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Top 10 Chillums / One Hitter For Sale

Stoners who appreciate tradition can celebrate the simplicity of a chillum. In a world of high-tech rigs and smoking gadgets, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the ease of a chillum sesh.

Glass chillum pipes are sometimes known as holy pipes because of their traditional use in religious ceremonies. Others call them tasters because it gives the user a small taste of herb.

Nowadays, a chillum is a discreet way for stoners to enjoy their herb quickly and easily.

World of Bongs appreciates the long history and benefits of these pipes. That’s why the brand is the best supplier of cheap chillums with exceptional features. 

Here are the top 10 chillums for sale on WoB.

Standing Cactus Glass Chillum

Standing Cactus Glass Chillum

Creatively crafted in a cactus design, this chillum has all the benefits of a one-hit with a uniquely cool look. Made with durable glass, the pipe is perfect for portable smokes anywhere. Its free-standing model lets it stand on its own when placed on a table for a fun decor piece.

The Cactus has a deep funnel bowl and stands at 3.75” long, so it’s perfectly compact yet contains enough space for a full hit. The pinched neck prevents any scooby snacks, all while preserving the taste of the flower. It’s the perfect smokey oasis for stoners everywhere.

Banff Dugout and One Hitter

Banff Dugout and One Hitter

Canada Puffin offers this Banff Dugout for a beautifully portable smoke sesh. Handcrafted with quality materials, the dugout is a compact 4 inches tall, so it slips effortlessly into a pocket or purse. Crafted from Canadian maple wood, it has a smooth, natural look.

Inside the dugout rests a high-grade borosilicate glass chillum pipe. The pipe is hand blown by expert glass-blowers for an entirely heat-resistant chillum. Smokers can discreetly enjoy their favorite flower by packing it in the case and easily loading up the chillum. The set also includes a swivel top closure and stainless steel poker for easy cleaning.

Glass Taster Chillum - Higher Standards

Glass Taster Chillum - Higher Standards

Chillum pipes are an essential item in every stoner’s collection, and this glass taster is the perfect addition. It comes in two elegant designs - clear or frosted glass. Both options allow smokers to see their flower flow through the chamber, past the iconic Higher Standards logo.

The pipe is designed with a narrow bowl and pinched neck to prevent ash from flying through. With a durable and lightweight design, the taster is only 3.5 inches. Though its size is small, it packs a powerful punch, sure to impress any stoner.

Smoked Series Glass Taster

Smoked Series Glass Taster

For a modern take on the traditional taster, Marley Natural offers this handmade tool from the Smoked Series. It comes in a uniquely crafted look, displaying a tinted “smokey” feature to the glass. Finished with intricate gold accents, the weed chillum is a luxurious option.

The Marley Natural taster doesn’t just have a beautiful aesthetic, it also provides smooth tokes. The 4-inch pipe is made with 4mm thick glass, and the delicately crafted inner funnel lets only the most flavorful smoke through.

Marley Natural One Hitter Chillum

Marley Natural One Hitter

Marley Natural is known for combining quality materials with traditional styles, which can be seen in this wood and glass taster. The hand-blown glass piece is accented with a black walnut wood smoking tip for optimal flavor.

Finished with natural carnauba wax, the walnut tip is exceptionally tasteful and keeps flavors smooth. It also separates for the easiest cleaning. For the most compact, portable, and luxurious chillum experience, Marley natural delivers.

K Haring Taster

K Haring Taster

Keith Haring’s iconic artwork is forever preserved with this beautiful and efficient chillum taster. The pipe is only 3.3-inches long with a built-in ash catcher, so it’s small enough to travel anywhere. It’s designed in a flared style to add the biggest bowl capacity while maintaining portability.

Users will notice the hand-applied, heat-resistant designs of Haring’s artwork when they toke from the taster. This artistic rendition of a classic chillum gives stoners a perfectly durable portability.

Higher Standards Taster Holder

Higher Standards Taster

Higher Standards solves the problem of traveling with chillums with this protective taster holder. Perfect for preventing any pipe breakage, the holder fits most standard-sized chillums. It has a durable, rubberized finish to keep precious cargo safe while maintaining a sleek look.

Inside the carrier, chillums are carefully held in an aluminum-cased exterior for extra security. Not only that, but the taster holder is completely smell-proof! Odor is trapped inside the rubber-covered aluminum, so there are no worries when traveling with tasty herb.

Grav Labs Aluminum Dugout Taster

Grav Labs Aluminum One Hittetr

Grav Labs comes back again with another innovation in the world of weed smoking. The Aluminum Dugout Taste is the ideal selection for smokers on the go. It’s built with a super durable aluminum body, preventing any harm from coming to the pipe.

The toothed edges make packing a breeze. Stoners can simply pop it in their dugout and get ready for a powerful hit. The Grav Labs Taster also comes in a variety of fun colors, so it’s a great choice for a personalized smoke.

Pineapple Chillum Pipe

Pineapple Chillum Pipe

Adorable and efficient, this functional and cheap chillum is a great gift for any citrus-loving stoner. Blown in a cute pineapple shape, the pipe boasts vibrant green and yellow colors on its form. And, at only 2.5” long, it has a petite size for optimal portability.

An especially deep bowl and long stem make the chillum ideal for huge hits, even with its mini body. Easy to clean and fun to use, the Pineapple Chillum will brighten anyone’s day.

Grav Labs Upline Taster

Grav Labs Mini taster

Rounding out the list is another Grav Lab’s classic, this time in a kaleidoscopic glass taster. The weed chillum is made with 16mm tubing, ash-trapping restrictions, and an ergonomic mouthpiece. It’s 3 inches long, making it another perfect chillum for bringing on adventures.

Grav Labs designed this taster with a ripple lighting effect, visible on its ringed neck. When in use, stoners can expect to see their smoke swirling through the piece as the chillum reflects glints of light.

Any one of these taster pipes from our online smoke shop will provide an outstanding experience.

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