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Power Hitter Co

Power Hitter

The PowerHitter™ has always been the quickest and easiest way to extract the maximum potential from your joint. Old timers will immediately recognize this from their collection fondly as it was simply the funnest way to enjoy rolled smokes.

How does it work?
You simply insert a lit smoke into the special holder in the cap. Screw it on and and find the air hole. Cover it with your finger and just "Grip It and Rip It!" 

It shoots out a steady heady long white straw of smoke that you inhale inches away from your mouth making it one of the safest ways to share a smoke. No more wet passes! No more cooties!

We’ve taken this classic design and updated it with modern materials to create the next generation of the ultimate smoking device.  

Be the first in your group to own one!

Power Hitter Instructions

Enjoy cootie free smoking as the nozzle never touches your mouth.

Don't Lip It! Just Grip It and Rip It!