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Top 15 Best Dab Rigs For Sale 

Dabbing is currently one of the most popular ways to ingest cannabis. Indeed, this innovative and intense vaping style has appreciated a rise in popularity for its potent hits and hobbyist-friendly setup. The best dab rigs provide the smoothest dabbing experience. Dabbing involves vaping concentrated forms of THC through a complex device that uses high heat to deliver vaporized hits. Because the hits are concentrated, they get the user higher than smoking traditional cannabis herb. 

It's perfect for users who have a cannabis tolerance, and want to get higher than a kite on just a few hits. The proliferation of dabbing has led to what was once a niche hobby now being a mainstream form of marijuana consumption. Dabbing can be done with a pen but is usually done with a dab rig. 

Dabbing rigs, also referred to as dab rigs or oil rigs, generally consist of 5 moving parts. The parts are:

  • A Mouthpiece 
  • A Glass Gome 
  • A Downstem 
  • A Chamber 
  • A Dab Nail 

Not all dabs have all of these elements, as they are very customizable. Users looking to get into dabbing can often be intimidated by the sheer amount of options available. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best dab rigs for sale on our website. By learning the unique features and functions of each dab rig, you’ll be able to figure out which one is right for you. 

1. Infinity Mini Rig 

Infinity Dab Rig
MJ Arsenal’s Infinity Mini Rig combines a double uptake design with a
fab-egg percolator to create a smooth and intense vaping experience. Coming in at only 5.5 inches, this rig can comfortably fit in one hand, giving users easy torch access. 

The double uptake design ensures that your hits don’t lose potency or flavor. One hit of this rig will have the average smoker on the floor and the seasoned smoker happily stoned. 

The mini dab rig also comes with an MJA Custom Flat Top Quartz Bucket. 

You can buy this dab righere for $63.00

2. Ursa Mini Rig

Ursa Dab Rig
MJ Arsenal’s Ursa Mini Rig is designed with flavor in mind. Specifically made to get the most out of your concentrates, this dab rig is designed with narrow tubing and small chambers. This helps direct and recycle excess air out without losing any of the natural concentrate terpenes. 

It comes with a splash guard and rear-mounted downstem to prevent water from getting in your mouth. The min dab rig is made with durableborosilicate glass and is compatible with 10 mm male banger nails. It’s hard to believe they fit so many features into such a small rig, but Ursa Mini Rig gets the job done. 

You can buy this dab righere for $49.99

3. Guns N' Roses Rig - Famous Brandz

Guns n' Roses Dab Rig
that Guns N’ Roses. The iconic rockers themselves have licensed an official dab rig to the public through Famous Brandz. Thankfully, this dab rig offers more than just a famous name. 

Made from hand-blown Borosilicate glass, this dab is built with afritter percolator for premium filtration. It also comes with a 14mm Quartz Banger with a sidecar mouthpiece food distant cooling. 

The glass dab rig itself is designed with its name and the iconic Appetite for Destruction logo. One hit of this dab rig will have you in paradise city, where the hits are smooth and the high is heavy! 

You can buy this dab righere for $99.99 

4. 8'' Football Bong Rig w/ Banger

Football Dab Rig
Looking for a dab rig with some personality? This cleverly designed dab rig featured a football on the top and a goal post inside the rig. This is a dab rig perfect for getting stoned and watching the big game. 

The Football Bong Rig w/ Banger also sports a 14mm female 90 degree joint with a fixed downstem, so there’s no need to buy additional accessories! A versatile piece with both a banger and a bowl is useful for matching whatever you feel in the mood for. 

You can buy this dab righere for $52.99

5. Silicone Bubbler Rig II - Eyce

Eyce Rig 2.0
Looking for a dab rig with a little more durability? The Silicone Bubbler RIG II takes everything you loved about Eyce’s previous bubbler rig and improves upon it. The silicone dab rig now features a
10mm glass collar that stabilizes the titanium nail and increases durability by operating as a heat barrier. 

The silicone reinforced walls make this a very stable dag rig, making it perfect in messy social settings. It’s also more travel-friendly than most glass dab rigs. The dab rig is also now 10mm carb cap compatible! 

You can buy this dab righere for $49.99

6. 6'' Egg Mini Rig Bong w/ Banger

6'' Egg Dab Rig
Looking for something that’s both functional and beautiful? The Egg Mini Rig Bong w/ Banger is an eclectic and versatile dab rig that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for aesthetics. This delicate and elegant dab rig is made with a
fab-egg percolator to deliver hard, smooth hits that keep the flavor intact. 

This exceptional filtration system is paired with both a banger and a bowl, making your mini dab rig perfect for any situation. Both the bowl and the joint are 14mm and the mini dab rig itself is only 6 inches. Experience flavor and superior airflow with a piece beautiful enough to function as a piece of art in your home. 

