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Top 10 Cheap Dab Rigs Under $100

Many users are always looking to try out a new form of consuming cannabis. An increasingly popular form is dabbing. Dabbing involves heating a cannabis concentrate and smoking it through a device known as a dab rig. One of the main differences between a dab rig and a bong is that a bong lets you smoke dry flower, a dab lets you vape concentrates. While convenient and a fun new way to try cannabis, dab rigs can get high in price. 

They can get up to $100 and (far) beyond. Check out the top 10 best cheap dab rigs under $100 for sale on our online store. The list features dab rigs from premium brands like Eyce, MJ Arsenal, and even some World of bongs originals. If you’re interested in a high-quality dab rigs at an affordable price, keep reading to see which one is right for you. You never have to worry about a rip-off, all our lists contain only the best and most reliable products. 

Egg Mini Rig 


Mini Egg Rig World of Bongs

This little dab rig (an original World of Bongs product) is inspired by the gorgeous Faberge egg. The dabbing rig, despite its size, is incredibly powerful and should not be overlooked. It comes in at only six inches and is made of sturdy glass. It provides fantastic filtration and spreads out smoke. It’s both a water pipe and a dab ring, so it’s very versatile. Furthermore, it’s unique in its design, and you won’t find something like this anywhere else. It is a World of Bongs original and is $59.99

Eyce Silicone Bubbler Dabbing Rig

Silicone Bubbler Rig Eyce

This new and improved rig from Eyce is sure to impress. Eyce could be called the pioneer of silicone smoking accessories. They have been around since 2013 and have consistently created the most functional and aesthetically pleasing bongs since then. This bubbler rig is made of the highest-grade silicone and comes with all the needed parts. It has a wand, a reversible titanium nail, a storage container, and a borosilicate collar. It is $44.99

10” Fab Egg Dab Rig with Banger

Fab Egg Rig World of Bongs

This dabbing rig has both a bowl and a dab nail, so can be used for smoking straight weed or concentrate. The egg-type look is a popular one for many reasons. They are attractive and provide smooth draws.  The dabbing rig has a clear and elegant design, but you can choose the color of the egg shape in the middle. You can choose between purple, dark green, and green. This is another World of Bongs original and is currently $89.00

7.5” Cone Dab Rig with Banger


Cone Dag Rig Colored

This dab rig and banger from On Point Glass is a cheap option that’s different from everything else on the market. This dabbing rig has a cone shape and a smoke design that comes in white or blue. It has a 14 mm bowl with a funnel slider, a banger, a wide base, and a narrow mouthpiece. 

"Digital” Dab Rig By Famous Brandz

Cheap Dab Rig


9” Cone Oil Rig

Clear Cone Bong Rig

This oil rig from On Point Glass has everything you want in a dabbing rig and more. First off, it has a reinforced base that easily prevents falls. It also has that signature cone shape from On Point Glass. This is another oil rig that provides the choice between smoking dry herb and dabbing. It comes with a bowel and banger and has a lovely purple iridescent sheen and a narrow mouthpiece. It retails for $99.00

7” Lemon Wedge Dab Rig

Lemon Slice Dab Rig World of Bongs

This World of Bongs original is unique and has a fun and summery vibe. It has the design of a lemon wedge and a straw. It comes with a banger, and it currently sells for $55.00

Mini Jig Mini Rig

 MJ Arsenal Mini Rig

This mini rig from MJ Arsenal is perfect for those on the go or those who just want something smaller than average. MJ Arsenal is a brand insistent on providing the most cutting-edge products for a fraction of the price you will find elsewhere. The rig is made from 100% hand-crafted borosilicate glass and has an included quartz bucket. The design is simple yet would be a fantastic addition to any new or existing collections. It sells for $55.00. 

Jammer Mini Rig

Jammer Mini Rig MJ Arsenal

Another creation from MJ Arsenal, this mini rig does not disappoint. It’s small stature enables for less air, and therefore more potent pulls. It delivers intense hits and has a 10 mm connection. It is made from extremely sturdy borosilicate glass and has a reinforced base to further the functionality and durability. It is $44.00. 

Ursa Mini Rig 

Ursa Mini Rig MJ Arsenal

We finish the list off with another mini rig from MJ Arsenal. This is another small and sturdy option. This rig is a mere 5 inches, but that doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch. Like all of the products from MJ Arsenal, it is made of extremely sturdy borosilicate glass and has a reinforced base to prevent any falling or damage. This rig is only for concentrates and therefore has great filtration. You can get it now for just $49.99.

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