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Top 10 Best Weed And Dab Containers

Some may see weed and concentrate containers as an unnecessary investment into their collection of products. However, these containers are an amazing way to keep products fresh and full of flavor. This can relate to any week product, whether it be bud or a type of concentrate. These products can be impacted by the elements, such as air, light, and temperature. This can cause products to go bad quicker, lose potency, or start to grow mold, much like how food can go bad after being left out for too long. In addition to this, depending on the size of the container, they can also be great for keeping any cannabis accessories in one place. For this reason, it is important to invest in a great quality stash container to ensure that no weed goes to waste. 

Stash containers are an excellent accessory to have for any stoner. Some of these containers can be quite expensive and come with various accessories that can raise the price to an almost ridiculous amount. However, there are a number of companies that have developed containers that are practical and fit any aesthetic while not breaking the bank. 
The following list is made of numerous products that help to fit any stoner’s price point while also maintaining quality to keep any cannabis product from going bad. Below are the top 10 stash containers that are sure to be a great addition to any stoner’s growing collection of cannabis products. 

4” Wood Dugout


Beginning the list is this 4 inch dark wood dugout that is great for easy and convenient storage. The swivel top is great for easy access and takes out the need for screw top lids. These can then fit any pre-roll of choice. Once in this container, any pre-roll is sure to maintain its shape. There are two compartments with one slightly bigger than the other for any wider pre-rolls. This sleek wood container is great for those who are looking for something simple and effective for storing their products. 

Price: $9.99

Evak Airtight Stash Jar


These convenient airtight stash jars are perfect for those who are looking to keep their product fresher longer. Each jar is clear and comes with a black lid with a handle for easy transportation. The clear jar makes it easy to see any of the jars contents at any time. The lid also works to help get rid of air in the container by pushing down to seal it. This helps to keep any herb fresh and helps to prevent any odors from escaping. The container itself is made from heavy-duty borosilicate glass, which is dishwasher safe or can be easily handwashed. These containers also come in 4 different sizes depending on anyone’s needs.  

Price: $19.99

 Silicone Jars - 2 Pack

These silicone jars are a fun way to store any weed. Perfect for any concentrates, dabs, and bud, these jars come in a 2-pack for those who want to have different ways to store their product. This hard silicone is great to keep any product from getting damaged through everyday use and are sure to last long. The material also makes these easy to clean in between storing products. These particular jars are also a smaller size that are able to be placed in a pocket or bag without taking up too much space. For those who are looking for an affordable option, look no further than these convenient silicone jars. 

Price: $4.99

Banff Dugout And One Hitter

Banff Dugout and One Hitter

This affordable container by Canada Puffin is sure to be a great addition to any collection. This lightwood piece is hand crafted from natural wood, making it durable. In a small 4 inch by 2 inch size, this will fit perfectly in any purse or pocket for easy access. The inside piece is made of durable borosilicate glass that can then be placed inside the case. The top piece is held together with a swivel top that holds the glass element and stainless steel poker cleaning tool. This is a great storage tool for those who want something small and simple 

Price: $19.99

CVault Storage Container

CVault Storage Container

These containers are made from high-quality stainless steel that seels for optimal storage. They are also lightweight to make travel more convenient but still offer the same durable storage. The containers are great for those who are looking to prevent deteriorating quality. These containers come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to XL, which can hold up to 2 liters of product. The larger containers are great for those who want to keep all of their supplies and accessories in one place, while the smaller sizes are great for those who have fewer accessories or only want a storage container for their bud. 

Price: $25.99

Higher Standards Taster Holder

Taster Holder

This taster holder from higher standards is a compact device that is able to keep a pre-rolled cone safe. The aluminum-cased interior prevents any damage and helps to trap any odors. The outside rubber finish is great for durability and for having a comfortable grip when opening or sealing the product. This compact holder is a sleek black to help with blending in and fitting a monochrome aesthetic. For those who are looking to have something that does not stand out but remains effective, this product is great and doesn’t break the bank. 

Price: $29.99

Illuminati Weed Stash

 Illuminati Stash - V Syndicate

This travel-friendly jar is great for those who are looking for something with a bit of personality. The Illuminati design is sure to draw some eyes but also looks incredible with the black background. The design is not even the best part, as this product contains a number of cool features, including a built-in grinder plate, funnel, and humidity pack to keep any stored product fresh. This holder is 3 and a half inches tall and can fit up to a quarter ounce of flower at any given time, making it great for those who are looking for something more compact. 

Price: $34.99

Wooden Holder For Pre-Roll

This wooden container is great for those who are looking for a simple and discreet package. This is made from American Black Walnut wood, making it very durable for travel. This is great for those who are looking for a way to travel with pre-rolls but do not want to crush them in the process. The holder measures about 3 and a half inches in length, making it ideal for most pre-rolls. This product screws together to help minimize any noticeable odors. The combination of wood and metallic accents is great for anyone looking for a new way to travel with their products without sacrificing style. 

Price: $34.99

HIGH End Weed Stash 

HIGH End Stash - V Syndicate

The High End collection by V-Syndicate is a great line for weed storage. There are a number of great additions to this product, including a build-in grinder plate, a funnel, and a humidity pack. The combination of these convenient items and the great seal on this jar will keep any product fresh. The medium size that is offered is about 4 inches tall and can fit up to half an ounce of flower. This is great for those who are looking for a smaller and more space-efficient storage container. This product is available in a stunning red and black design with a wooden lid, making for an amazing boho feel. 

Price: $39.99

Wooden Case for Dry Herbs & Accessories

 Wooden Case for Dry Herbs & Accessories

Finally, at the top of this list is Marley Natural’s black walnut wooden case. This design is great for those who are looking for a sleek and rustic way to store their weed. The three available compartments are great for a variety of accessories as well, eliminating the need to carry multiple items. This product can hold anything from lighters to rolling papers to various cannabis products. There are strong magnets on each of the box’s four corners, helping to keep the lid secure. This combined with the rubber seal helps to prevent any odor from leaking out and drawing any unwanted attention. For anyone who is looking for a great new case to hold all their cannabis necessities, this one is sure to meet any needs. 

Price: $51.99

Bottom Line

This variety of weed storage containers has something for everyone. Whether individuals are looking for products that are made of heavy duty wood or high-quality glass, World of Bongs has something for everyone. These containers offer a number of options, from boxes to jars to stainless steel containers, there is something that will appeal to any aesthetic. These containers are a great way to keep any product fresh by preventing interference from other elements that can cause unfortunate effects. These containers offer a number of ways to store any products for travel or just for everyday storage without costing a fortune. The simple designs that are offered can be a great way to keep any cannabis accessories together while also keeping any product fresh. 

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