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Top 15 Best Carb Caps For Sale Online

Carb caps are an often overlooked, but ultimately essential part of the dabbing process. When you are using a domeless nail, cold air is constantly being pulled into your nail’s chamber. This can cause your nail to cool down quickly before you can even enjoy your concentrate. To compensate for this, users will often have to dab at higher and higher temperatures. This runs the risk of destroying your terpenes and natural flavors. 

Carb caps are a very simple solution to this common problem. Carb caps are little dab tools that users place on top of the nail. This helps restrict airflow, creating a similar effect to putting a lid on a boiling pot. In short, they help you get the most out of your dabbing experience by allowing you to have better control over your dabbing temperature. 

Finding a good carb cap is important. Carb caps can come in a variety of aesthetics and materials. To help you find the perfect carb cap, we’ve put together a list of the 15 best carb caps rigs for sale on worldofbongs.co. By learning about the features and functions of each carb cap, you’ll be able to find the carb cap that’s perfect for you. 

Whiskers Carb Cap

Whiskers Carb Cap

World of Bong’s Whiskers Carb Cap is perfect for any cat lovers. Bring some joy to the smoking experience with a functional ceramic feline look that is sure to spark conversation. The carb cap is designed to look like a grey cat with adorable whiskers. This unique carb cap is very affordable, and will bring a smile to your face every time you use it! 

Price: $8.99

Elephant Bubble Carb Cap

Elephant Bubbler Carb

Calling all elephant enthusiasts! The Elephant Bubble Carb Cap from World of Bongs is a must-have for those who desire unique designs and a fun aesthetic while they’re taking dabs. This dabbing tool is designed to look like a green elephant balancing on a brown ball. The carb cap clocks in at 26 mm and works best with titanium and quartz bangers. 

Price: $14.99

Striped Cactus Helix Carb Cap

Striped Cactus Helix Carb Cap

Bring a little bit of that South West vibe to your dabbing experience with the Striped Cactus Helix Carb Cap. This carb cap from World of Bongs is designed to look like a psychedelic rainbow saguaro cactus. Made from high quality borosilicate glass, this carb cap is durable and will withstand any bumps and bruises. The carb cap comes in at a 30mm diameter.

Price: $19.99

Teddy Bear Carb Cap

Teddy Carb Cap

Sometimes, it’s nice to retreat into nostalgia. The Teddy Bear Carb Cap from World of Bongs scratches that itch with an adorable aquamarine teddy bear design. This unique design is made with very durable glass and will bring some warmth and fun to the smoking experience. It’s very affordable and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter! 

Price: $8.99

Pickle Carb Cap

Pickle Carb Cap

There’s something wonderfully eclectic about owning anything pickle-themed. The Pickle Carb Cap from World of Bongs is the perfect addition to any carb cap collection. Featuring pickled grooves that allow for an easier grip, this 2.5-inch carb cap will enhance your dabbing experience with unique style and flair. 

Price: $8.99

Hammer Carb Cap

Hammer Carb Cap

Looking for something a little less precocious? Gear up with the majestic Hammer Carb Cap. This dabbing tool from World of Bongs is incredibly affordable and features a unique grip for increased mobility. The carb cap also doubles as a dabbing tool and works with thermal nails. This unique carb cap is made to work with quartz bangers and is made from durable borosilicate glass. 

Glass Gear Carb Cap


Glass Carb Cap

For those more interested in functionality than aesthetics, the Glass Gear Carb Cap brings a whole new level of functionality to the dabbing experience. This carb cap from World of Bongs is designed to look like gears and has a directional airflow feature. Direct your airflow toward hard to reach corners to ensure you get the most out of your concentrates. The dabbing tool is made from borosilicate glass, ensuring its durability. 

Price: $7.99

Magic Mushroom Bubble Carb Cap

Mushroom Carb Cap

Anyone down for a round of Mario Kart? These Magic Mushroom Bubble Carb Caps will evoke fun memories playing video games with your friends, while also enhancing your dab experience. This dabbing tool offers directional airflow and is made withborosilicate glass to ensure durability. Elevate your low-temperature dabbing and experience supreme flavor with unaltered terpenes. 

Price: $9.99

Octopus Tentacle Bubble Carb Cap

Octopus Tentacle Carb Cap

Inject a little bit of eclectic vibes into your life with the Octopus Tentacle Carb Cap. This carb cap from World of Bongs is25mm and made with sturdy glass. The tentacle bumps on the dabbing tool allow for increased mobility and grip. It’s made with borosilicate glass, so it’s very durable. It also comes in five different color varieties. 

Price: $14.99

Pulsar Beaker Helix Carb Cap

Pulsar Carb Cap Beaker

Looking for something unique? The Pulsar Beaker Helix Carb Cap is designed to look like a small beaker bong. This self-aware bong is30mm and is made from borosilicate glass to ensure that it will last a long time. The structure of the carb cap will facilitate supreme airflow and the cap works with titanium, quartz, and Pulsar wax rigs! 

Spiral Ball Carb Cap 

Spiral Ball Carb Cap

Looking for something a little more subtle? The immaculately designed Spiral Ball Carb Cap from World of Bongs features a smooth and fluid color scheme that adds a little class to your dabbing experience. Made from borosilicate glass, these durable carb caps come in 3 different color options. Enhance your dab sessions today with a carb cap that offers directional airflow and superior design. 

Glow Speckled Ball Carb Cap

Glow Speckled Ball Carb Cap

Illuminate the night with the Glow Speckled Ball Carb Cap. This dabbing tool from World of Bongs is designed to glow under a blacklight. Made from durable borosilicate glass, this carb cap offers directional airflow, allowing you to have unprecedented control over your dabbing experience. Featuring a 24mm diameter, these caps will work with almost any banger. Impress your friends with a carb cap that will spark conversation and look amazing under blacklight. 

Price: $15.00

Full Diamond Flat Spin Channel Carb Cap

Diamond Carb Cap

Create a vortex of air with the Full Diamond Flat Spin Channel Carb Cap from World of Bongs. Designed to look like a diamond, this attention-grabbing carb cap features grooved spinner channels to work in simpatico with spinning terp pearls to make sure your concentrates are evenly dispersed.

Pulsar Quartz Banger & Ball Carb Cap Set

Pulsar Dabbing Set

Looking for functionality above all else? The Pulsar Quartz Baner & Carb Cap Set comes with a quartz banger, 6mm quartz pearls, and a carb cap shaped like a ball. The carb cap features directional airflow for better flavor and vapor production. 

Price: $29.99

Pineapple Carb Cap

Empire Glassworks Pineapple Carb Cap

Looking to spice up your carb cap collection? The Pineapple Carb Cap from Empire Glassworks features directional airflow and pairs well with thermal nails and banger nails. This carb cap is sure to spark conversation and delight any pineapple enthusiasts looking to add a unique flair to their dabbing experience. 

Price: $30

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