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Top 10 Cute and Girly Bongs for Sale

Top 10 Cute Bongs for Sale

We went through our massive inventory of water pipes, and made a list of the top 10 girly and cute bongs for sale!

Every weed lover will say that their bong is the most beautiful piece of art they own. Not only are bongs the best way to show your personality, they’re also functional art.

Sometimes, you just want an adorable, girly bong to reflect your wonderfully cute personality. The great news is, World of Bongs offers plenty of options for that request!

From Glass art Bongs to beautiful ceramic or glass vases, World of Bongs offers the best options for every different style of bong.

Take these girly bongs with you on your adorable smoking adventures. Or, keep them in your home for a gorgeous piece of decor that will catch the eyes of everyone who visits!

Best 10 Cute Bongs for Sale at World of Bongs

The most girly and cute bongs for sale have been listed below from our huge selection of water pipes. We only included the best-selling bong options too!

Double Happiness By My Bud Vase

Double Happiness Vase Bong

Although there are a lot of cool and cheap water pipes for sale on this list, spending a little more will get you more. ThisBud Vase offers a gorgeous two-handled vase bong for display and function! You can expect a deep pull from the full porcelain body and deep blue crystal bowl. The delicate blue and white design is both girly and refined, and the dainty handles finish the look perfectly. It comes with a magnolia arrangement, so you can keep it on your table or shelf for an artistic addition to your home. For a cute twist on a timeless piece, look no further! 

This cute bong is not cheap, retailing at $250, but provides an excellent centerpiece for any smoking area. The design will even disguise the bong itself, and leave people to believe it's a Vase.

Now You can get this bong on sale at only $200. 

Burmëse Water Pipe

Burmëse Water Pipe

What’s better than an adorable bong that doubles as a gorgeous centerpiece? The
Burmëse Water Pipe is a striking piece of art with a serious hit included. A luscious gold and black snakeskin pattern covers the delicately-crafted porcelain. The gold-rim mouthpiece finishes the look for a beautiful piece of home decor that doubles as a killer bong. The water pipe stands at a tall 11” by 7.5” for a lungful of smoke. It also comes with a cute red velvet cherry blossom spray to add to the look! 

This girly water pipe retails for $225

Rose Water Pipe

Rose Bong
Roses are the key to every girl’s heart, and an elegant rose water pipe is the key to every bong lover’s heart! Keep things feminine and classic with this decadent
rose bong. It’s modeled after a vintage Victorian flower for the eternal beauty of a rose and function of a solid piece. Choose from pink or ivory, each with a rose relief. Instead of giving flowers, give this everlasting girly bong to someone you love! 

This girly bong can be purchased from our website for only $100! 

Pedro Mini Beaker Bong - Cheech and Chong

Pedro Bong
Pedro bong isn’t just cute because it’s mini and thick glass, it also has an aesthetic pink or white trim! Better yet, it rocks the logo for Cheech and Chong’s iconic movie “Up in Smoke.” If you’re a fan of the classic stoner comedy, then this little cute bong is right for you. The piece stands at 8-inches for a deep pull in a compact body. The pipe also comes with a showerhead diffuser downstem and 14.5mm female joint. The bowl even has a roll-stopper arm for easy removal and ash-prevention. Cheech and Chong would be proud to see you ripping this! 

Buy this cute and pink bong for sale right now for only $79.00.

Purple Beaker Bong

Chill Purple Bong
Simple and timeless, this modern
Purple Beaker Bong has everything you need in a water pipe with a psychedelic purple hue. Standing tall at 14 inches, the pipe will give you a long pull for the ultimate hit. It has an ice catcher so you can make your hits that much smoother. Chill Glass offers you a quality hit in a super cute package. Made from thick, durable glass, this piece can take whatever you throw at it. If you’re looking for an electric addition to complete your collection, this cute bong is great for anyone who loves the color purple.

Buy this purple water pipe for only $79.00.

Rachel Water Pipe

Rachel Bong
Are you a Rachel, a Monica, or a Phoebe? Well, if you’re a fun girly-girl, then you know your answer! With this soft
pink water pipe, you can achieve a smooth hit with every use. It’s adorned with light pink rosebuds for an adorable finish to an already beautiful piece. Not only can it function as your favorite new cute bong, but it will look great on your kitchen table! The piece is 6 inches tall for a full hit, and includes a cone-shaped bowl. Definitely one of the cutest bong options on this list! 

Pink Perfect Heart Shaped Bong

Pink Heart Bong
You’ll enjoy every hit you take from this adorable Pink Heart Bong 
. It’s made with thick borosilicate glass and comes with matching pink heart bowl. The Heart Bong is on Sale Now and you grab in in just $59. 

Gold Mini Bong Rig

Gold Mini Bong
For a multi-use bong in an adorable, compact package, this
Gold Mini Bong Rig takes the cake. World of Bong’s mini water pipe can also double as a dab rig! Simply add a banger to this piece and you’ve made your smoke into a dab! The gold-fumed design offers beautifully iridescent colors on the golden rig, and the mini size makes it perfectly portable. At 5.5 inches, the rig is ideal for travel or a night in. Although this is not a cheap water pipe for sale, there is a lot of value with the beautiful art and smoking functionality.

These are just some of many cute bongs for sale available on our website. We suggest browsing through all of our water pipes for a chance to find additional potential buying options. We also have a list of the best bongs for sale based on overall performance.

Buy this small bong for only $55.00.

Glow-in-the-Dark Lizard Bong

Lizard Glow in the Dark Bong
Lizards get a bad rap - they can be cute too! A lovable little
lizard clings to the side of this fantastic water pipe. Its vibrant colors and wrap-around tail will make this little guy your new best friend. It even glows in the dark! The beautifully detailed cute bong is 9-inches tall with a 14mm bowl for the perfect hit. With a firm basis and glow-in-the-dark features, this bong will stay safe no matter how high you get!

Grab this cool bong for sale today only at $49.99

Triumphant Elephant Bong

Elephant Bong
Take an exotic hit with this adorable
elephant bong. Give this lovely little elephant a peck on the lips when you inhale from the trunk mouthpiece. The durable, opalescent glass will catch everyone’s eye with its striking finish. It’s perfectly-sized at 6”, so you can take it with you anywhere for a pretty hit! Enjoy a new addition to your collection of creatures with this Triumphant Elephant Bong. This is a great cheap bong for anyone looking for something affordable and cute. 

Buy this potable water pipe for only $24.99.

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