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Top 10 Best Portable Size Dab Rigs for Sale

We take a look at the top 10 most portable dab rigs for sale from our online head shop store. 

Dabbing concentrates is an increasingly popular way to ingest cannabis because of the incredibly potent high it provides. Mini dab rigs are also easier to clear. Because the chamber in a mini rig is smaller, the user can more easily inhale and clear it. There’s no need to take excessively large breaths with a small rig.

The 10 best portable size dab rigs for sale from World of Bongs

Dabbing rigs can be found available at local smoke shops nearby. A small dab rig offers a water filtration vaping concentrate solution. Because of the small size, it will be a direct to the lungs feeling but with cool vapor. Dabbing is popular because of its high potency and effects. But also for smokers who care about the taste of their concentrate, portable dab rigs are the way to go. Less water in the rig means less dilution of the vapor and therefore more flavor.

One of the best benefits of portable dab rigs is the mobility they provide. Instead of only dabbing at home, owners of smaller rigs can bring them to friend’s houses and on other adventures. There are numerous portable dab rigs on the market, but the best options can be found at World of Bongs.

10. Barracuda Tulip Mini Bong from DankStop
Barracuda Bong

One of the most cool glass dab rigs available from our online head shop. Modeled after a radiant tulip, this equally aesthetic mini bong has a lot to offer. Though it comes in a small, compact shape, the Tulip Bong is anything but harmless.

DankStop’s small dab rig gives anyone lucky enough to partake a powerful, smooth hit. The sherlock neck and leaf accents on the bowl joint scream class and elegance. Simultaneously, the bong’s vibrant green body and blazing red tulip bowl piece are both dazzling. The final look is a striking piece with an even more intense hit.

The Barracuda Tulip Mini works with dry herb or concentrate and includes a 14mm tulip bowl piece. Its compact size of 5” by 2” makes it extra portable, and the 4mm thick glass ensures its safety. For a portable mini rig with an intense hit, the Barracuda is the way to go.

9. Jammer Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal Mini Jammer

Made with extra-thickborosilicate glass, the Jammer glass dab rig stands at a mini 4.25 inches tall. The Jammer gives a pristine smoke in a compact size, and is available for under 50 from our online smoke shop. MJ Arsenal offers a no-frills device for travel, home use, and any adventure.

MJA emphasizes the benefit of a portable smoke - with a compact size, no flavor is lost for a quick hit. The Jammer always provides that famously potent MJA hit. With a reinforced base-connected perc, the Jammer has stability and security in its seamless connection.

The mini rig comes with a flat top quartz bucket for the ultimate dab, and definitely one of the best mini dab rig choices from our online smoke shop.  MJA’s custom quartz bucket gives the most flavorful, best burning effect so users can efficiently dab their favorite concentrate. For a classic, portable rig, MJ Arsenal offers the beautiful, effective Jammer. 

8. Silicone Bubbler Rig II from Eyce

Eyce Rig 2.0

Eyce’s Silicone Bubbler Rig II is a durable dabbing rig with the ultimate portability. Made with thick silicone walls and a titanium nail, this travel rig will stay super safe, regardless of the adventure. Pick up this silicone dabbing rig from our online smoke shop for $44.99.

The Silicone Bubbler Rig 2.0 is upgraded from the already innovative Rig 1.0. Experienced Eyce users will appreciate all the advancements, and new users will love everything the Eyce has to offer. Version 2.0 has a new 10mm glass collar, reinforced chamber walls, and a tool slot, among other features.

Extreme stability and a heat barrier will keep the silicone dab rig protected, even with extensive use. A thick silicone stem cap adds to the already smooth smoke of the bubbler. The rig also holds all of the needed tools in its silicone tool slot - including the titanium nail. A secure container rounds this mini dab rig up as an incredibly useful rig and carrier, all in one.

7. Mini Jig Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal Jig

Grab this awesome mini dab rig from our online head shop for only $55. The MJ Arsenal offers another potent punch in a compact container with the Mini Jig Rig. With the portability of a bowl and the potency of a standard-sized dab, this rig is ideal for active dabbers.

The mini rig is handcrafted with 100% borosilicate glass for exceptional durability. It also uses a 2.4-inch base to stand upright. The 10 mm connection and quartz bucket included with the rig allow anyone to get started dabbing right away.

Even better, there is a storage jar incorporated into the glass of the body. Users can store their best concentrate in an airtight container to shield it from the elements. With an affixed storage component for concentrate, this rig is all set to go on an adventure without additional supplies!