You can buy this dab righere for $49.00 

7. Jammer Mini Rig - MJ Arsenal

Jammer Mini Rig - MJ Arsenal
Looking for a simple, straightforward dab that doesn’t cost too much and absolutely rips? Despite coming in at only 4.25 inches, the Jammer Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal will pack a punch. Mini dab rigs are perfect for allowing you to get the most out of your concentrates, both flavor, and potency-wise. The Jammer Mini Rig will knock you off your feet with how hard it hits.

There are no bells and whistles here, just a straightforward dab rig that is fortified with durable4mm borosilicate glass. This is a perfect starter bong for those who want to dip their feet into the dabbing world. 

You can buy this dab righere for $49.00 

8. Big Green Van Glass Dab Rig - Cheech & Chong

Big Green Van Glass Dab Rig - Cheech & Chong

In 1978, Cheech and Chong shocked audiences and changed the stoner movie landscape forever with their movie,
Up in Smoke. 40 years later, this Big Green Van Glass Dab Rig was released to celebrate the anniversary of that movie. Celebrate two of the chief figures in bringing stoner culture to the masses!

This outstanding 10 inch dab rig is made with thick and durableborosilicate glass. It’s further stabilized by a thick circular base. This is another versatile dab rig that comes with both a bowl and a quartz banger, to suit whatever you’re in the mood for. The dab rig itself is decorated with a sketch of the iconic Cheech and Chong alongside text that says “Up in Smoke”. 

You can buy this dab righere for $119.99 

9. Heavy Duty Riggler Set - Higher Standards

Heavy Duty Riggler Set - Higher Standards
Don’t settle for harsh and grody hits out of a basic dab rig. Hold your dabbing experience to a higher standard with the Heavy Duty Riggler Set from Higher Standards. 

This portable dab rig is durable and portable. It’s made with7 mm medical-grade borosilicate glass to withstand chaotic situations and the bumps that come with traveling. The dab rig uses a fixed diffused downstem for superior airflow and smoother hits. 

The dab rig kit comes with both a quartz banger and a bowl. In addition to the dab rig apparatus, this “set” also comes with a carb cap and a concentrate tool for poking and handling your concentrate efficiently. 

You can buy this dab righere for $130.00 

10. 9'' Matrix Rig

9'' Matrix Rig
The 9” Matrix Rig is a solid and reliable starter bong made with durable borosilicate glass. Though it operates as a bong, it comes with a 14mm male joint. Add a quartz banger and it can dab in an instant. 

This glass dab rig is affordable and easy to use for those new to the dabbing scene. 

You can buy this dab righere for $59.99 

11. Mini Jig Mini Rig - MJ Arsenal

Mini Jig Rig
Designed specifically with flavor in mind, Mini Jig Rig works to ensure that your concentrate’s potency and flavor are unaltered. This dab rig uses narrow tubing in a recycler system to deliver your hits to you smooth and unchanged. 

The recycler dab rig is made with borosilicate glass and now has a wider base for enhanced stability. 

You can buy this glass dab righere for $55.00 

12. Avalon Glass Lunar Series Moon Rig

Avalon Glass Lunar Series Moon Rig
Tired of the same old contraptions? Grab a dab rig that stands out from the pack. This absolutely breathtaking design from
availonglass shows that glass is a full-blown art form. 

Why shouldn’t your glass dab rig also function as art? This unique moon design with luscious space colors comes with a 10-hole Gridded stem. For increased aesthetics, it also features 3 encased Opals on the neck. 

You can buy this dab righere for $1,250.00 

13. 9" BANANAS Bong Rig w/ Banger

9" BANANAS Bong Rig w/ Banger
Want a dab rig with a little personality. The Bananas Bong Rig features a banana on the top of your rig to add a little color and spontaneity to your dabbing experience. The banana also functions as a mouthpiece! 

This setup functions as both a dab rig and a water pipe and comes with a 14 mm bowl and a 4mm banger.

You can buy this dab righere for $49.99 

14. 8" Triple Ball Horn Bong Rig w/ Banger

8" Triple Ball Horn Bong Rig w/ Banger
The Triple Ball Horn Bong w/ Banger looks like an abstract art piece. It’s colorful, has three bulbs on the mouthpiece, and will surely function as a conversation starter when you bust it out. 

The dab rig comes with a funnel slider and the small, tight tubes will ensure that no flavor is lost. It comes in 8 inches and features both a 14mm bowl and a 4mm banger. Add some personality to your dabbing experience! 

You can buy this dab righere for $129.99 

15. Funky Pineapple Bong

Funky Pineapple Bong
Sometimes you need to add a tropical flair to the evening. The Funky Pineapple Bong features a unique twist on everyone’s favorite fruit. The entire piece looks like a pineapple, with marbled yellow glass and unique glass green leaves at the top. 

This bong has a fixed downstem to deliver cooled-down smooth hits. It has a 14mm female joint and a 14mm bowl but can accommodate a banger for dabs. The bowl is very deep, allowing a huge amount of herb to be packed in.

You can buy this dab righere for $69.99

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