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MJ arsenal

Ursa Mini Rig - MJ Arsenal

The Ursa Mini Recycler Rig is the latest rig from MJ Arsenal.

  • 5 inches tall
  • 3 inch base recycler with an external loop design 
  • built in 4 hole disc perc
  • 10mm male banger nail
  • borosilicate glass

This dab rig is specifically designed for use with concentrates. The narrow tubing and small chambers ensure the absolute best flavor and terpene profiles are maintained through every dab.

All the oil rigs in the mini rig line come with a 10mm male banger nail, and all these pieces are made from quality borosilicate glass.

The creators even went so far as to give filling directions on the package, to ensure you get the most out of these sleek little pieces. MJ arsenal mini rigs ensure you'll get all the delicious terps out of your favorite concentrates.  

*This Rig does not include a bowl for flower.