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Top 10 Bubble Bongs For Sale

The world of bongs. So much variety to pick from and the endless options begin to be daunting when searching for the best smoke tool to distribute quality hits every time you pick it up.  Here we will break down the top 10 bubble bongs that will guarantee quality hits that will promise to send you to euphoria.  

Before listing the top 10 bubble bongs, we will take a look at why a bong may be the best fit for someone looking to invest money into a smoke device.  

Uniqueness And Overall Beauty

The first and most obvious reason to purchase a bong would be the fact that each piece holds its own unique and one of a kind craftsmanship.  With each bong listed in the top ten, it will be apparent that every piece holds a specific, but yet distinctive look that sets it apart from other bongs.  With so many options for look and design, it is easy to find the perfect bong that represents your taste and appreciation for art.  

Conservation Of Herb

The second and by far the MOST IMPORTANT reason for the purchase of a bong would be that it saves the user weed.  When smoking out of a pipe or pre-roll it becomes obvious that the amount needed to consume in order to get the desired high continues to grow when using these methods.  Using a blunt, pre-roll, or any self-rolled device to smoke may use three times the amount of weed compared to a bong in order to supply the same high.  The same goes for pipes.  When smoking out of a bong I can’t think of a better reason to have one other than the fact that one small bowl will blast you off to euphoria in an instant.  Ultimately saving you more weed to consume at later times.  When sitting around with friends it becomes easy to smoke a whole blunt, with an 8th of weed inside of it, and still yet to be at the desired high.  Pull out your trusty bong and light up one single bowl and boom you have become the Einstein of weed consumption.  Getting everyone to their desired high quicker and more efficiently.  

Air Filtration And Quality Of Smoke Distribution

With a bowl packed full of the finest herb, a stem that reaches below the surface of the bong water, and a beaker full of clear H2O your throat and lungs will be thanking you for a lifetime of smoke sessions.  First of all, smoking out of anything that doesn’t pass through a water filtration can begin to pose a threat to your throat and lungs.  The heat and dryness of the smoke begin to eat away at your desire to continue smoking, which can be a complete buzz kill when wishing to reach your desired high.  With a bong, it becomes obvious how efficient this tool is at not only distributing quality hits but also delivering one of the smoothest and cleanest hits that will keep you wanting more.  Overall when smoking it becomes a top priority to find the cleanest and smoothest way of doing it, and with a bong that wish becomes reality.

Top 10 Best Bubble Bongs For Sale

The reasons for purchasing a bong are listed and now we can begin to look at the top 10 bongs that will deliver these promising results.

Cobra Snake Bong

Cobra Snake Bong

Cobra Snake Bong: We can now see the factor of uniqueness and beauty displayed within this first bong listed. With a handblown piece as such each and every time you smoke will now be a trip to an art museum.  

Made with the highest quality glass to keep the beaker cool to the touch and constructed with the finest of details this bong will be the topic of every smoke sesh you have.  

Standing at a small height of 6.5 inches tall this bong is the perfect size for someone looking for something flashy, but also very discrete.  Comes with a diffused downstem that will guarantee smooth and fresh hits every time, a small bong bowl for small solo sessions or to a small group smoke session, and a female joint to match any male accessory of your choice.

Price: $36.99

17’’ CLEARvoyant Beaker Bong

CLEARvoyant Beaker Bong

CLEARvoyant Beaker Bong: Compared to other bongs this one tops the list for overall height and functionality. Standing at a tall 17 inches where this bong lacks in discreteness it makes up for it in overall ability to distribute top of the line hits with a longer neck designed to maximize smoke capacity and an ice catcher placed at the bottom of the neck to take the experience of smoking to the next level of comfort and pleasure.  

Made by the online shop for smoke devices World of Bongs this device is a pure beauty and overall tank for the casual smoker looking to enhance their smoking experience.  Comes in two colors, pearl or brass.  With a simple design like this, it is easier to clean which can become a hassle for other bongs that have more intricate designs.

Price: $129.00

10’’ Rainbow Beaker Bong

Rainbow Beaker Bong

Rainbow Beaker BongInnovative and simple. This bong goes with the classic design and delivers all the benefits of having a simple design bong. The clean-up is easier and the ability to interchange bowl accessories is endless with possibilities due to the provided female joint.  Standing at a medium height of 10 inches this bong is easy to store and discrete enough to take on trips.  Discrete and yet so unique with the beauty of the combinations of colors displayed on the outer part of the beaker.  This bong will stand tall in its appearance and will be the perfect piece for solo sessions or smoke sessions with friends.  

