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Top 10 Best Weed Pipes For Sale


The Updated Top 10 List Weed Pipes - Discover the latest and greatest selection of premium weed pipes.

Our online head shop is home to some of the most artistic glass pieces on the planet. We are a community of smokers working with artists, activities and cannabis educators to deliver the highest quality pieces at the best prices. While our name gives press to bong lovers, we have tons of products including pipes, rolling trays, glass blunts and more! Weed pipes in particular are essential to any stoners smoke kit. Whether you’re starting out and looking for something simple, or searching for a top notch piece to add to your collection. We have just about everything.

Weed pipes are hand pipes (often dry but some come in the form of water pipes) that one can pack cannabis or herbs in and smoke. These are easy and functional with little to no clean up. They also don’t require water, which some people like.  It’s hard to give a general definition of a weed pipe because they come in so many shapes, sizes and colors. How much are pipes for weed? This often depends too on brand, artist and quality. Quality is extremely important because the internal smoke technology of the pipe will decide how good or smooth of a hit the consumer gets. 

Cannabis Pipe Prices 

Prices can range anywhere from less than $10 to in the hundreds of dollars. Of course it’s very possible to find extremely inexpensive pipes for just as good quality when you have the right resources. World of Bongs hopes to inform people for their most personalized smoking experience. We all have preferences that play into the kind of pieces we are looking to buy. 

World of Bongs understands that all pipes have their own unique features to meet these various preferences. Whatever you may be looking for, check out below to see our top rated weed pipes. 

Pineapple Pipe KeyChain

Pineapple Pipe KeyChain

Pineapple Keychain Pipe: Weed pipe and a key chain? We are in! Talk about functionality. And this thing is so cute. It’s really giving us nostalgia of watching Spongebob on the couch after school as a kid. If you’re looking for something that is discreet and easy to have on the go this is definitely a steal.

  • Super portable and perfect for mini tokes on the go
  • Only $5.99 for both a pipe and a key chain?
  • Comes in yellow for classic pineapple lovers as well as blue/green and raste themed.
  • Check out our website to see all the 5 star reviews 

Grav Labs 4 Inch Beaker Spoon 

Grav Labs 4 Inch Beaker Spoon

Glass weed pipes that look like mini beakers? This one is for the bong lovers. With a 4 inch glass hand pipe these are thick, high quality and perfect size for functionality. While they look like a standard beaker water pipe these are for a completely dry smoke. 

  • At $20 this is a standard price for a high quality brand such as grav labs 
  • They come in an array of colors for anyone's preferences:
    • Smoky Amber
    • Green lake
    • Lavender
    • Frosted Pink 
    • Smoked red 
  • Shaping designed for easy holding and handling 
  • Check out our site to see our 5 star reviews for this pipe. 

Grav Labs 3 Inch Pebble Spoon

Grav Labs 3 Inch Pebble Spoon

This 3 inch pebble spoon is one of our most functional pipes. And yet for transportation on the go! This one of the best weed pipes for messy smokers. Extremely small and portable, it even looks unique. Have you ever seen a pipe like this? Check out some of its awesome features below.

  • Made with study, frosted, borosilicate glass 
  • Comes with a BUILT-IN ash catcher 
  • Only $20-about the average for this brand 
  • Get this in an awesome white or black for practicality 

Grav Labs 4 Inch Frosted Spoon

Grav Labs 4" Frosted Spoon

This 4 inch frosted spoon pipe is the perfect shape for the traditional smoker who enjoys classic looking pieces. Also a perfect pipe for beginners! With many of the features of grav labs other pieces, this one has a bit larger bowl for more practical use. Check out some of these dope features below.

  • An array of creative colors, all with a frosted coating. 
    • Smoke grey 
    • Natural Lavender 
    • Pink
    • Traditional White
    • Smoky Amber
    • Lake Turquoise or Mint Green
  • Another standard of $20.99. 
  • Like grav labs previous product up above, this one has an ash catcher as well. Amazing. 
  • Check out our site to see all of the 5 star reviews on this. 

