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Top 10 Unique and Cool Bongs

Top 10 Unique and Cool Bongs Online

A limited amount of bongs is being sold at any local smoke shop. Nonetheless, many new types of water pipes have advanced filtration percolators. The best can be found for sale in our online head shop. We are stoners out there to provide the coolest bongs that you're not typically going to find at your local smoke shop nearby. It is for that exact reason that this guide was created. 

Contrary to popular belief, the bong market is quickly moving and unique. Individuals are constantly developing ways to create the smoothest hits or unique designs to add to the experience. These bongs can come in all shapes and sizes, making them potentially intimidating for some. They range in size from those around 5 inches to those nearing two feet, and some that do not even look like a bong. 

This guide features some unique and cool bongs  that are currently on the market. No one ever said that bongs can't have personality as well. These are great gifts for individuals looking to add to a collection or those hoping to find something sure to stand out. This top 10 list of unique and cool bongs is excellent for those who want to add something new to their arsenal. 



1. Walnut Wood Accented Beaker Bong ($240) 


This hand-crafted piece is a great addition to any collection. This sleek design By Marley Natural is great for those who enjoy a bong that is not only easy to use but also looks incredible. The combination of hand-blown borosilicate glass with black walnut wood provides a look that is aesthetically pleasing in addition to having all the great features of a quality bong. These features include a rounded mouthpiece, hidden 3 pinch ice catcher, and thick downstem, ensuring that this bong will be easy to use in addition to being durable. 

2. Top Puff Water Bottle Bong  $7.99


Discover the Top Puff  Water Bottle Bong, a standout entry in our list of cool bongs, known for its innovative design and versatility. Transform any standard water bottle into a fully functional bong with this ingenious attachment, making it a perfect pick for smokers seeking a cool, unique, and portable smoking solution.

3. 8” World Globe Bong - Glow in the Dark ($79)

This bong from On Point Glass is a perfect gift for the globe trotter in anyone’s life! This piece could easily be mistaken for a decorative piece because of its unique design. It can also be made into a dab rig simply by adding a piece, making it incredibly versatile to ensure that a customer is getting their money’s worth. Available in two different colors, this bong is sure to draw anyone’s attention. It also glows in the dark to add an even cooler look! For any stoner who is looking for something that is both versatile and blends in as a decorative piece, look no further than this cool world globe bong! 

4. Bowlman Lantern Glass Bong ($59) 


Introducing the Bowlman Lantern Bong by Hemper, a highlight in our collection of cool bongs. Available in two sizes, this unique bong combines artistic design with practical functionality, offering an eye-catching, efficient way to enjoy your smoking sessions. 

5. Sundae Cookie Monster Mini Bong - Empire Glassworks

Dive into a world of whimsical delight with the Cookie Monster Sundae Bong by Empire Glassworks, an iconic addition to our curated selection of cool bongs. Crafted with precision and care in the USA, this heady glass bong stands out for its unparalleled quality and artistic flair. It captures the playful essence of the beloved Cookie Monster in a delicious sundae theme, making every smoking session not just an experience, but a vibrant celebration of artistry and craftsmanship.

6.  Mystery Bong from World of Bongs ($50) 

The perfect special gift for any Mystery lover, and sure for yourself. World of bongs experts choose the bong for you - and it’s always good choice. In addition, you get bonus product in every Mystery Bong Box.  Every mystery bong box is unique.


7. Knuckle Glass Water Pipe ($62)


Now You can take a punch 🥊 and an hit 💨 at the same time. This Knuckle glass water pipe is the 2nd generation of the viral best selling knuckle glass bubbler

8. GRAV Menorah Bong

Experience a fusion of tradition and innovation with the Grav Labs Menorah Bong, a unique centerpiece in our collection of cool bongs. Designed by the renowned Grav Labs, this piece is not only a functional bong but also an artistic statement, blending the ceremonial beauty of a menorah with the modern functionality of high-quality glass smoking apparatus.

9. Cobra Snake Bong on Sale $37.99


A must-have for any smoker interested in snakes. T
he glass cobra snake mini bong stands 6.5 inches tall. Featuring a diffused downstem, you're guaranteed to experience smoother and cooler smoke by increasing the surface area of the smoke. Beautifully crafted Cool and unique bong.


10. The Knockout - Beer Bong ($39) 


Talking about cool bongs for parties?! For those who have seen the multiple college-themed Tik Toks or Instagram Reels of one brave individual chugging a beer and then taking a hit, look no further. This product was designed to make the transition from smoking to chugging as efficient as possible. Simply by flipping over the bong and using the large mouthpiece, any individual can easily chug their beer of choice. However, using the smaller opening, there is also the option to take a hit. This unique piece is great to try at gatherings. It easily disassembles and is dishwasher safe, making it easy to transport for those summer parties. For those who are a bit intimidated, not to worry, there are a number of videos online that describe how to use it. 

The Best Online Head Shop For Cool Bongs 

We take a lot of pride being stoners and providing fellow cannabis smokers with the best water pipes. Find the unique and cool bongs from our online smoke shop and save! These water pipes provide a unique way for stoners to add a bit of personality to their collection. From unique shapes and sizes to eye-catching designs, these bongs will make anyone stand out in a smoking session. They range from clever designs that, at first glance, do not even seem like a bong to those that take numerous elements of a good bong and put them together. Either of these designs does not sacrifice the necessity of a smooth hit, bowls that pack a large amount of weed, or durability. These features must be included to have a great smoking experience, but that does not mean that style and design have to be sacrificed in the process. These unique and cool bongs are great to show off individuality while also maintaining the necessary elements of a good hit.

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