It costs $49.00

12’’ Heady Work Big Rig Bong

Heady Work Big Rig Bong

Heady Work Big Bong: An elaborate design with love and craftsmanship built into the bong.  Ever want to drop the jaws of all your 420 friendly friends and have them speechless at the start of a smoke sesh, well your dream is now a reality with this unique and overall gorgeous design.  Standing at a tall 12 inches tall this psychedelic bong will be the perfect piece for smoke sessions and it will also be a beautiful art piece to display around the house if you wish.  

The design is unique and also comes with an ice catcher for smoother hits, 14mm bowl for solo or group sessions, and a high-quality heavy-duty glass that will make sure to keep this bong standing tall and strong for many smoke sessions to come.

Price: $99.00

8’’ Color Accented Beaker Bong

Color Accented Beaker BongPack this baby up and take a trip.  With the discrete size of 8 inches tall this simple and stout bong is the perfect travel buddy for any trip.  The simplicity of this bong design makes it easy to clean and even easier to pack up and go.  

With 4 different color options, black, blue, yellow, or green.  The color changes are only slight considering the rim of the mouthpiece is the only thing that will be changing colors.  This piece is the perfect smoking tool for those who want quality smoke sessions and also not catch too much attention if smoking out in public areas.  

Price: $29.99

7.5’’ Honey Bee Beaker Bong- Glow in the Dark

Honey Bee Beaker Bong

Honey Bee Beaker BongA simple build with an intricate design that will be sure to make your friends swarm to the bong like bees to honey.  Standing at a small height of 7.5’’ tall this bong is the perfect medium-sized piece for many occasions.  With a honeycomb and bumble bee design that lights up even when all is dark.  The glow in the dark design makes this bong the perfect late-night smoking tool for solo sessions or group sessions.  

This design is simple but yet comes with all the necessities for delivering quality hits.  Such as, a bent neck that keeps the mouthpiece at a comfortable distance from the flame, an ice catcher that allows for cool and refreshing hits, and a 14mm bowl to pack the finest greens in.  This bong is the perfect piece for those who treat their weed like bees treat their honey.   A sweet delicacy.  

Price: $29.00

10’’ Color Accented Beaker Bong

10" Color Accented Beaker Bong: The casual smoker.  If you are someone that is not into the flashy designs and eye-catching color schemes that other bongs have to offer because you wish to stay more low-key and still enjoy the quality of a bong, then this device is perfect for you.  With a simple design that has proven to work for generations, this bong will never cease to satisfy your euphoric desires.  

Comes with three color options.  Such as blue, green, and teal.  The color switches are slight considering that the only things to change color are the mouthpiece and the convenient funnel slider that is attached to the bowl. This bong is the perfect tool for the low-key smoker that still desires quality over anything.

Price: $39.00

Flying Bugs Bong - On Point Glass

Flying Bugs Bong - On Point Glass

Flying Bugs Bong by On Point Glas: The bugs couldn’t sit along and watch you smoke all by yourself.  They have joined the smoke sesh and have now become the best of smoking buddies.  Pack the bowl full of greens and the bugs along the side of the bong will forever be grateful to you.  

Standing at a small height of 7.5 inches tall this bong is the perfect medium-sized house or travel bong.  This bong also comes with a perc placed between the mouthpiece and the base of the bong to deliver higher quality filtered smoke. Three different colorways are optional such as blue, brown, or teal. 

No more smoking alone.  You now have some bug buddies that wish to catch a high with you at all times.  They never say no. 

Price: $99.00

7.5’’ Rainbow Cloud Bong

Rainbow Cloud Bong

Rainbow Cloud Bong: This bong will put your head in the clouds.  A beautiful design to a simple build of a bong that will promise to put you on cloud-9.  With a rainbow downstem that will lead you to the pot of gold on the other side.  Just be careful when searching for the pot of gold because there will be greedy leprechauns that don’t wish to share.

Made from the finestBorosilicate Glass that is durable and holds high temperatures well.  This smoking tool is the perfect piece for cloud chasers.

Price: $59.00

Small Glass Pink Beaker Bong

Small Glass Pink Beaker Bong

Small Pink Beaker: Those who want a small bong with a bubbler like experience will love this option for sale. This inexpensive water pipe is great for a hit of cannabis smoke right to the lungs. The smoke will first of course be drenched in the water inside of this glass bubble bong.

That concludes the top 10 list of bubble bongs for sale online.  No more endless searching for the perfect and unique bong that will serve you the best quality smoke sessions. Grab one of these pieces with the links provided.

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