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The Best Bong Filter For Sale

The Best Bong Filter For Sale

When it comes to bong filters, a lot of people seem to think they are superfluous. Weed has a reputation as being “safe” and “healthy”. While it is true that marijuana is a relatively safe drug and has many health benefits, at the end of the day, you’re still inhaling smoke into your lungs. This can be damaging to your lungs, as smoke contains tar.

Reduce Tar Intake From Cannabis Smoking 

Bong Filter Before and after use

Tar damage from marijuana smoke can affect your lungs due to how deep cannabis users inhale smoke compared to cigarette smokers. Any time you burn anything, it releases carcinogens, whether it’s tobacco, wood, paper, or even cannabis. Some people have switched primarily to edibles to avoid lung damage. However, not everyone enjoys edibles, as the high is often different than when you smoke.  For those who like the process of smoking, there is another option to protect your lungs. 

Introducing The Bong Filter Mouthpiece From Moose Labs

MouthPeace Filter Starter Kit

The MouthPeace Starter Kit from Moose Labs is a triple-layer activated charcoal filter that filters out the resin and tar from your smoke. Experience supreme filtration and ease of mind without losing any THC content or terpenes. The MouthPeace Starter Kit comes with one silicone mouthpiece and three filters. 

Bong Filter Instructions

The MouthPeace is very simple to use. Simply load the activated carbon filter into the silicone mouthpiece. The filter will fit into the piece effortlessly. Then take the mouthpiece and place it on top of the bong mouth, pointy side down. The flexibility and shape of the piece will allow you to adjust it so it fits tightly and securely. Then simply take the hit as you would normally. The MouthPeace will do the rest of the work for you. 

The simple design makes this effective tool very affordable, with options to buy filters in bulk. Made from silicone, the mouthpiece itself is dishwasher safe and can easily be replaced if something happens to it. 

When the filter seems tapped out, pop it out and replace it with another. Users can purchase additional filters on the Moose Labs website here. The average filter lasts for bout 30 hits for a vape, 15 hits if you are using a bowl, and 4-7 hits if you are taking big hits from a bong. Moose Labs recommends that users change their filters regularly for increased effectiveness and fresh flavor. 

Smoke Responsibly 

In addition to filtering out your smoke and protecting your health, the MouthPeace also helps increase sanitation. For those who are sharing a bong, but don’t particularly enjoy putting their mouth somewhere another person’s mouth has been, the MouthPeace offers protection. 

The MouthPeace is made from biodegradable and recycled materials, making it an environmentally conscious decision as well.

Start taking care of your health and grab the MouthPeace Starter Kit from Moose Labs for smooth, filtered hits that won’t diminish the potency, won’t make it harder to draw, and won’t alter the taste of your cannabis. 

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