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How To Make A Water Bottle Bong - A Step By Step Guide

How To Make a Water Bottle Bong - Step By Step Guide

It has happened to all of us at some point. You're at home, and your only piece of glass breaks. Your cat might have knocked it on the tiles, it broke while cleaning, or your butterfingers let it slip mid-toke. As you stand over your tragically broken bong (with a tear slowly trailing down your cheek), you wonder how you'll get through the next few days of smoke sessions without a real bong (Hint: it's a water bottle bong).

But, stoners are crafty. You aren't the only one who has broken a bong and found themselves suddenly at a loss for how to smoke that premium bud they just purchased. It's time to get creative and build a water bottle bong — and all from materials you likely already have laying around your house.

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It's a DIY Water Bottle Bong Journey

At the end of this step by step guide, including detailed pictures and a youtube instructional video, we guide you to building your very own functional water bottle bong. Most importantly, you'll need nothing more than an empty water bottle, a lighter, and a few other easy-to-find items from your house.

Besides being affordable, it's also reusing plastic! We all want to increase the amount of reducing, reusing, and recycling we do, and the water bottle bong is an excellent tactic. First, it reuses a plastic water bottle. Second, when you've finally bought a new bong, you can disassemble the temporary bong and recycle the components. It's a great way to save the environment, one water bottle at a time.

A friendly reminder: eventually, you'll need to buy a new bong. A plastic water bottle will get you through a crisis in a pinch, but these materials were never designed for smoking out of. Plastics may degrade when exposed to heat and hot air. Over time, we can only imagine what these materials are doing to your lungs. 

What's more? A water-bottle bong isn't necessarily a classy look. How would you feel if one of your friends brought over a piece of recycled plastic instead of a bong for the next group smoke session? Be honest. You'd hold judgement. 

So, use the water-bottle bong to tide-you-over until you buy a replacement bong. This will save your respiratory tract and your stoner confidence. 

Let us guide you to making a bong out of a water bottle to help you out in this dire situation. We just want to make it known that this isn't a very healthy way of consuming cannabis. We can only recommend this method when there are no other available options.

What You Need For a Water Bottle Bong

Although you are very likely getting crafty as a last resort and in sheer desperation, the good news is you don't need many tools. You should already have all the components sitting around your house, in your stash box, and in your junk drawer.

Here is what you need for making a bong from a water bottle:

  • Empty Water Bottle (any size)
  • Lighter
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Toothpick or skewer
  • Cheap Ball Point Pen

Don't have any water bottles? Good for you! You are saving the earth one water bottle at a time. You can use any plastic beverage bottle you have lying around, from soda to juice to energy drinks. Just ensure they have been well-washed before you start turning them into bongs.

What kind of pen doesn't necessarily matter either. All we are looking for is a solid plastic tube.

What You need to make a water bottle bong

How to Make a Water Bottle Bong - Step by Step

Disassemble All The Parts

  1. Disassemble the water bottle by removing the label and lid. The water bottle becomes the bong chamber, and the opening becomes the mouthpiece.
  2. Disassemble the ballpoint pen, taking all the components apart until you are left with only the long empty plastic tube. This becomes the down stem. 

Insert The Downstem And Burn a Choke Hole

  1. Use the lighter to burn a small hole into the side of the plastic water bottle. It should be about a third of the way up from the bottom. Remember to burn, not cut the hole, because we need to melt the plastic until it's soft, pliable, and sticky still.
  2. Once you have burned the hole, quickly push the downstem (plastic pen tube) inside the water bottle through this hole. With the plastic still soft, it will seal nicely. Be careful not to touch the melted plastic while it's hot, as it can stick to your skin and keep
    Light up the bong water bottle for the downstem

Put downstem into water bottle bong

Make a Shoot Hole (optional)

  1. Burn a second hole for the choke (aka shoot hole). Place on the other side of the bottle from the downstem hole, roughly a third of the way up from the bottom again.

Make a Bowl

  1. Take a piece of aluminum foil and form it into a bowl around the toothpick or skewer. It doesn't so much matter how you accomplish this, but you'll need to have a bowl shape to hold the bud that tapers down into a short, thin shaft. This part will eventually go into the down stem, so size appropriately.
  2. Slide the toothpick out, and use the pointy end to make a few extra holes moving from the bowl into the tapered end, which will help with airflow and act as a screen.
Tin Foil to make bong bowl

Attach The Bowl To The Downstem

  1. Set the tapered end of the bowl into the downstem.
  2. Using more aluminum foil, attach the bowl securely to the downstream. The bowl should be secure with as tight a seal as possible.
  3. Try sucking in air through the mouth of the bottle (finger on choke) to ensure that air moves smoothly through the bowl. If you need to open up the holes in the bowl a bit more, do so now.

Grind And Pack Your Bowl

  1. Grind your beautiful bud with a grinder (or another innovative method — who knows, maybe you broke your grinder too!). You may need a slightly larger grind than usual to ensure nothing falls through and clogs the holes.
  2. Pack the bowl just like you would a normal bong.

Add Water To The Water Bottle

  1. Pour water into the water bottle Bong through the mouth, about a quarter of the way up from the bottom. 

Fire It Up!

  1. Place your mouth to the mouthpiece and your hand over the choke.
  2. Bring the lighter to the bowl and fire it up.
  3. Inhale deeply to fill the chamber with smoke, and release when ready.
  4. Inhale to pull the smoke into your lungs.
  5. Enjoy!
Smoke water bottle bong

    DIY Water Bottle Bong: Too Much Work?

    Although smoking weed from an aluminum bowl and a plastic water bottle isn't suitable for the long term, we think it makes for an excellent crisis solution. If you have no other bongs, pipes, or bubblers laying around, you'll need something crafty to smoke out of!

    But, for long term use, we recommend you use glass, silicone, or ceramic bongs sold onWorld of Bongs. These are finely crafted, safe for high temperatures, and the healthiest options for your respiratory tract. 

    If you are desperate, though, tough times call for tough measures! Sometimes a water bottle bong is the only option on the table.

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    Ethan Jones

    Ethan Jones

    January 24, 2024

    Water bottle bongs are great for quickly getting high in a time of crunch. Everyone should try this.

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