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Top 10 Best Dab Nails For Sale

Dabbing has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years, and with it has dab nails for it too. It started with a titanium dab nail, and has evolved beyond that with other materials that provide a superior dabbing experience with cannabis concentrates. The best dab nails for sale today are mostly made from quartz glass and ceramic.

Dabbing is the perfect solution for users with a high tolerance. It’s a quick and efficient way to get incredibly high as dabs have a much higher THC concentration than traditional flower. Dab nails for sale continue to get innovated with major improvements, and we take a look at the best out this year available on our website.

Dabs generally are smoked in a “smoking rig”, otherwise referred to as an “Oil Rig”. The rig consists of 5 different moving parts: 

  • A Mouthpiece 
  • A Glass Gome 
  • A Downstem 
  • A Chamber 
  • A Dab Nail 

Dab nails are an essential part of the dabbing experience. Dab nails are small pieces that users heat up to vaporize their concentrate. Dab nails come in different sizes and are made of different materials. There are 4 main types of dab nails. 

  • Ceramic - These retain heat for a long time, taste good, and are very easy to clean. They aren’t the most durable, but they are very affordable, making them a good beginner dab nail. 
  • Glass - Glass dab nails heat quickly - much faster than ceramic. They hold heat well but can break easily and need to be heated evenly to avoid shattering
  • Quartz - Quartz dabbing nails provide clean, smooth hits at a lower temperature. They are more durable than glass or ceramic and heat up very quickly. However, they don’t hold heat as long as other materials. 
  • Titanium - Titanium is incredibly durable, and though it takes a while to heat it, it holds heat longer than any other material. They are the most expensive type of dab nail 

There is no correct type of dab nail. Choosing one is a matter of what you prioritize - some people value durability while others want faster heating times. To get you started, this article shows some of the best dab nails offered on
quartz banger

10. Quartz Banger Nail Bundle (Female)

People love Quartz and claim they are the best dab nails because of the flavor from it with dabbing concentrates. The Quartz Banger Nail Bundle is a domeless dab nail with a bent tube to prevent overheating stress and breakage. This innovative dab nail emphasizes functionality and comes in both genders, 45 and 90-degree angles, and 10, 14, and 18 mm sizes. 

You can buy this dab nail here.

Quartz Core Banger

9. Quartz Core Reactor Dab Nail

The Quartz Core Reactor Banger Nail comes with a large surface area and high walls for beginner dabbers who struggle with precision. It’s a versatile dab nail that comes in 45 or 90-degree angles to help provide a level surface compatible with any dab set up. 

Users can choose their gender, and the dab nail is available in 14 and 18 mm. 

You can buy this dab nail and more on our dabbing rig accessories section on world of bongs.

8. Quartz Banger Nail 

LavaTech’s Quartz Banger Nail is a sleek circular nail that retains heat and is easy to clean. The dab nail comes in male or female options, and you can get it at a 45 or 90-degree angle. Users can choose 10, 14, or 18 mm sizes to fit perfectly with their unique rig setups. 

The quartz dab nail is also designed to fit with most carb caps. 

You can buy this dab nail here for less than $10

Holy Quartz Banger

7. Holy Grail 2mm Quartz  Banger Nail

The Holy Grail Banger Nail is a wide nail with a slitted dish for increased airflow. This means users can get bigger rips due to increased circulation. The wideness of the nail also allows easier usage and protection from overheating. 

The dab nail comes in male or female and users can choose sizes 14 and 18mm. 

Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Nail

6. Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Nail

LavaTech’s Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Nail is designed to help you get the most out of your concentrate. Users simply place their dabs in the bottom dish and see their dabs get sucked into a middle container. The terp “slurping” effect helps ensure that the entirety of the dab is vaporized. 

The dab nail also comes with a ball carp cap to ensure that no concentrate is wasted! 

You can buy this Terp Slurper Quartz Banger on our website for less than $20.

5. Thermal Banger Nail

Thermal Banger Nail uses an innovative inset design to prevent any concentrate from getting stuck in the neck of the dab nail. That means absolutely no concentrate is wasted! It’s compatible with 45 and 90-degree angles and users can choose between male or female genders.

4. Female Domeless Titanium Nail

LavaTech’s Female Domeless Titanium dab nail uses domeless technology to help the nail heat up faster than most titanium dab nails do. 

The nail has a female joint and is insanely durable. It’ll survive bumps and even drops, all while boasting the great heat retention that titanium is known for. The dab nail also doesn’t alter the flavor of your concentrate, making it perfect for those who want to taste their dab’s natural terpenes. 

3. Quartz Capsule Banger Nail

The Quartz Capsule Banger Nail comes with an elongated nail for users who want to take huge hits that pack a punch. The dab nail is clear and sleek, so users can watch their bubbler or rig in action! 

Users can choose between 14 and 18 mm and have the option of male or female. 

Dual Quartz Banger Nail

2. Dual Quartz Banger Nail

The Dual Quartz Banger Nail uses an innovative twin nail technology to provide superior airflow. Both nails can be used simultaneously for those who want massive hits. 

These nails retain heat for a while and are perfect for those with a high tolerance who want more bang for their buck. These quartz dab nails come in male or female and can be bought in 14 or 18 mm sizes. 

Polished Banger Nail with Opaque Cup Insert

1. Polished Banger Nail with Opaque Cup Insert

LavaTech’s Polished Banger Nail comes with an opaque cup insert that slides in and out easily for fast and efficient clean-up. This is a thermal banger dab nail, meaning that it will retain heat longer at a controlled temperature. This comes in handy in group settings, as users can take multiple hits without the dab nail going out. 

The cup has a thick white base to help prevent cracking from constant heat. Users can choose gender, joint angle, and 10, 14, and 18 mm sizes options. 


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