The Infinity Waterfall is a visually aesthetic gravity bong that you can use in two different ways. As shown in the photo from our site, it can be used as a classic bong. Or it can be used as a gravity bong by stopping up the top so you can flip it over. Then it would be used as most other gravity bongs. Water draining creates negative pressure and pulls out dense, concentrated smoke into the chamber to take a hit.  

This beautiful piece, sold on our online smoke shop, is made and created by Gypsy Labs. It was their very first creation that launched production in 2017 and has been a constant seller ever since. Gypsy Labs then remastered it in 2020 to create an even better product for customers around the country. 

The High Rise Gravity Bong - $299.99


This affordable high-quality piece gives you an aesthetically pleasing visual experience along with user-friendly instructions. 

The HighRise Gravity Bong uses a Riser Valve that will allow water to go all the way to the top, which helps it hit like no other.

It can also hold up to half a gallon of ice water, the ice will also add an extra cooling effect to your hit.

When you light the bowl, you will pull the tube up all the way, which allows the smoke to filter up with a negative pressure system that wastes no weed.

This bong has a mouthpiece that you need to remove before taking your hit, after removing the mouthpiece you will cover the hole and push down the tube.

The Bukket Bong - $19.99


This is by far our most affordable gravity bong. The Bukket Bong (aka the bucket) comes in four colors and will totally fuck you up.

This gravity piece is 5'' tall  and 4'' wide, it stretches out to over 2 feet in length.


It was very important for us that we're able to offer you a gravity bong for every budget and I think we achieved that. You don't want to spend a fortune on a gravity bong? No problem, you can either start with the bucket or the Gravitron. 

If you're down to spend a bit more we have the Gypsy Labs trio waiting for you as well as the High Rise gravity bong. 

If you really want to treat yourself, the Stundenglass is the logical choice.

Don't want to spend any money on a gravity bong? No problem, we got you as well.

Read our article about how to make your own gravity bong at home.

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