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Top 10 Weed Pipe Options For Sale in 2023

Top 10 Weed Pipe Options For Sale In 2023

Pipes are a fan favorite next to  bongs,  dab rigs, and other weed accessories we sell.

To help break things down, we've picked out 10 of our favorite weed pipes for sale.

We've been building our inventory for more than a year and can ensure you that we have a pipe in stock for every taste. 

Each one of our marijuana smoking pipes is constructed from high-quality glass, and other materials too. 

Look at our recommendations for the best weed pipes for sale at the moment, but always check for new additions!  

Freeze Pipe

Freeze Pipe

The Freeze Hand Pipe is a unique and innovative smoking accessory designed to give you a smooth and cool smoking experience. This hand pipe is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, making it durable and long-lasting. It features a built-in glycerin coil that you can freeze before use, providing a cooling effect to your smoke.

4" Glass Blunt


This is not your regular type of weed pipe. It's a new design that first became popular a few years ago. First on our list is the 4-inch Glass Blunt by Grav Labs. This affordable pipe was designed with optimization in mind. The easy-to-remove mouthpiece assists in both easy cleaning and use for the smoker. Storage is a snap, thanks to its small size as well. Pick between black, blue, teal, pink, and purple,  and you're well on your way to having a no-fuss smoke!

If you want to spend more, you should check out the glass blunt by 7pipe. This brand launched the first glass blunt. The others just copied their swag. 

10" Ocean Sherlock Weed Pipe


Ocean Sherlock Pipe - It's the epitome of form and function: the stormy blue speckled with darker spots of this weed pipe conjures up images of a night out at sea, lulled by the rocking waves. Keep warm by the flame and high from your pipe, drifting off as you imagine what life's like beyond the ocean blue.

Gushing about a beautiful pipe is way too easy, but the quality is also. Sturdy and sleek, this pipe will hold up to frequent use. The 10-inch length and narrow neck enable smooth hits. A common complaint about pipes is the harsh hits they produce because they are not as easy to regulate as a bong. No need to worry about that with this cannabis pipe–-each hit will be as smooth as the ocean's waves on a calm day. 

SPOTS Spoon Pipe


Take others by surprise and unleash your inner animal with this eye-catching weed pipe! Choose between two fun colors for it: a dreamy lavender or verdant green. Both compliment the bold spots well, which are sure to match your bold personality. 

Discreet in size (though maybe not in design!),  the SPOTS spoon pipe makes for easy shortage and transport. You have ease of mind when traveling with this: 4'5-inches long and made of durable borosilicate glass. This pipe is an excellent choice for when you're on the go. Thanks to its sturdiness, you won't have to stress about breakage. 

Cereal Cow Bowl Pipe


Here it is, the cereal bowl for champions. More research needs to be done for us to know if cannabis is part of a well-balanced breakfast or not, but it's undeniable that it makes for a fun one! This pipe is the perfect choice if you're all about fun like we are.

A total head-turner, this pipe makes for a fabulous conversation starter. One look at that sweet smile, and your friends will be mooning over it until the cows come home.

This cow is super cute, and the pipe is made of a strong ceramic. It gives you smooth, potent hits. Are you hungry from your high? Then you can even use it to enjoy a bowl of your favorite ice cream. Munch away! 

Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe 


We get it, not everyone wants or needs or cares about design, and not all pipes have to look aesthetic. At the end of the day, you smoke for the herb––you don't smoke for a fun pipe. If you fall into the camp of wanting the apex of smoking experiences, then the Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe may be the ideal choice.  

Just because a pipe is not whimsically colored or shaped does not mean it has to be boring. The Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe is made of 3mm-inches of thick borosilicate glass, meaning you won't have to worry about shattering. The large fill capacity ensures that you can pack it in with all the bud you want.

Light and durable, this pipe makes for easy transport. Perfect for fat hits that are both comfortable and efficient for the user. You cannot ask for much more, except when you buy one for yourself. 

Grav Labs 4" Beaker Spoon Pipe


Chemistry class has never been more fun than with the Grav Labs 4" Beaker Spoon. Pick your favorite color from the selection of black, white, amber, purple, and green beakers, and you're on your way to concocting the ideal smoking experience. Brew your beaker with your favorite strain, and be amazed by what scientific breakthroughs you discover next.

We are renowned for stocking durable and beautiful glassware, and the Grab Labs Beaker Spoon is no exception. The carb is ergonomic and comfortable to use. Because this beaker is self-standing, this allows for easy storage - or for you to line up your collection of beakers for the next time you want to play with your chemistry set.  

Skull Pipe Mug - Roast & Toast Cannabis Pipe


These new mug types of weed pipes have become popular only recently. While you're still comfy in bed, reach for your Skull Pipe Mug and start your day off right. Not only is this mug functional in the beverage sense, but it also holds up to 10.5 ounces of your favorite drink. The mug also contains a working herb pipe - which is why you would be interested in this product in the first place. 

Choose between a black and white mug, pack your pipe with your favorite flower, and you'll be on your way, hot drink in hand. Let the morning float, leaning into its soft and languid pace. 

Unicorn Pipe Mug Weed Pipe


Thankfully for us, this unicorn is certainly not the last of its kind! Coax it back home with you, and you'll be treated to a pipe mug that's magical in more ways than one. This Unicorn pipe mug can hold up to 18oz of fluid, all while casting a spell on your drink to keep it warm. Of course, what makes this steed so special is its multifunctional uses. The built-in handle and carb ensure easy, clean hits. Rest assured you're not only buying this pipe for its cuteness (though, that's a big part of it––we know and get it!), but also for the high-quality highs that you receive from it. Ride upon the back of the unicorn, and you'll be taken on a trip through the stars! 

As mentioned a few sentences ago, the adorable design of this pipe makes it hard to resist. Adorned with shimmery gold highlights, this unicorn is dressed up in its finest pinks and blues, and yellows. The serene smile seems to suggest that you would not be the only one enjoying the bud, so rest easy that while you smoke, you're in good company! 

K HARING Taster Marijuana pipe


Hand pipes can be works of art in both aesthetics and craftsmanship, and the K HARING Taster exemplifies this notion. Inspired by the acclaimed artist Keith Haring's work, the K HARING Taster is worthy of a place in our gallery of glassware. The beauty is found in its simplicity and quality; the iconic pattern embossed on the pipe is elegant in design.  

What's more, is the elegance of its construction. Heat-resistant and made of borosilicate glass, there's no substituting the taster's quality and durability. A large bowl and ash-catcher are included in its design, exhibiting the art found in a well-crafted product. Enjoy your sweet smoke in style, as you relish in a luxurious experience from beginning to end, all at a competitive price. 

Let us know in the comments your favorite weed pipes to smoke with, and why!  

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