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Best Silicone Bongs, Dab Rigs, Pipes For Sale

Best of Silicone Bongs, Dabbing Rigs and Pipes For Sale Online

Silicone is the new wave for bongs, rigs, and weed pipes. It offers more durability and style from other materials.

Because it’s durable, many silicone bongs and weed pipes are also travel-friendly. Silicone is remarkably easy to clean, and often even dishwasher safe!

Dabbing rigs and bongs made from silicone can include removable parts due to the pliant nature of silicone, but some silicone is thicker than others. With the flexible material, bong downstems, nozzles, and joints can be removed for cleaning.

Silicone pipes and bongs also provides a delicious smoking experience with cannabis. New silicone innovations are arriving with an even better capture of cannabis flavor.

For smokers who like to dab or toke in style, silicone is the way to go. 

Its vibrant, customizable colors allow anyone to find the piece that fits their style and personality. With its vibrant, customizable colors, you can truly express your personal style and let your personality shine.

With the numerous benefits of silicone, it’s hard to find the right piece! Luckily, World of Bongs offers the best options, all in one online shop. Discover the endless benefits of silicone with our wide range of high-quality pieces! At World of Bongs, we pride ourselves on offering the best options for all your smoking needs, conveniently available in one online shop.

Silicone Bongs For Sale

Below is a list of available water pipes for sale that are made out of silicone.

Cartoon Animated Bong

Cartoon Animated Silicone Bong

Every smoke session can do with a little animation, and this cartoon style silicone bong will do the trick. The colorful piece is an entertaining and incredibly functional addition to any stoner’s collection. Taking a spin on the classic beaker design, the bong offers all the potency of a beaker with some additional style.

It’s made from durable silicone for a tasty hit and a long-lasting product. The animated silicone bong comes with an equally durable 14 mm male bowl that works perfectly with the 14 mm female joint. Measuring 12 inches tall, this solid piece offers a super long pull for the most effective smoke. It’s 1.2 lbs, so it stays study, no matter the conditions. 

For a fun take on a classic beaker, smokers can enjoy this animated silicone bong. Splashed with dozens of zany characters, the bong will give a laugh to anyone who sees it.

Pineapple Silicone Bong

Adorable Pineapple Silicone Bong

Tokes get tropical with this cute little pineapple bong! The textured outside the green pineapple silicone bong makes for a tactile smoking experience, and the features will impress even seasoned smokers. For a refreshing hit, the Pineapple Silicone Bong is the way to go.

Not only is the silicone water pipe in an adorable package, but it also packs an extreme punch! It sits at 6.5 inches, so it’s perfect for travel or for relaxing at home. The silicone bong also presents a bent neck, so users can easily inhale without cramping their style.

With a funnel slider and a 14 mm male bowl, the bong comes equipped for a super sweet smoke session. The tropical design comes in vibrant green or chromatic yellow, so buyers can choose their fruity adventure.

Mini Silicone Beaker Bong Eyce

Mini Silicone Beaker Bong

The beaker shape is a classic look for a bong, but Eyce updates this already perfect style with new features. It holds a large hidden storage chamber in the base and a poker that slides nicely into place. Eyce also gives buyers a choice of multiple solid or marbled colors for a completely individualized bong.

The Mini Beaker Bong is even dishwasher safe! Smokers can easily keep their piece clean with the included tools and easy-to-wash capabilities. The bong downstem is silicone too for exceptional safety and cleanliness. At 3 inches, the base stays stable on tons of questionable surfaces.

The bong stands at 7.5 inches, so it’s ideal for travel, outdoor adventures, or even a chill session at home. With the best portability and exciting hidden features, Eyce offers another versatile piece for active bong lovers.

Silicone Dab Rigs For Sale

Don’t worry about dropping a silicone dab rig because it's not going to break. Check out the many dab rigs available for sale below that are made from silicone.

