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Top 10 Best Bubblers For Sale 

World of bongs is an online smoke shop dedicated to having the best bubblers for sale. The best weed pipes can also have affordable prices. Browse our inventory of well-known brands and even some of our own World of Bongs originals. We carry brands such as Grav Labs, Eyce, K. Haring, and many more. Our mission is to provide all the smoking accessories you will ever need. We have bongs, glass pipes, grinders, dab rigs, and more. 

What is a bubbler pipe?

A bubbler pipe is like a combination of a standard bong and a spoon pipe. A bubbler is smaller than a regular-sized bong but it has amazing water filtration and provides smooth and cool hits just the same as a bong would. People prefer the bubbler because of its compactness and efficiency for smoking weed.

10 Best Bubblers For Sale 

Our online smoke shop offers plenty of great options for bubblers. Below will list the top ten smoke bubblers at our online shop. We will list the descriptions, prices, and provide links to purchase on each one. 

Smoked Series Glass Bubbler

Marley Natural Bubbler

This is a simple bubbler made by the brand Marley Natural.

Marley Natural believes in spreading awareness of the benefits of the plant while providing high-quality products.

They are the official Bob Marley cannabis brand. They promote peace, equality, positivity, and interpersonal connections.

The bubbler has a Marley Natural logo on it and has gold-colored decals.

It has a 5-star average rating and retails for $99.99

Silicone Bubbler Rig II- Eyce

Silicone Bubbler Rig Eyce

This is an update from the Rig one. The second edition of this silicone rig (by Eyce) now features a glass collar that is used as a heat barrier so the silicone won’t get burnt.

It is now also more durable and has an added slot.

It comes in the designs of black, creature green, rasta, whiskey, jungle, winter, smoke, bangin, and cotton candy!

The rig retails for $44.99.

Silicone Hammer Style Bubbler- Eyce

Hammer Bubbler Eyce Smoke

A new take on an old design, the silicone hammer style bubbler uses modern features with a classic aesthetic. It is made using the best platinum-cured silicone and has a bowl that is easy to snap in and snap out.

It has a secret storage compartment in the bottom and a chamber to create ice pockets. It comes with a poker, a 10 mm glass bowl, a hidden compartment, and a silicone body and cap.

You can choose various color options, those being: blue marble, creature green, black, rasta, urban green, winter, smoke, and whiskey.

The hammer retails for $39.99

Canada Puffin Arctic Bubbler

Canada Puffin Bubbler

The Arctic Bubbler from the brand Canada Puffin is a beautiful and harmonious-looking bubbler that creates a peaceful atmosphere.

It is made with the most high-quality Canadian maple wood and hand-blown borosilicate glass. The glass is resistant to heat and blown by experts.

This piece features a nine-slit showerhead percolator for filtration and removable pieces for cleaning.

It has a small Canadian maple leaf at the bottom, making the design simple yet unique.

The retail price is $119.99

Upline Hammer Bubbler

Upline Hammer Bubbler Grav Labs

This Upline Hammer Bubbler is From Grav Labs. Grav Labs is a very notable brand that was created in 2004 by Dave Daily. He was determined to make top-notch smoking accessories and therefore created Grav Labs.

The bubbler is relatively small, being just 5 inches tall. The chamber is made to filter smoke and the downstream is secured in the bubbler.

It doesn’t need any accessories, all you need is the bubbler. It is made of clear high-quality glass with an Upline logo on the front of the bubbler.

This bubbler costs $79.99.

Hammer Style Bubbler with Colored Accents

Grab Labs Bubbler

This is another hammer-style bubbler from Grav Labs. Their bubblers are all made with high-quality material.

This one is all clear with striking colored accents. The color options are teal, blue, white, black, green, jade.

It retails for $55.00.

K. HARING Bubbler

K. Haring Bubbler

This is a bubbler from K. Haring.

The Keith Haring-inspired bubbler is made of clear, sturdy, borosilicate glass. It features an 8 slit showerhead percolator for filtering smoke and hand-applied designs showcasing Keith Haring’s artwork.

The designs are heat-resistant and made to last. It also features Keith Haring’s signature on the box of the bubbler.

Along with all this, the bubbler is put in an air-tight container filled with styrofoam and made to be safe while transporting.

You can get it for $79.99

Cup Blunt Bubbler

Cup Bubbler by World of Bongs

This is a World of Bongs original. It is just like the name suggests, a cup-shaped bubbler. The bubbler is shaped like a cup with a straw and made of clear and sturdy glass.

It retails on our website for $14.99

Glass Knuckle Bubbler

Glass Knuckle Bubbler Pulsar

This bubbler by Pulsar is shaped like some brass knuckles. This unique piece is 5.5 inches and made with sturdy borsilicate glass.

It also has a spill-resistant shape and works with both blunts and cones.

The glass knuckles are available for $49.99

Pistol Bubbler

Pistol Bubbler World of Bongs

Last but not least, let's take a look at the pistol bubbler. 

This bubbler is portable and looks just like a pistol. It is made of sturdy borosilicate glass and offers a solid filtration system.

This beauty retails for $44.99 > It's an orginal World ob Bongs products.

Where can I find these bubblers?

To find all these great cheap bubblers for sale and more, simply click the the title of each product or you can find all bubblers here.

You can browse through our many categories such as: 

  • bongs under $50
  • cleaning products
  • grinders
  • pipes under $40
  • dab rigs under $60
  • Dabbing accessories 
  • Stash and containers
  • And more. 

You will always get the best water bubbler pipes with Visit our site today and try some of the best cannabis accessories around.

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