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Top 10 Best Bong Bowls For Sale

Best Bong Bowls For Sale Online

You can’t smoke with just a bong. You need weed or something to smoke as well as accessories. One of these things you’ll need is a bowl. 

A bowl piece for a bong is something you put on the bong itself. It is arguably the most important part, as it is used to hold whatever it is you’re smoking. There are different types of bowls though. Some for grounded weed, some for big buds, etc. There are many bong bowl shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look through the different types. 

Different Types Of Bong Bowls

Waffle Bowl

A waffle bowl is a bowl used for maximum filtration. It has holes in it which enables easier and better filtration. More people might choose this option due to the filtration. 

    Rubber Grommet Downstem Bowls

    A rubber grommet secures the downstem to the bong. It can tighten the slider to the bong. The rubber grommet bowl, however, sometimes does not fit into the bong, so many might go for a different option. 

      Standard Bowl

      This bowl comes with many bongs and is the standard. It is different from the waffle bowl in that it only has one hole at the bottom. 

        Ice Catcher

        For this bowl, it is best to avoid fine-ground products. It has a fairly large hole at the bottom, so if your herb was powdery, it would fall straight through. 

          Our Top 10 Bong Bowls (Male & Female)

          In this article we are gonna list the top 10 bongs for sale at our store, World of Bongs. We have the best bongs, bowls, and smoking accessories on the market today. We carry many different brands and retailers, including some originals. So, here is the list for the best bowls for bongs. 

          Fat Bong Bowl (Female & 14mm)

          Fat Bong Bowl Female 14mm

            A larger or “fat” bong bowl piece is perfect for those who want to share their weed in a group setting. If you’re going to a party or just relaxing with friends at home then the “Fat Bong Bowl” is for just that. Having a large bowl also is preferred by people with a high weed tolerance so you can smoke more with less refills. The simple design makes the glass bowl very cheap and affordable for those on a budget. It’s also a female bowl bong which means that it goes over a male joint. The bong bowl size is 14mm in diameter and slides tightly onto most bongs. It retails for $6.99.

            Fancy Bong Bowl (Male & 14mm)

            Fancy Bong Bowl Male 14mm

              This glass bowl for bongs is made for those looking for affordable bowls but wish for a more refined look to their smoking experience. The gorgeous bowl comes in a green and blue finish for elegant bongs that need that fancy finish. High quality glass is long lasting and has a simple yet interesting look to it. This male 14mm bong bowl does not get hot when smoking, allowing you to lift it up while you inhale. You can’t go wrong with this affordable glass bowl. It is $9.99.

              Slide Bowl (Male & 14mm)

              Slide Bowl Male 14mm

                A great bong bowl replacement for those who need a bowl for their 14mm joint. It slides right in a Mini Beaker, Eyce Beaker, bongs like that. Made of a strong borosilicate glass that is long lasting and heat resistant. As an Eyce glass slide, it is good both in price and quality making it a choice that is hard to resist. Simple in design and low in cost, it is incredibly practical in use and a no brainer to purchase. A great bong bowl replacement and a great starting point for newcomers, it has a little bit of everything for everyone. You can buy this slide bowl for $9.99.

                Spider Guy Color Glass Bowl (Male & 14mm/18mm)

                Spider Guy Bong Bowl

                  If you’re not a fan of the simple design and want something more interesting than just a plain glass bowl, then this is the bowl for you. An intricate design with great detail that looks like a spider themed hero. The bowl is also a larger design that can hold a large amount of weed. There are also a multitude of choices in the form of color and the diameter of the bowl. You can get the bowl in the colors of pink, black, geen, and yellow to spice up the color skeme of your bonk. The choice of bong bowl sizes lets you use this head for both your 14mm and your 18mm joints. Not to mention that it’s only $9.99 making it a very fun and affordable option. 

                  Fat Bong Bowl (Male & 14mm)

                  Fat Bong Bowl Male

                    This is just like the fat female bong bowl, but it is a male. It is still a perfect way to share with friends or just keep it for yourself. It is clear and made of durable glass, so you won’t need a replacement for a while. You can get it for $9.99.

                    Double B’s Boobies Double Bowl By Empire Glassworks (14.5mm)

                    Boobie Bowl Male 14mm

                      They say laughter is the best medicine, so if you’d like to give your friends or significant other a good dose of medicine buy this humorous glass bong bowl. Every pair of double B’s is individually hand made making each set special and unique in their own way. The bong bowl is made to resemble a pair of succulent, tit-ilating female breasts and each breast has a cup for holding weed. That allows you to share a bong by lighting up multiple hits and once. You won’t run out of weed to share in this pyrex glass bong bowl. 14.5mm in diameter and is, ironically enough, male. Do act fast though, supplies are limited and only available while time lasts. You can get it now for the nice price of $69.99.

                      Sunflower Bowl By Empire Glassworks (Male & 14.5mm)

                      Sunflower Bowl Male

                        On the other side of the beautiful bowl spectrum is that of the Sunflower bowl made by the Empire Glassworks. A cute bowl that is designed to look like a pretty sunflower with eight petals around the center where the weed is held. On one of the petals sets an adorable bumbling buzzing little honey bee doing what he can to politate your herbs. Hand crafted, made of long lasting borosilate glass, and a true work of art for those who appreciate the naturalness in what they smoke. 14.5mm male and single holed. Available while supplies last. You can get this bowl with the gentle fellow for $59.99

                        Jawsome Shark Bowl By Empire Glassworks (Male & 14mm)

                        Shark Bong Bowl Male

                          For underwater nature lovers and fans of classic films comes the “Jawsome” shark bowl. Stick your weed and lighter in the mouth of a fearsome wild Great White Shark. A grey and white beast of the water leaps into the air mouth open with teeth showing. The amazing detail even lets you see and feel the gills along the outside of the shark. Every shark is crafted by hand out of tough borosilicate glass and with respect for the mighty creature. A 14.5mm male direct inject joint that will get all your friends and guests shaking with fear. As for all Empire glasswork, or available for a limited time. It’s $59.99.

                          Space Cruiser Bowl By Empire Glassworks (Male & 14.5mm)

                            An out of this world glass bong bowl that will take you on a trip to the stars. Incredibly well crafted and cute, this rocketship will store your weed in its back haul. Light up and turn off the lights to see it glow in the dark. The spacecraft won’t break down on you as it is not only made with high quality borosilicate glass it is also infused with dichroic to help it out live the stars. Don’t wait to book your tickets for the space trip though, supplies are limited for this 14.5mm male joint. It is $59.99.

                            UV Horned Unicorn Bowl Empire Glassworks (Male & 14.5mm)

                            Unicorn Bong Bowl

                              Magical in nature, the unicorn glass bong bowl is mystical in its adorable appeal. A smooth, 14.5mm male, handcrafted childlike bowl that could make even the most hardened human think that it's cute. The horn blues a bright, spectacular yellow under UV light making it stand out from most other bowls. The tail and mane are a fabulous rainbow. The whole thing is made of high quality borosilicate glass. Perfect for any collection of whimsical weed products. It runs for $59.99.

                              There you have it. Our top ten best bowls for bongs on our website, World of Bongs. No matter what you’re into, we’re sure there will be a bowl for you. We have many different designs and types to choose from, as you could see from those that we just listed. We carry more too, these are just the top ten. There are plain options, colored options, and more. Any of the bowls mentioned above would be a great addition to any collection, new or old.  We sell bowls, but bongs, grinders, and everything in between. We even carry cleaning products to clean your bongs.  Make sure to visit our shop, World of Bongs, for every bong bowl for sale listed here and more. 

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