Rig 2.0 Eyce

Silicone Dab Rig

An updated version of an already exceptional piece, this silicone dabbing rig from Eyce is a fantastic choice for any dabber. The body is made from a platinum cured silicone, while the reversible nail consists of GR2 titanium. The result is an incredibly durable piece that’s super easy to clean.

With thick silicone walls and reinforced chambers, the concentrate flows artfully through the piece. In addition, the Rig 2.0 has a new 10 mm neck collar that supports heat resistance and the overall health of the silicone bubbler. The slots on this rig hold the necessary tools, as well as the 10 mm carb cap.

Not only is the piece portable, but the included stem cap can be used with the Eyce Hammer for dry material. For a masterful rendition of a classic pipe bubbler, the Silicone Rig 2.0 is ahead of the game.

Silicone Nectar Collector Eyce

Multicolor Silicone Nectar Collector

Honey straws are the ultimate way to enjoy concentrate on the go. Eyce provides concentrate lovers with the best nectar collector in this portable silicone piece. All of Eyce’s products are very useful with features to make dabbing concentrates easier, and this honey straw is too!

The Silicone Nectar Collector is made from platinum cured silicone for ultimate durability. The body of the straw also includes some extra specs like a built-in storage jar and a GR2 titanium nail. Active dabbers can store their concentrate in the collector!

With multi percolating water filtration, this honey straw provides the tastiest hit. The filtration system keeps vapors cool and smooth upon inhalation. For the best tasking hit, anywhere, anytime, this Silicone Nectar Collector is unbeatable.

Silicone Pipes For Sale

Looking for a weed pipe that's not going to break when you drop it? Buy a silicone pipe that's going to last an endless amount of sessions.

Silicone Spoon Pipe Eyce

Silicone Spoon Pipe 

For an upgraded twist on the classic spoon pipe, Eyce offers this silicone hand pipe. Instead of a fragile glass pipe that will break at the first drop, this durable piece will outlast all its peers! Made with Eyce’s famous platinum cured silicone, the body of the piece feels amazing to hold.

The silicone pipe has an inlaid borosilicate glass bowl, so cannabis is still pampered with a smooth, glassy touch. However, the surrounding silicone gives the silicone pipe an extra dose of security. Just like Eyce’s other products, this piece doesn’t just stop at comfort - it’s also super practical.

It holds a discreet storage container on the underside of the bowl, as well as a slot for the poker. Smokers can keep the bowl clean with the portable poker and removable glass. It comes in several brilliant colors for a personalized piece.

Hammer Bubbler Eyce

Hammer-Style Silicone Bubbler

Smokers can Hammer in their high with this beautifully crafted silicone bubbler. For a potent hit in a sturdy package, the Hammer is unparalleled. Eyce created this piece using their platinum cured silicone for the body and borosilicate inlaid glass for the bowl. The end product is a durable, satisfying smoke.

The Hammer water pipe is as easy to clean as Eyce’s other products due to the silicone and removable bowl. One other incredible feature of the Hammer is the contained ice chamber. The chamber lets users add a cooling finish to their smoke. 

It has all the portability of a mini bowl with the command of a powerful bong. The natural flavor of dry herb is enhanced with the artful flow of this Hammer. This bubbler is the perfect option for active or relaxed smokers that appreciate a quality piece.

Ice Cream Cone Pipe Silicone

Tasty Ice Cream Cone Pipe

For a sweet treat on any day, this silicone ice cream pipe satisfies. It’s small so cannabis lovers can take this piece with them anywhere. Nothing is better than ice cream after a delicious smoke, and this pipe provides both!

Each part detaches for easy disassembly and cleaning. The colorful silicone pipe is offered in three charming shades: mint green, vanilla white, and strawberry pink. Each color comes with rainbow sprinkles for the best kind of summer fun.

It fits perfectly in the palm of a hand so it can be used discreetly anywhere. World of Bongs offers the most compact silicone pipe in an adorable shape. The durable silicone and inlaid glass bowl make it a summer staple for every smoke session.

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