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Top 10 Mini Bongs For Sale

Mini bongs are an option you may be considering because of their portability. There are also small water pipes made with outstanding filtration.

We take a look at the best small bongs for sale but first, we take a look at the factors to consider with a tiny size water pipe.

What To Look Got In The Best Small Bongs

The first thing of importance with any bong is the filtration part. This area can have one or multiple types of peculators. Another area that helps provide cannabis smoke is the type of down stem used with your water pipe. Our online smoke shop carries a wide variety of mini bongs and downstems for them too! 


Versatility is important in any cannabis smoking water pipe for many people. Many of the bongs on this list also double as dab rigs. A small bong is easier to travel with it.


Mini bongs are also popular, partly because they are compact. Many cannabis smokers want to take their accessories on the go, but with regular sized bongs sometimes that simply isn’t possible. With mini bongs, however, you can take them on the go with you. Whether that means slipping them discreetly in your bag or just putting them in your car and going to your destination, you know it’s easy to carry around with you.


Because they are so portable, they must also be durable. There would be nothing more heartbreaking than putting your bong in your bag or purse and opening it up just to find a broken mess of what once was your beloved bong. Most of the bongs on this list are extremely durable and will be resistant to breaking no matter if they toss, turn, flip, or what have you. 


For one reason or another, many smokers or dabbers want their products and accessories to be unnoticable by anyone who doesn’t need to know. No matter if that’s the landlord coming over or your parents, you can trust that these mini bongs are discreet enough to display. With many of them looking like a normal work of glass or just something else all together, you can confidently display these with onlookers being none the wiser. 

10 Best Mini Bongs Online To Buy 

Now that we’ve covered why people may prefer mini bongs over a traditional type of bong, let’s talk about the best mini bongs on the market.

You will find the best mini bongs online at the World of Bongs website. World of Bongs sells premium products for a low price.

Below, we have cultivated the list of the best mini bongs - each product will be linked so you can waste no time in getting your hands on any of these cheap and functional bongs.

Eyce Silicone Mini Beaker Bong 

Eyce Silicone Mini Beaker Bong

This mini bong from Eyce was made to travel with. It is made of silicone, making it perfectly safe and you could even put it in the dishwasher.

The silicone claims to be ‘nearly indestructible’, meaning that you can put it in your bag or other storage device and not have to worry about it getting damaged somehow.

This mini bong is only a mere 7.5 inches, but don’t let that fool you. The bowl of this mini bong is deep, 14mm to be exact. Not only can you take this bowl everywhere, pack 14mm worth of herb, but you can also open the base to reveal a hidden storage compartment.

This mini bong comes in six colors: black, creature green, bangin’, winter, jungle, and grey smoke. It has 100% five-star reviews.

It costs $49.99 

Small Clear BeakerBong

Small Clear Beaker Bong

If you want something more on the simple side of things, this is the perfect bong for you.

This clear beaker is traditional in just about every way except for its size. It is clear and has the classic beaker shape.

If you’re looking for a cheap small bong, this is the one for you and it only costs $19.99.

Rasta Mini Beaker Bong 

Rasta Mini Beaker Bong

If you want something simple but fun, you can't go wrong with this mini bong.

It has a rasta design with a green to yellow to red fade. It is only eight inches tall and can fit in small spaces. It has an ice catcher and a glass percolator in the water pipe. These two things allow for smoother and more enjoyable hits.

It also has a wide mouthpiece, and retails for $19.99

Beaker Water Pipe 

This bong is the top-of-the-line when it comes to sturdiness. It is made from borosilicate glass, a material known to be used in the strongest bongs.

It has a stable bottom, so it will sit nicely on a flat surface.

This Beaker Bong also have ice catcher.

It has a flared mouthpiece which fits your mouth perfectly. If you’re into simple and functional bongs, this one is the one for you.

It is just $29.99.

Silicone Pineapple Bong

Silicone Pineapple Bong

This silicone bong is fun and playful, being the shape of a pineapple.It is portable and durable, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking in a bag. It is just 6.5 inches tall, making it portable and adorable.

  • This piece also has a 14 mm bowl, and the bowl has a funnel slider.
  • The bong has a bent neck which makes smoking out of it more comfortable.
  • The bong has a three-dimensional pineapple design.

Only $29.99 and this beauty is yours.

Mini Elephant bong 

Elephant Mini Bong

This bong has an elegant design and looks like it would belong in a museum of fine art.

It has an abstract design of an elephant and a yellow tint to it.

It is made by World of Bongs. If you’re looking for asmall glass bong that looks like a work of art, this is the one for you.

You can get this stunning creation for just $19.99.

Bukket Small Bong

Small Bukket Bong

This is a totally unique bong because of it’s accordion shape. The accordion shape is truly-one of a kind.

This is a waterless bong and it works by expanding once you light the bong. It slowly expands and once you inhale through it, it shortens up, much like an accordion.

This bong is infamous for how much of a high it gives you when smoking. It comes in blue, green, purple and orange.

You can get this powerful and potent bong on our website for $19.99.

Rasta Mini Bong - 4 inches 

Glass Rasta Mini Bong

This bong will take you on a trip down memory lane with it’s nostalgic design.

It is made of glass so it doesn’t compromise functionality for style. Thismini bong for sale has the best value for your money.

The bong itself is 4 inches tall and comes with fixed downstem Bowl.

You can get thissmall water bong for the low cost of $9.99

Mini Carrot Bong

Mini Carrot Bong

In the mood for a bong not many other people will have? Impress your friends, or just yourself, with this carrot bong. The carrot bong is different from anything else.

No matter if you’re looking for something a bit out there, or you are just really into vegetables, this is the perfect bong for you.

It comes in at 6 inches, making it great for shorter sessions. Another great thing about this bong is that you can use it for both dabbing concentrates as well as smoking dry flower.

The bong is made from durable, thick-cut glass and has a 14mm bowl with a 4mm banger. By utilizing a perc shaped as a diamond, this bong is able to offer the best filtration in the game today.

Thesmall glass water pipe is something you need and the best part it's currently on sale for $79.99.

Mini Bong With Egg Shape

Mini Bong with Egg Shape

The last, but certainly not least bong is the mini water bong with egg shape from World of Bongs.

If colorful bongs aren’t your thing, this mini egg bong is sure to catch your attention. The egg shape is simple, but still detailed enough to take the breath out of anyone who catches a glimpse of this beauty.

This is technically a dab rig, but you can also use it as a bong for smoking dry herb.

The egg-perc system ensures that flavor and hits are smooth and potent. Like other bongs on this list, the bowl is 14mm and the dab nail is also 14mm.

You can get thischeap small bong and dab rig at our online smoke shop for just $55.00

With that, concludes the list of the best mini bongs. Don’t hesitate to grab any of these bongs today at the links above. 

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