6. Egg Mini Rig Bong from World of Bongs

Egg Mini Rig

A lot of local smoke shops carry the egg style mini dab rigs because of their popularity. Portability and multiple functions make this mini rig a great choice for dabbers and bong lovers alike. The 6-inch mini bong allows users to smoke or dab, depending on their mood. Made with beautiful crystalline glass, the material provides durability for travels and adventures.

The Egg Mini Rig Bong is distinct, with options for both bong and dab use. It comes with a banger and a bowl, so it’s up to users which they want to try out first. The 90-degree, 14 mm female joint works with the included 14 mm male joint and 14 mm banger.

With an expansive, egg-shaped body, dabbers can watch their smoke unfurl through the clear chamber. Then, they can inhale the smoothest tasting smoke or dab.

5. Lemon Wedge Dab Rig from World of Bongs

Lemon Wedge Dab Rig

The adorable Lemon Wedge offers a sweet and citrus dab with its unique design, of course not literally unless your dabbing some concentrate with lemon notes.  Don’t let its cute look fool you - this rig packs a punch. At 7 inches, the Lemon Wedge Dab Rig is a perfectly portable and display-worthy piece.

The adorable citrus shape is accented with a classic diner-style straw mouthpiece. Dabbers can take a trip down memory lane when they pull through the straw as if they’re drinking a lemon smoothie.

World of Bongs offers this dab rig with an included banger. Buyers can get to dabbing as soon as the piece arrives. The lemon shape offers surprising stability despite its dainty appearance. Smokers can get ready for summer with this refreshing twist on a classic rig! Buy this awesome mini dab rig today from our online smoke shop for only $55.

4. Triple Ball Recycler Bong from World of Bongs

3 Ball Dab Rig

Good luck finding this awesome mini dab rig for sale at your local smoke shop. Adorned with sapphire spheres, this recycler bong is a mesmerizing portable pick for any dabber. It’s a bong and a rig all-in-one for another multi-purpose piece! At 7.5”, it’s small enough to take on travel but big enough for stationary adventures too.

The inline perc offers dabbers and smokers a smooth hit that’s easy to light. A recycling design also gives users a super cool, extremely filtered hit. Filtration never ends with the recycler design looping inside the piece for extra percolation.

It comes with a 14mm bowl and 4mm banger for both combined uses. Smokers and dabbers can expect a potent pull, every time. With a beautiful blue design and extra filtration, the Triple Ball Recycler Bong Rig is a perfect choice for any mobile cannabis enthusiast.

3. Quack Bong Rig from On Point Glass


A quacky take on the classic mini rig, this out-of-this-world bong displays a sleek duck with a cute style. The 6-inch portable rig has a mouthpiece on top of the duck’s head, connecting to a colorfully winding downstem. Users can see an even tinier duck face at the foot of the downstem for double-duck-trouble.

The Quack bong comes with a 14mm bowl with a funnel slider and a 4mm banger for multiple uses. On Point Glass offers users the chance to choose their own adventure with this duck dab and bong. Simply use the right tool and a smoke sesh changes to a dab sesh in seconds.

With a quacky look and a variety of functions, this Quack Bong Rig is the perfect portable addition.

2. Heavy Duty Riggler Set from Higher Standards

Riggler Set Dab Rig

Nothing is better than a set that comes with everything a dabber needs for the best concentrate experience. Higher Standards gives dabbers that option with the Heavy Duty Riggler Set at World of Bongs. 

The medical-gradeborosilicate glass is 7mm thick for the safest mobility. Not only that, but the sturdy base keeps the Riggler upright, no matter the occasion. Included with the mini dab rig are a fixed diffused downstem, quartz banger, glass bowl, and an airtight carb cap. In addition, the Riggler comes with a silicone-gripped concentrate tool for the best management and dosage of concentrate.

Higher Standards lives up to its name with a small dab rig that provides fuller and denser pulls for a paramount dab.

1. Heavy Duty Rig Set from Higher Standards

Heavy Duty Dab Set

Higher Standards overwhelms dabbers with class in this sleek portable dab rig. Handcrafted from medical-grade borosilicate glass, the rig lives up to its “Heavy Duty” name. The glass is 7mm thick for a solid feel and optimal durability.

The inline percolator creates a perfectly filtered inhale, and a quartz banger gives the best flavor transfer possible. With its broad mouthpiece, users can expect undiluted airflow and a full, potent inhale. An airtight chamber and diffused downstem finish off this fully-featured dab rig.

Brilliant design in a compact body makes this delightful mini rig ideal for mobile adventures and dabbing at home.

Buy The Best Mini Dab Rigs From The Best Online Smoke Shop

Find only premium portable dab rigs from our online head shop store, and this is because we refuse to carry anything less. We understand the need for a great bong hit and are here to help you acquire just that with our variety of portable bongs for sale.

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