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Top 10 Glass Herb Pipes for Sale

It does not need to be difficult or time-consuming to find out which are the best weed pipes available for sale.  Here at World of Bongs, we have one of the biggest selections of pipes for weed available! Smoking a bowl is still the preferred way to consume weed among many users. 
It’s classic, safe, and simple. The influx of new products hasn’t left weed pipes in the dust, though; with so many different new pipe designs out there, it can be hard to know what the best ones are and where to buy them.  That’s why here at World of Bongs, we’re narrowing it down with the top 10 weed pipes for sale in 2021!

1. Glass Spoon Pipe with Wood Accents

Marley Natural Spoon Pipe
This beautiful weed pipe
gives usThoreau meditating in the woodsvibes. Marley Natural made this dry spoon hand pipe with glass for the bowl piece and a classy cherry-colored wood for the pipe.  There is also a flat wood section below the glass bowl, making it easy to set down the pipe on any surface and have it stand up on its own, as well as prevent breakage of the glass bowl.  The pipe can also be broken down into three small pieces to make cleaning and traveling with the piece easy as pie.  If you want to look suave and sophisticated while toking a bowl, this wooden weed pipe is definitely the one for you.

2. Hammer Style Bubbler with Colored Accents

Hammer Style Bubbler with Colored Accents
The hummer bubbler is the perfect example of the simplistic innovation happening over at Grav Labs.  The intuitive structure of this hand pipe makes so much sense; you’ll wonder why every pipe for weed doesn’t look this way.  As you’ve probably guessed, the Hammer Style Bubbler is shaped like a hammer, which allows for a straight pipe and a vertically oriented tube when smoking and a stable triangular structure when set on a surface.  There are even ridges on the ends to prevent any tipsy-topsy action when set down.  To use, simply pour water through the hole beside the bowl, pack the bowl, and light up.  The water in the base percolates the smoke and gives a milky cool inhale every time.  This weed pipe is the perfect intersection between a bubbler and a hand pipe—genius!

3. Sherlock Hand Pipe

Sherlock Pipe 7 Inch
This 7” Sherlock Hand Pipe has an eye-catching design and is sure to make you feel like the coolest person around town.  This classic pipe is inspired by the traditional Sherlock Holmes tobacco pipe but with a funky modern twist.  It sits at 7” inches long and is made with thick, durable glass.  The lengthy design allows for extra cooling time for your smoke, so you’ll never be hit with a hot inhale that gets you all choked up.  The ridges along the tube make gripping this bad boy easy, and the bump below the bowl lets you set it down on any surface while you regroup from that hit you just smoked!

4. K. Haring Spoon Pipe

K Haring Spoon Pipe
Tap into your inner artist with the 
K. Haring Spoon Pipe made by the K. Haring Glass Collection.  The legendary designs of Keith Haring shine through with this one-of-a-kind hammer-style hand pipe.  Light up a bowl and meditate on the symbolism of his artwork, which represents potential, purity, goodness, and youthfulness.  This weed pipe is made from durable yet lightweight borosilicate glass and features a flat mouthpiece and ergonomic grip.  The large base below the bowl gives the smoke adequate space to whirl around before reaching your mouth, so you can expect a cool inhale every time.  Who says art can’t be logical?

5. Silicone Spoon Pipe

Silicone Spoon Pipe
This Silicone Spoon Pipe
made by Eyce is a fool-proof way to toke a bowl.  The design takes on the classic pipe look but adds a whole new dimension of durability.  The glass bowl and pipe tube are surrounded by silicone, making it extra ergonomic and comfortable to hold.  Not to mention, the silicone is a heat protectant that keeps the hot glass from burning any surfaces or holes in your pockets.  The Silicone Spoon Pipe also has convenient sections on the bottom that can hold your poker and fresh bud.  A variety of marbled colors means that you can easily pick one to match your style and ensure that you never look boring.  Functional yet fun really is the name of the game.

6. K. Haring Bubbler

K Haring Bubbler
K. Haring Glass Collection brings us another epic piece with their K. Haring Bubbler.  Cheer up your daily toke with the renowned artist Keith Haring’s joyous art symbols and bold primary colors.  This bubbler is a slightly tweaked version of the classic beaker style, with an 8-slit showerhead percolator at the bottom and thick, borosilicate glass.  You’ll be sure to get a perfectly pure and cooled-down hit as you look down upon the fun heat-protected design placed at the base.  It tends to look like the unique figures at the bottom are dancing in the bubbles as you percolate your hit—a sure way to lift your mood!  The bowl and mouthpiece are fixed in place, making this bubbler an easy travel partner for any occasion.

7.  Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe with glycerin 

You need this Freeze Hand Pipe - The only hand pipes you can freeze. Read more about the freeze pipe and get in now at World of Bongs - The home For Hand Pipes and all sort of Glass Art Bongs and Smoking Accessories.

8. Silicone Hammer Style Bubbler

Eyce Hammer Bubbler
Another functional piece from 
Eyce that hits the nail on the head. The Silicone Hammer Style Bubbler brings hammer pipes to another level with its superb form and functionality.  All your needs will be met with all the handy customizations on this piece.  It features a hidden jar at the base for you to store your weed and keep it fresh, as well as a steel poker tool with its own spot on the piece for easy storage.  The 10mm bowl is made from durable borosilicate glass that snaps in and out for effortless cleaning.  If you need more to impress you, you’ll be glad to know that this beast has an ice chamber as well as the usual section for water, so you can literally bring on the chill to your chill session and have an extra cooled-down smoke.  The platinum-cured silicone means that your piece is virtually unbreakable and that the chance of burning your pockets or table is zero to none.  Oh, and if you happen to have Eyce’s Silicone Bubbler Rig (or are in the market for one), the stem cap can be removed and used on that tabletop piece as well.  Phew! Did we get everything?

9. Water Droplet Cannabis Pipe

Water Droplet Pipe
This Pipe created by DankStop really does look like a droplet of water.  This is undoubtedly the smallest weed pipe on our list but will definitely still pack a punch.  The bowl leaves plenty of room for a lot of weed, so you can pack it full and still get a one-hit-wonder out of this quality piece.  The robustness of the pipe means that the smoke will still have plenty of space to travel, leaving you with a nice, smooth inhale.  This pipe is made with thick, durable glass that feels glossy and cool in your hands.  The beautiful blown glass designs will keep you mesmerized as you let yourself relax with a good old-fashioned hand pipe toke session.  Refresh yourself by taking a hit from the Water Droplet Pipe; it’s like a cool glass of water, but better.

10. PYPTEK Titan Metal Weed Pipe

Pyptek Titan
The PYPTEK Titan made by none other than PYPTEK is sure to blow your mind and leave you breathless (and high).  Many coin this beast of a pipe as the heavyweight champion of the hand pipe market.  The Titan puts durability first, as the borosilicate glass pipe is fitted into an external covering made from aircraft-grade aluminum.  Shock-absorbing rubber gaskets also protect the glass pipe within—these guys don’t mess around.  PYPTEK not only kept the design durable, but convenient, as all the pieces break down for easy cleaning and traveling. There’s also a screen located under the bowl that purifies the taste and blocks out embers and ash.  The expansion chamber is elongated for extra smooth hits every time and features a large carb cap for easy clearing.  Everything about this hand pipe is ergonomic, customizable, functional, and is just dripping in quality from head to toe!

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