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Top 10 Weed Pipe Options For Sale in 2024

Top 10 Weed Pipe Options For Sale In 2024

Pipes are a fan favorite next to  bongs,  dab rigs, and other weed accessories we sell on our online head shop - World of Bongs.

To help break things down, we've picked out 10 of our favorite weed pipes for sale.

We've been building our inventory for over 3 years than and can ensure you that we have a weed hand pipe in stock for every taste. 

Each one of our weed smoking pipes is constructed from high-quality glass, and other materials too. 

Look at our recommendations for the best hand weed pipes for sale at the moment, but always check for new additions!  

Freeze Pipe

Freeze pipe

The Freeze Hand Pipe is a unique and innovative smoking accessory designed to give you a smooth and cool smoking experience. This hand pipe is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, making it durable and long-lasting. It features a built-in glycerin coil that you can freeze before use, providing a cooling effect to your smoke.

Cookies Bite Glass Pipe


 Cookies Weed Pipes


Presenting the Cookies Bite Glass Hand Pipe, a perfect blend of style and functionality in a sleek, compact design. This 2.75-inch weed pipe showcases a captivating cookies bite glass pattern, making it more than just a tool - it's a bold statement for passionate smokers.


Sunflower Sherlock Weed Pipe - Empire Glassworks


 Sunflower Sherlock Weed Pipe


Experience the luxury of the Sunflower Sherlock Smoking Pipe by Empire Glassworks. This beautifully crafted piece has become a favorite in the community, going viral on world of bongs Instagram and Facebook.


Cheech and Chong Ceramic Soda Can Pipe


 Ceramic Soda Can Weed Pipe


The Highly Anticipated Partnership Arrived At World of Bongs - The Top Online Head Shop. The Famous Soda Can Pipe Licensed By Cheech & Chong and Created By Wacky Bowlz.



Silicone Yellow Guy Weed Pipe


 Silicone minion weed pipe


Get the Yellow Guy Silicone Pipe from our online smoke shop today! This little yellow guy is four inches and made of high-quality silicone. On sale now for just 9.99 dollars!

Heavy Duty Spoon Weed Pipe 

Heavy spoon weed pipe

We get it, not everyone wants or needs or cares about design, and not all pipes have to look aesthetic. At the end of the day, you smoke for the herb––you don't smoke for a fun pipe. If you fall into the camp of wanting the apex of smoking experiences, then the Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe may be the ideal choice.  

Just because a pipe is not whimsically colored or shaped does not mean it has to be boring. The Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe is made of 3mm-inches of thick borosilicate glass, meaning you won't have to worry about shattering. The large fill capacity ensures that you can pack it in with all the bud you want.

Light and durable, this pipe makes for easy transport. Perfect for fat hits that are both comfortable and efficient for the user. You cannot ask for much more, except when you buy one for yourself. 

Mystery Glass Hand Pipes For Dry Herb - World of Bongs


 Mystery Glass Pipe

Discover the ultimate choice - the mystery pipe  by world of bongs online head shop  is the best option! The perfect cheap weee pipe available online for just $5!

Skull Pipe Mug - Roast & Toast Cannabis Pipe

 Ceramic mug pipe weed


These new mug types of weed pipes have become popular only recently. While you're still comfy in bed, reach for your Skull Pipe Mug and start your day off right. Not only is this mug functional in the beverage sense, but it also holds up to 10.5 ounces of your favorite drink. The mug also contains a working herb pipe - which is why you would be interested in this product in the first place. 

Choose between a black and white mug, pack your pipe with your favorite flower, and you'll be on your way, hot drink in hand. Let the morning float, leaning into its soft and languid pace. 

Beehive Spoon Dry Herb Pipe - Empire Glassworks

 Beehive Spoon Pipe


This particular spoon pipe features snapshot of an adorable bee hive slathered in honey and surrounded by a platoon of busy, buzzing bees. It's sure to make a sweet addition to any collection!  Crafted with intricate detail, this spoon pipe showcases a captivating snapshot of an adorable bee hive draped in golden honey and surrounded by a bustling platoon of busy, buzzing bees. Prepare to be mesmerized by its charm and add a touch of sweetness to your collection!


K HARING Taster Marijuana pipe

 Kith haring taster weed pipe


Hand pipes can be works of art in both aesthetics and craftsmanship, and the K HARING Taster exemplifies this notion. Inspired by the acclaimed artist Keith Haring's work, the K HARING Taster is worthy of a place in our gallery of glassware. The beauty is found in its simplicity and quality; the iconic pattern embossed on the pipe is elegant in design.  

What's more, is the elegance of its construction. Heat-resistant and made of borosilicate glass, there's no substituting the taster's quality and durability. A large bowl and ash-catcher are included in its design, exhibiting the art found in a well-crafted product. Enjoy your sweet smoke in style, as you relish in a luxurious experience from beginning to end, all at a competitive price. 

The Best Pipes for Smoking Weed, Tobacco and Dry Herbs

In conclusion, finding the best pipe for smoking weed, tobacco, or other dry herbs is a journey that combines personal preference with functionality. Whether you seek the classic elegance of a handcrafted wooden pipe, the durability of a metal pipe, or the clean taste of a glass pipe, there's a perfect match for everyone. These pipes are not just tools for smoking; they are companions in your smoking journey, each offering a unique experience. The key is to choose a pipe that resonates with your lifestyle and meets your smoking needs, ensuring every session is enjoyable and satisfying. Remember, a good pipe can elevate your smoking experience, making it richer and more flavorful.

Exploring Weed Pipes Online at World of Bongs

For those looking to explore an extensive collection of weed pipes online, World of Bongs stands as your ultimate destination. Our online head shop boasts a diverse range of pipes, catering to all tastes and preferences. From intricate glass designs that showcase artistic flair to sturdy and discreet metal options for the pragmatic smoker, our collection constantly updates to ensure quality and satisfaction. Shopping at World of Bongs offers the convenience of exploring a wide array of options from the comfort of your home, complete with detailed descriptions and customer reviews to guide your choice. Dive into our weed pipes collection and discover the perfect weed pipe that aligns with your personal style and smoking preferences.

Let us know in the comments your favorite weed pipes to smoke with, and why!  

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