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Mystery Box: The Best Dab & Weed Accessory Subscription Box

The rise ofstoner boxes for sale from many online head shops has surged in the most recent few years. Many of these are subscription based for either cannabis or dab accessories. The reason behind the popularity of these weed subscription boxes is because of the massive value provided. A lot of the time, customers will get a lot more bang for their buck and discover new products for smoking or vaping cannabis. Also known as 420 goody boxes, they make the best gift for a stoner friend too.

Mystery Box - Cannabis Accessory Subscription Box 

For those with an adventurous side, the weed accessory Subscription box is the product for you! For $25.00, you can’t beat the price for captivating pieces that not only prove functional but provide a unique aesthetic to your space. Want more variety? Subscribe and save, and be pleasantly surprised at your new smoking devices and supplies! 

Concentrate Or Cannabis Box Options ensures their accessories are of the highest quality and pride themselves on great customer service. Prefer concentrate vs. flower? No problem. thought of that too. Just select which is preferred and The Mystery Box ships within one business day. The package arrives with the pieces protected and secure. Don’t waste time at the countless stores selling the same boring products. Make your one stop shop for your dab and cannabis accessories. 

Concentrate And Flower Mystery Box Example

One Time Purchase Pricing Explained

Then, there’s the value. Each box is worth up to two times what the customer is paying! World of Bongs offers six weed accessory box sizes, ranging from $25 to $500. Pay $25, get approximately $50 to $75 worth of merchandise guaranteed to leave you smiling and wanting more! Pay $200 and receive up to $500 worth of product! Can’t beat that! These boxes not only include fresh dab and cannabis smoking devices but cleaning supplies and other accessories such as grinders, papers, dabbers, keychain pipes and much more. 

The choice is simple. Don’t waste time and gas going to hit or miss head shops with limited inventory. Keep your collection updated and interesting with the constantly changing cannabis accessories by subscribing to the best 420 Goody Box! Prepare to be dazzled and impressed with World of Bongs individualized attention to each and every box.  

Monthly Subscription Benefits

1. Option To Try The Newest Trends

Many weed boxes offer access to the newest cannabis trends. There's always a chance to try something new, from accessories to strains to everything in between. Marijuana boxes stay ahead of these trends, with teams dedicated to finding the newest innovations for each package.

Subscribers will find futuristic vaporizers, high-tech bongs, and advanced smell-proof containers in their boxes. The idea behind these subscriptions is to keep stoners ahead of the curve so they can enjoy the newest and best deals.

2. Excitement Of A Monthly Pick-Me-Up

Sometimes a smoker just needs a pick-me-up, and that's where cannabis boxes come in. The excitement of waiting for a monthly box, matched with the delight of opening a package, makes it all worth it.

Subscribers can also customize their delivery schedules. For those that want more frequent boxes, they can choose monthly or twice monthly options. Or, for stoners who prefer a more extended wait period, some boxes are sent once every two or three months. Whatever the delivery schedule, there's something special about waiting for a present in the mail.

3. Great Pricing Options (Up To 20% Off)

Some smokers may be surprised to know that weed delivery boxes are better on the wallet than one-time purchases. The boxes are packed to the brim with high-quality products, from smoking pieces to branded merchandise and more. 

One of the benefits of a monthly subscription is that it keeps prices low. Instead of paying for every single product, customers are only paying for the cost of the box. Because the products inside are premium quality, buyers actually save when they subscribe rather than buying a single product.

There are also tons of payment plans available. Customers can either buy several boxes for a lump sum or dish out the monthly fee as it comes up. With so many options, it's easy for stoners to find one that best fits their budget.

Why Our Mystery Box Is The Best Weed Subscription Box

There are hundreds of cannabis boxes available online, but some stand out from the rest. World of Bongs has the best value for dab accessories and weed accessories when it comes to stoner boxes.

The brand keeps prices low and curates an exciting selection of options for every customer.

Subscribers to World of Bong's Mystery Box will be surprised with a gorgeous selection of accessories every month. The site delivers on vapes, papers, glass, and everything else a stoner needs.

Not only does WoB have the best value for the most accessories, but it offers five different size options from $25 to $500. Customers are promised a selection of goodies worth 1 ½ to 2 times the price of the box. The value of the products makes it an excellent choice for regular smokers and anyone who likes to keep a running collection of new products.

The Mystery Box from World of Bongs is the perfect gift for a stoner and a great investment for weed lovers.

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