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Top 10 Best Downstems For sale

A downstem is a part of a bong that is sometimes removable. Its purpose is to inhale, causing bubbles and therefore causing a ‘rip’ to happen. The better the downstem, the better and more even your inhale will be. Downstems need to be cleaned regularly as if it gets dirty it will not be as pleasurable as if it was clean.  

Since introductions, downstems have undergone many changes. At first, there was only one kind of downstem, the straight downstem. Now, we have a few different types.

Different Types Of Downstems

1. Straight Downstem

At this point, the downstem hadn’t quite been perfected. The first downstem was the straight downstem. It was straight with a hole in the middle, like a straw. This downstem wasn’t all that good. Because of the shape, this downstem was prone to large pockets of air. This resulted in very uneven pulls. 

2. Downstem With Holes

Next, we have the downstem with holes. Holes were originally put in downstems at the bottom. Then, holes turned into multiple little holes along the bottom sides of the bong. The holes enabled the downstem to create more bubbles with fewer air pockets, making the pulls even. 

3. Slotted Downstem 

    The slotted downstem is a lot like the downstem with holes. Rather than holes, though, it has slots. People have found that turning the downstem so that the horizontal slots creates better pulls than when the slots are vertical.

    4. Showerhead Downstem

      This is the newest type of downstem. It has sort of the shape of a showerhead, meaning it has many small holes. These types of downstems are probably the best in terms of creating air bubbles and pulls. However, they have a few downsides. The showerhead shape makes it prone to collect ash. You may have to clean it out after a few uses. These downstems can also get pretty expensive, while the rest of the downstems tend to be more budget-friendly. 

      Our Top 10 Downstems For Sale

      Now that we know the types of downstems let’s look at the top ten downstems for sale at World of Bongs. World of Bongs is an online smoke retailer with the best products at the best prices. We have comprised this list of the absolute best downstems. We have taken into consideration the price, functionality, sturdiness, and so on. So here are the best downstems available at World of Bongs. Remember to get them while supplies last. All of the downstems are linked, so you can easily access them.  

      Nucleus Replacement Downstem

      Nucleus Downstem

      This is a standard replacement downstem from the brand Nucleus. This downstem is slotted, allowing bubbles with minimal air pockets. This downstem is ideal if you need a fix for any damaged downstem or if you’re looking for something new. You can get it in black or silver, and the downstem has the Nuclear logo along the side of the downstem. You can get it now for $14.99. 

      Eyce Downstem (14mm)

      Eyce 14mm downstem

      This 14 mm downstem from Eyce is a great option for anyone who wants something easy and reliable. It is made of borosilicate glass, making it durable and dependable. This downstem is easy to install, remove, and clean. You can put the downstem in quickly as well as take it back out quickly. It is straightforward to clean and is 4.7 inches thick, making it sturdier than most. Another thing that sets this downstem apart from the rest is the fact that it is customizable. You can change the competent to any other percolator of your choice, such as a showerhead. This downstem is only $9.99 on the World of Bong's website. 

      18 mm Diffused Downstem

      18 mm diffused downstem

      You can get this downstem in multiple different lengths. Your options range from 2.5 inches to 4.5 inches. They are 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, 4”, 4.5”. It is a straight downstem with slots along the bottom of it. It is only $15.00 and can be bought on World of Bongs.

      Silicone Downstem (18mm to 14mm)

      18 mm to 14 mm silicone downstem

      This silicone downstem, is a bit different from the previous ones. It is small and compact, and your options of length are only 1 inch and 3 inches. If you’re looking for something colorful, this one is for you. It comes in many different color options: green, red, rasta, clear, black, purple, and even glow in the dark. 

      Tree Perc Downstem (18mm to 14mm)

      18mm to 14mm Tree Perc Downstem

      This downstem comes in sizes that go from 2 inches all the way up to 4.5 inches. The sizes go up by .5 each time. It has seven holes in the bottom in the shape of a flower for maximum airflow. You can get it right now for $18.00. 

      5” Glass Downstem For 14mm Male Bowl

      5” Glass Downstem for 14mm Male Bowl

      This downstem works perfectly for a 14mm male bowl, and the downstem itself is 5 inches. This is a cheap but trusty downstem and can be bought on World of Bongs for just $9.99.

       Note: The next two on the list will be identical to this downstem but with a size difference. These three are all made from World of Bongs. 

      4” Glass Downstem For 14mm Male Bowl

      4” Glass Downstem for 14mm Male Bowl

      This is just like the previous one and has the same cost. It is a four-inch glass downstem made by World of Bongs, especially for a 14mm male bowl. This type comes in three sizes. 

      3” Glass Downstem For 14mm Male Bowl

      3” Glass Downstem for 14mm Male Bowl

      This is the smallest of the three glass downstems for 14mm male bowls from World of Bongs. It comes in at a compact three inches and also costs only $9.99. 

      18mm To 14mm Vertical Cut Downstem

      18mm to 14mm Vertical Cut Downstem

      This is another great downstem option from world of bongs. This downstem features a vertical cut, as the name suggests. This downstem is special mostly because of the size ranges. The size options on this downstem go from a small 3.5 inches all the way up to a large 8 inches. The sizes, in particular, are 3.5”, 4.5”, 5.5”, 6”, 7”, and 8” inches. This versatile downstem is sure to fit an array of different bongs. 

      18mm To 14mm Diffused Downstem

      18mm to 14mm Diffused Downstem

      Finally, we finish off the list with another downstem from DankStop. This might be the most versatile on the list, as it has the largest size range. DankStop never disappoints with its size range. The options for this downstem go from two inches all the way up to eight inches! In specific, the sizes are 2”, 3”, 3.5”,4”,4.5”, 5”, 5.5”, 6”, 7”, and 8”

      Now that you know what a downstem is, its types, and what the top ten are, you’re ready to make an educated decision on what downstem is best for you. Choose any of the downstems from this list by clicking the link. All of them are available at the World of Bong's website. 

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      tim lynch

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