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Top 10 Percolator Bongs For Sale

Lets start with the basics: A percolator is basically just a filter for a bong. It diffuses the weed so it is less harsh, but still potent. People who have a hard time digesting unfiltered weed may be in the market for these. What the percolator physically does is cool the smoke down. By doing this, it reduces a poor experience caused by coughing. It enables smoother and cooler hits than a normal bong would. 

There are various types of bong percolator types available. The list below will only name a few, but keep in mind there are many more. 

Diffused Downstem

This is the most common type of percolator and is typically removable from the bong itself. A diffused downstem has small slits along the very bottom of the stem. 

Inline Percolator

An inline percolator looks a bit different than all the other ones on this list. The inline percolator has many parallel slits, allowing plenty of diffusion. 

Showerhead Percolator

This percolator, as the name implies, is shaped like a showerhead. Like a showerhead, it has a wide disk shape with many small holes in the bottom. The showerhead percolator comes in many different size options, perfect for anyone who wants something specific. 

Honeycomb Percolator

Rather than being rounded as the other ones, this one is completely flat. They are a flat, round shape with many holes, reminiscent of a honeycomb. This kind of percolator has two separate layers, allowing for maximum filtration. 

Disc Percolator

Disc percolators are the best for anyone looking for more bubbles. These percolators are notorious for making quite a bit of bubbles. However, this type of percolator does have very small holes. This can be a downside for someone who has a difficult time hitting. 

Tree Percolator

This is sort of an intricate percolator, with multiple different stems with many slits. They are very common and functional and the pros outweigh the cons. 

Some bongs may have a bong percolator attachment, while some may not be removable. 

World of Bongs has many percolators for sale of all kinds. Below, we will list the top ten percolators we have found on the World of Bongs website. Nearly all of these percolator bongs are by the World of Bongs original brand. 

World of Bongs Tall Green Triple Perc Bong

World of Bongs Tall Green Triple Perc Bong

This triple percolator bong enables the user to have the most filtration possible with its several percs. This percolator bong has three-yes, three- filters all stacked throughout the bong. Each time the smoke rises through a layer, it gets cooler and smoother. By the time it hits your mouth, you’ll be taken aback by how easy it is to smoke. It is tall and has small green accents throughout. It is by World of Bongs and retails for only $109.00. 

World of Bongs Awesomely Clear Bong

World of Bongs Awesomely Clear Bong

This is a simple and clear water bong with percolator is made and sold by World of Bongs for $89.99. It has a standard female bowl. Although not flashy, this percolator bong does the trick and does it well. 

World of Bongs Clear Honeycomb Bong

World of Bongs Clear Honeycomb Bong

This is an example of a honeycomb percolator. This percolator is tall, clear, and elegant. It is simple with a powerful filter for enjoyable and smooth hits. The honeycomb filter shines through in its abilities. It retails for $89.99 and is made by World of Bongs themselves. 

World of Bongs Small Clear Beaker Bong


This is a small, simple, and cheap bong with a percolator. It is only $19.99. It is another one made by World of Bongs. Wonderful for those on the go and on a budget. 

World of Bongs 15 Inch Football Tree Perc Straight Bong

World of Bongs 15 Inch Football Tree Perc Straight Bong

Looking for something with a bit more personality? This percolator bong may be up your alley. The type of percolator is tree, and it features an ice catcher as well. This bong has a wide mouthpiece as well, making it easier to take hits out of. The looks are amazing as well, with a golden brown football with an opaque color. It is made by World of Bongs again and is sold at their website for $99.00. 

World of Bongs Blue Pineapple Perc Bong

World of Bongs Blue Pineapple Perc Bong

This is a simple percolator with a unique touch. It is tall and clear, with a gorgeous blue pineapple design in the middle. The color of the pineapple is a striking blue that brings attention to the beauty. You will not find such special percolator bongs like this anywhere else but World of Bongs. The pineapple is tropical and fun, making sessions all the more enjoyable. The percolator bong has a wide and stable base that is flat enough to set the bong on the table without worries of it falling over. This is once again an original from World of Bongs. It sells for only $89.99.

World of Bongs 13 inch Tree Perc Bong

Tree Perc Bong Rig

If you’re in touch with nature, you’ll love this percolator bong from World of Bongs. It has a mushroom design using a tree percolator, which is a clever way to implement the outdoors. It has a mossy green color reminiscent of a campout in the woods. It is 13 inches tall, and also features a sturdy base to ensure your percolator bong is safe. It has an 18 mm bowl and an ice catcher, making it one of the best on the market for anyone who needs cool smoke. The mushroom design in the middle is a light green and is as breathtaking as a mushroom in nature. It is only $119.00 and you won’t find this design anywhere else. 

19 Inch Two-Tone Triple Fused Tree Perc Beaker Bong

This glass percolator bong is fantastic for anyone looking for something big. It’s taller than the average bong and has subtle green accents. This beaker bong provides the best filtration possible, with three separate tree percolators. They are all layered and are a deep grayish blue with a mushroom design. This is a very tall bong, coming in at an impressive 19 inches. This beaker bong includes an ice catcher and has a 14 mm bowl. The unique percolator bong also includes a two-tone design, making it simple yet attractive. You can get all this for just 149 dollars. 

Icon Slyme Accented Cone Perc Bong

Icon Slyme Accented Cone Perc Bong

The pointed cones of this bong with percolator are eye-catching and come in two bright colors options. Slyme green adds a nice hint of color that is a very subtle touch. The purple is more  colorful and will make you appreciate how beautiful it is. A city design above the Icon logo rounds out the gorgeous bong. Small and portable you can take it with you while you are traveling without it taking up too much space. The small percolated holes at the bottom allows for a smooth, clean, and milky smoking section. With the price tag of 150 dollars you pay for the quality of its glass and design. 

23” Glycerin Dual Use Percolator Water Pipe

Huge Glycerin percolator Bong

Last on this list is the  huge Glycerin Dual use Coil Bong. If you’re into cool hits, look no further. This is another insanely unique bong. The special thing about this percolator bong is that the coil can be frozen. This Percolator Bong is made by The Freeze Pipe, a high quality brand available at World of Bongs. This fancy bong is $260. 

About Our Online Head Shop

Hopefully you have found a percolator bong that is a good fit for you. All the products on World of Bongs are quality, and especially their own original brand. At World of Bongs, you will find deals on high-quality items you will not find anywhere else, online or in store. The World of Bongs website beats out all of its competitors by offering the best price and free shipping on many items. Hopefully you will consider any of these glass percolator bongs on the list. 

This list has been carefully formulated with only the best percolator bongs that World of Bongs has to offer. These percolators are functional with either simple or intricate and colorful designs, depending on what you’re interested. We have crafted this list with every type of smoker in mind, making it a universal guide. We only recommend the best of the best and when ordering from the World of Bongs website you are guaranteed quality products every time. Word of Bongs is the leading online retailer for everything cannabis related. 

If you’re interested in any of these percolator bongs, click on the title and you will be taken to the link. You will not regret your purchase at worldofbongs.co. 

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