Empire Glass Works Dragon Sphere Pipe

Empire Glassworks Dragon Sphere Pipe

EGW Dragon Sphere Pipe: In the market for gandalf weed pipes? This is the perfect mystical piece to add to any collection. The detail on this pipe is exquisite with the dragon's tail wrapping entirely down the hand piece. There is a gold finish on the top of the pipe that adds a finish to this magical piece. The bowl is a good, standard size for solo smoking or passing around with friends. This piece was made by one of the amazing artists with our partners at Empire Glass. For more information on this piece check out some details below.  

  • Deep design with cradling on the handle made for easier holding 
  • 6 inch x 2.25 inch - a perfect sized bowl for passing around at the party.
  • This piece comes in at $85, but to be fair is a piece of art. 

JOY Ceramic Piece With Stand

JOY Ceramic Piece With Stand

JOY Ceramic Piece: For the people looking to get a pipe that doesn't necessarily look like a pipe this is a perfect option. This piece is elegant and honestly looks like it could be sold as a piece of decor. For the more traditional smoker who enjoys the finer things in life this is a classic take on a hand pipe. Check out some features (and a surprise) below

  • Five 5 star reviews for functionality, price and looks! 
  • This beautiful piece comes with a matching stand. Double whammy. 
  • Originally $35.99 this piece is almost 20% off and down to $29.99. Get it fast. 

Cow Pipe Mug By Roast & Toast

Cow Wake and Bake Mug

Is this a more perfect weed pipe or what? We need about one of every animal in this. This beautiful 2 in one pipe is also an awesome drinking mug. Finally something for cow lovers who like to smoke cannabis. This handle has a small glass enclosed bowl to put herb into with a small mouth piece at the top of the mug for easy consumption. This Christmas be sure to give Santa an extra tip with his mug of milk and cookies. 

  • Glossy finish for a classic drinking mug 
  • High quality ceramic and 5 star reviews 
  • Originally $25 on sale for only $22. We’ll take it. 
  • This is the perfect gift. 

5 Inch FRIT Glass Pipe


Well this is definitely unique. While we are used to seeing colorful pipes, they are usually painted. This pipe is filled with FRIT. These are silicone like balls that can be used for decor, especially when dyed. On the hand piece there is a small grippy piece that also lights up in the dark. Can’t find your pipe? Just turn the lights out! 

  • High quality glass made against breakage (because we all have dropped our pieces at least once). 
  • 5 inches in length and about an inch thick. The perfect traditional size for practicality. 
  • At $29 this is a fair price for the time this took to make with the silicone, this is definitely art. 

Ice Cream Cone Pipe By World of Bongs

Ice Cream Silicone Pipe

Speaking of dropping our pipes. This heavy grade ice cream silicone pipe is perfect for the smoker who finds themselves often replacing glass pieces. Silicone is pretty impossible to break and our reviewers of this product can get behind that. 

  • High Standard Silicone-perfect for protection. 
  • At only $9.99 this could be the perfect gift for your stoner buddy. 
  • High-quality clear glass bowl enclosed by silicone for easy packing of herbs. 
  • Think of summer when you smoke out of this in one of their three colors: vanilla white, green mint or strawberry pink. 
  • Reviewers love the discretion, “you wouldn't even know it’s a pipe”. 

7 Inch Pink Sherlock Hand Pipe

Sherlock Hand Pipe

Pink Sherlock Hand Pipe: Looking for a weed pipe for the girls? Coming in at number one this sherlock inspired hand pipe is super cute, high quality and is perfect for a smoke session with the girlies. Or the boys too because hey who doesn't appreciate a classic, long hand pipe? Tap into your Victorian side with this easy, thin elegant piece. 

  • 7 inches for a classic long pipe. 
  • Thin in build, and lightweight. Perfect for function and storing. 
  • Originally $24 this is now on sale for only $19.99. We’ll take it. 
  • Perfect novelty gift for Sherlock lovers. 

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