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Best 510 Thread Vape Battery For Cartridges

The Best 510 Thread Vape Battery

There is a vast selection of 510 thread batteries for sale online, but a lot of them are not reliable. Our online smoke shop carries vape pens from only brands that have proven to be dependable. The 510 vape battery is the most popular type for sale in the USA.  The 510 vape battery was one of the first types of vape batteries for THC carts, and has stayed dominated ever since. If you’re looking for a vape pen battery, chances are most of the ones you will find are 510 thread batteries. 

We Found The Best 510 Vape Battery 


A 510 thread vape battery with a pipe design went viral on reddit just a couple years back. User u/secret_mustache posted a picture of the vintage pipe battery. Their post read, ‘New battery looks like an old-school pipe and works GREAT’. The post got over 5,000 upvotes and people in the comments were raving. One commenter wrote, ‘Seriously, how do I get my hands on these?’.  Another user, Friendly_Hempsters asked, ‘Who carries that? I want one.’ Well Friendly_Hempsters, we have the answer. 

Pipe Vape Battery For 510-Thread Oil Cartridges

First, let us look at some many great qualities of this battery. It’s not hard to see why people wanted to get it as soon as possible.

This 510 pipe thread battery is your best option for many reasons. First off, the look of it. It’s unique design combines old-school smoking with modern vaping. 

This battery doesn’t only bring looks to the table. It also delivers cool and even hits with a strong but tasty flavor. All hits will be potent and contribute to a great smoke session. If you end up not liking it, you have a full week to return it for free and get all of your money back.

Best Vape Pen for carts

510 Vape Battery Variable Voltage

The best type of vape batteries for THC cartridges are those with multiple voltage settings.  The battery itself is only 1 ¼ inches tall, making it comfortable and fairly discrete. The battery has three different settings. They are 3.0 volts, 3.7 volts, and 4.2 volts. The most popular temperature among people who use this 510 battery are the lowest settings. This versatile battery has a micro-USB charger and can fit in most pockets or purses. 

5-star Reviews 

The battery has a five-star average rating spanning across over 900 reviews. Just in case you aren’t convinced yet, there’s more. You can get your favorite cartridges to work with this battery. This battery is basically universal when it comes to THC cartridges. A lot of people really love this 510 battery because of how nice it feels to use it. Simply press a button while your taking a vape hit from your 510-thread cartridge, and inhale. Another huge compliment was the fast charging with a mini USB cable. It only needs a few minutes of charging time to be able to use right after with a THC cartridge.


This work of art only costs $24.99. As of right now, it is on sale for just $18.99! You won’t be able to find deals like this anywhere but World of Bongs. This inexpensive vape battery will last a few days of heavy use on a full charge. This is one huge advantage that many other 510 batteries can’t compete with, in the shape of vape pens. This exact pipe vape battery can be found for sale on many other online head shops. But there is no other place with the price this low besides our online head shop.

About World of bongs

World of Bongs is the toponline head shop with the most luxury brands at unbelievable prices. It was founded by fellow cannabis users with the goal of having the best products with fair prices. There are huge savings that come from buying from an online smoke shop vs a local one. 

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Find well-known and indie brands, such as Be Leaf. Be Leaf is the company that makes the pipe battery mentioned above. Make sure to visit us frequently to check for new 510 batteries for sale and other deals. Browse our massive selection of water pipes, dab rigs, and many other products for sale.

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