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Top 10 Spoon Pipes For Sale

A hand pipe is a pretty traditional way of smoking cannabis, and the spoon type has been one of the most popular. The reason for the name behind this type of weed pipe is its shape like a spoon. It is simply something you put cannabis into and hold it in your hand to smoke it. They have been around for a very long time, but there are still some pros and cons. The finer the cannabis is chopped up, the better the weed will burn in the pipe. Below, we list one of the best-selling spoon pipes for sale on our online smoke shop. We take a lot of pride in having an inventory of the most reliable brands for cannabis accessories. 

Before buying the spoon pipe, learn all about its features below. We also discuss some drawbacks with this type of weed pipe.


  • Easy to clean
    • The pipes are typically small and easy to clean
  • Glass
    • The bowl is made of glass makes it, so you only taste your flower and nothing else.
  • Easy to use
    • The pipes are self-explanatory and easy to maneuver 


  • Butter Fingers Beware
    • Although glass can be a benefit, this pipe can easily slip and break
  • Cost
    • The cost can get high, but they are mostly cheap.
  • Discreet
    • This pipe is very noticeable and will quickly show people that you're smoking bud. Although, most spoon pipes are small and can be concealed with your hand too. 

Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons, let's take a look at the top 10 best spoon pipes for sale below.

Skull Glass Pipe - World of Bongs

This is a Skull glass pipe from world of bongs. It is short ( 4 inches) and simple but comes in many colors. If you’re looking for something interesting but not overly jeweled, this is for you. 

Marley Natural Glass Pipe with Wooden Accents

The next one is a Marley Natural Spoon Pipe a wood base and handle. The bowl is clear and has a round mouthpiece that ends in a flat wood finish. The wood was harvested from the beautiful black walnut tree, and the glass is sturdy. This pipe is a new take on a classic design. It has the feel of a vintage pipe, with the shape and functionality of a new one. It is small, being only 2 inches by 4.5 inches. This size would be ideal for travel or someone who wants something compact. This pipe is quick and simple to clean. It is a great choice for any classy smoker on the road. 

Ice Cream Cone Pipe

Ice Cream Pipes

This Ice Cream Pipe is for anyone seeking a fun and innocent pipe. This pipe has the adorable design of a swirly ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles and a scrumptious waffle cone. It comes in your flavor choice of pistachio, vanilla, and strawberry (green, white, and pink, if we’re using the technical term). This ice cream cone hand pipe is made almost entirely of silicone, save for the durable glass bowl. The ridges on the waffle cone make for an easy grip. If you need to clean it at any point, it’s simple. All you have to do is take off the top of the ice cream. Then take out the bowl. Clean, and you’re done! Smoking has never tasted so sweet. Don’t let this soft-serve special pass you by!

FRIT Glow in the Dark Glass Spoon Pipe

glowing Spoon Pipe

This glow-in-the-dark pipe is filled with frit. Frit sort of looks like something that should be in the bottom of a fish tank. In a pipe, however, it creates a psychedelic effect, unlike any other pipe. Each pipe has different colors in a different layout, so it literally is one of a kind. As if this pipe could not get any better, it has a glow-in-the-dark thumb grip on the side of the pipe. This pipe doesn’t just serve looks, though. The glass is borosilicate glass, an insanely durable glass that can survive much more than regular glass. This pipe is small and portable, and the glass allows you to easily throw it in your bag with no worries of any damage being done. This is another pipe that is easily cleaned. This pipe has a simple layout with an anything-but-simple design on the inside. You can buy this hand pipe and know for a fact you’re the only person on Earth with one just like it. This is affordable too and is only 20 dollars.  

Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe

Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe

A full glass is not exactly your thing, but do you still want a cool pipe? If that is the case, then Eyce has you covered with their Silicone SpoonPipe. This is a drop-resistant glass, so you don’t need to worry about it slipping out of your hands. You can get this pipe in a huge assortment of different colors. Those are black, red and blue, pink, loud blue, camo green, orange, camo brown, teal, double rainbow, camo grey, pink and black, and camo blue. With this assortment of tie-dye designs and colors, you are prone to find one that tickles your fancy. This pipe comes with some add-ons of its own as well. It comes with both poker and a storage container, both of which can fit into the pipe itself. It has a five out of five-star average review, and all this can be yours for only 20 dollars. 

WOB Mystery Hand Pipe

This is Probably the most fun way to purchase spoon glass pipes online. World of Bongs offering a mysterious way to purchase glass pipes online. Pricing start from just $5 - Get Your Mystery Pipe now.

Spots Spoon Pipe

Spots Spoon Pipe

Get a little wild with your smoke sessions when you use this pipe from Pulsar. It features an animal print design that will make you roar when you smoke out of it. It is made of glass and has the Pulsar logo imprinted on the side. It is 4.5 inches, making it portable and petite. It’s made of durable and reliable borosilicate glass and comes in purple or green coloring. Your animal instincts might be telling you to buy this pipe now. 

Outworld Spoon Pipe

Outworld Spoon Pipe

This Outworld Pipe is from World of Bongs. It has a speckled, fumed design with cracks making this pipe look prehistoric, but good. The hand pipe has a lovely ombre fade, and you will get a surprise when you order this, as it comes in a random color. No matter what color you get, you will surely be impressed. It is made of borosilicate glass and is 15 dollars. 

Spiral Glass Pipe

If you’re into surprises, here is another pipe that comes in a random color you won’t know until you open it. Nevertheless, this pipe has a classic swirled design with some ripples. It is tiny, being just three inches, and is only 5 dollars!

Glowing Silicone Pipe

Glowing Silicone Pipe

Coming in at number ten, we have this fun and creative glowing silicone pipe from World of Bongs. It has a small creature skeleton design on it and glows in the dark. This creepy and cute pipe comes in purple, pink, green and yellow, green and orange, rasta, orange, dark blue, and green. The best part is, it's only 19 dollars. 

If any of these weed pipes are of interest to you, consider choosing one from any of the links above. Any of these would be a great addition or starter pipe. Buy your next spoon pipe from our online smoke shop with confidence! We don’t believe in selling cheap products that won't turn into a good experience. But we do believe in selling premium products at affordable and competitive prices. 

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