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What’s A Gravity Bong And How Can You Make One At Home?

Gravity bongs mean different things to different people. For some of us, they were a passing fad in high school when we prioritized getting as high as possible. For others, they are a valuable medicinal tool that allows us to maximize the amount of THC we can consume while minimizing the amount of bud used.

Regardless of what we use them for, gravity bongs are an affordable way to help deliver large amounts of cannabis into your body. Today we’re going to talk about the different types of gravity bongs you can make and explain why they’re so beneficial for people who like to consume cannabis.

What is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is a tool that’s used to smoke marijuana. It’s basically made of two plastic bottles which use pressure and gravity to help filter smoke through water and deliver it into the lungs of whoevers using it.

You take the top of one bottle – the smaller one – and put a bowl on top of the lid (more on that in a bit). This bottle is submerged in the larger bottle, which is full of water.

As you light the bowl, you slowly lift the smaller bottle out of the bigger one. The pressure will draw the smoke out of the bottle and fill the chamber. The smaller the bottle you use, though, the less of a toke you’ll be able to get.

Before the bottle is completely out of the water, unscrew the lid and breathe all the smoke in by pushing the bottle back down. This allows the pressure to push the smoke into your lungs. If you wait too long and pull the bottle too far up, then the smoke will just leak out the bottom!

One of the reasons that gravity bongs are popular is because they get you higher. Many people think that this is a myth, but that’s just blind skepticism. A gravity bong allows you to push concentrated, dense smoke into your lungs at a rate that you would not otherwise be able to accomplish with a joint or a regular bong.

On that note, people who aren’t very familiar with smoking marijuana might find themselves overwhelmed by a gravity bong. Only connoisseurs of marijuana – or people looking to get stoned / medicated off their rocker – should be using gravity bongs!

Gravity bongs can be made at home easily, but there are several other types of gravity bong that are usually best purchased at head shops or bought off the internet.

Vortex Gravity Bongs

A nifty concept that has been around for a few years is a vortex gravity bong. You can certainly make your own vortex gravity bong, but they are most often available at head shops.

They have a similar concept as a regular gravity bong, but they have a valve that allows you to regulate the water levels.

You have the bowl on the top part of the unit, and you can put your cannabis in and light it. Then, you open the valve a bit so the water starts draining into the bottom part of the unit. As the gravity from the water affects the bowl you’re lighting, smoke will be pulled into the chamber.

Once the water has drained, you can take the bowl off and inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece. After that, you can flip the entire unit over, drain the water back into the top using the valve, and repeat the process as often as needed.

Glass Gravity Bongs

These glass bongs can be a bit more difficult to make, but they certainly look nice. They can be found in some head shops, but since they’re a bit bulky, they aren’t always found in stock. They can be ordered online, though.

To make a glass gravity bong, you’re going to need some tools that you can use to cut glass bottles. Since you usually cut plastic bottles to make a regular gravity bong, you can imagine what you need to do to make a glass gravity bong – cut glass bottles.

While this is certainly doable, many people lack the equipment or patience to do it on their own. For that reason, most people get their glass gravity bongs from professionals or from head shops who order them ready-made.

Making a Homemade Gravity Bong

There are a few things you’ll need to get together before you start making your gravity bong. You’ll need:

  • A smaller plastic bottle, people generally recommend using one between 16-20 ounces
  • A bucket or a larger 2L plastic bottle
  • A metal bowl for a bong or pipe (note: while we can’t recommend using tinfoil because of the potential health hazards involved with inhaling aluminum, many people use tin foil in place of a bong bowl if they don’t have one around).
  • A box cutter, exact-o knife, or something sharp enough to cut your plastic bottles
  • A poker
  • Weed

Making a gravity bong is quite simple, and these are the only steps you’ll need to follow to do it. If it doesn’t work out your first time (which it probably will) then just try again!

Step 1

Using your knife or box cutter, cut the bottom part off of the small bottle. Try not to cut off too much, because the less bottle you have, the less smoke you’ll be able to capture.

Step 2

Cut the top part off your bigger bottle and fill it with water. If you’re using a bucket, then you can just fill it with water without cutting anything else.

Step 3

This is about the only part that requires some precision. You need to stick your bowl through the lid of the smaller bottle. This can be done in a number of ways, but I recommend poking a hole in it with your box cutter or a thumbtack, then heating it up with a lighter. When it’s hot, you should be able to push the bowl through, and as it cools, it will fasten into place. You want it to be fairly tightly sealed.

Step 4

You’re pretty much done, now. You can put your bud in the bowl, now, and then carefully submerge the smaller bottle in the larger one. Make sure that you don’t spill anything, but also make sure you don’t sink the bowl beneath the water!

Step 5

Now, you can light the bowl with your free hand. As you’re lighting it, slowly pull the bottle up and out of the water. Watch with excitement as the bottle fills up with thick, creamy smoke. If the bottle isn’t filling up, then there’s not a tight enough seal on the bottle. You can try again with another bottle cap, or line the bottle cap with tinfoil if you’re prepared for the potentially dangerous health risks.

Step 6

Once the bottle is filled with smoke, but before it’s been completely removed from the water, unscrew the lid. You can then push the bottle slowly back into the water so the pressure will push the smoke into your lungs.

In conclusion

If you were worried that a gravity bong might be a complicated thing to make, now you know that they are not. Unless you’re trying to make a homemade glass gravity bong or a vortex gravity bong, you’ll have a fairly easy time making one of these at home.

Homemade gravity bongs are useful because they don’t require a lot of time to make and can usually be made with equipment and items that people have laying around their homes. If you want a hard-hitting and cost-efficient way to consume your cannabis, then a gravity bong might be the thing that you need.

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